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Billna A6 Multi Function Electric Treadmill Folding Running Machine

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Exercise on asphalt releases pressure and strain on knee hip and ankle joints. For a fulfilling workout, treadmills have proven to become the number one choice in Britain for home-gym equipment because you can run or jog in the comfort of your own home, and thankfully with the Billna A6 ultra slimline design you can fold the treadmill away after use and roll it out to a preferred storage area so it saves you much-needed space around the home.

The Billna A6 treadmill boasts a wide range of features, including:

  • 3-year motor guarantee
  • Elastic cushioned deck
  • Safe and comfortable exercise experience
  • Boost your cardio stamina
  • Promote healthy weight loss
  • Strengthen and tone a wide variety of muscles including the calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, and core abdominals.
  • LCD console offers important feedback including Time, Speed, Distance
  • 12-preset programs and the 1-manual option will keep you motivated as you achieve your fitness goals
  • Quick start speed control
  • Emergency stop option.
  • Quick and easy folding function and wheels for hassle-free transportation
  • Max user weight: 120kg
  • Gross weight: 36kg
  • Unibody safety cover
  • Abdominal sit up rack included
  • Two dumbbells included
  • Electric muscle massager included

Item Specifications:

  • Box dimensions (flat packed): 140cm (L) x 28cm (H) x 68cm (W)
  • Assembled dimensions: 128cm (L) x 148 (H) x 65cm (W)
  • Folded dimensions: 26cm (L) x 65cm (W) x 140cm (H)
  • Running belt surface: 40cm (W) x 125cm (L)

20-years experience in working with high end gym height technology Fitness Products

112 reviews for Billna A6 Multi Function Electric Treadmill Folding Running Machine

  1. Michou

    Amazing service. I’ve been updated throughout my order arriving. I love my new Treadmill. Have used this company before and would use them again.

  2. Buatkokk

    Product made of solid material. Very friendly customer service, Love our new treadmill used daily by our household.

  3. Michael Ruiz

    Bought for my 6’1″ 330lb 17 year old who lifts weights and works out constantly. It is great! No lag on the belt with his size and he loves it. Perfect for those winter months and rainy days.


    Outstanding heavy-duty treadmill. Assembly took my spouse and me about 2 hrs. (follow the directions). The hardest part was deciding the location to place the treadmill. The treadmill is 250LBS and arrives in a cardboard box. Opening and disposing of all the shipping materials and cardboard boxes was time-consuming. Overall, I highly recommend the treadmill.

  5. Rosie

    I use it morning and night seven days a week and it’s everything I hoped for!!

  6. Darryel Corrow

    Works great and stores Easily !

  7. Joni

    It was super easy to assemble and easy to put down for walking under my desk and easy to put out if the way. It isn’t the most hefty and I’m not sure about longevity but it is perfect for my needs and budget.

  8. Jennifer Umphrey

    Easy to set up and great space saver and i love it ?

  9. MDS

    Easy to use and install. Very low profile. I use it to walk while I’m working at my desk and I can’t believe I didn’t buy this product sooner. I would definitely purchase it again.

  10. Melissa

    Excellent Treadmill!

  11. Kristin Gocinski

    Now that I am working from home I needed something to help me keep moving. This was very easy to set up and is easy to move around, making it a quick transition from my office chair to my treadmill under my desk to help me get steps in.

  12. Janice L

    Best purchase I’ve made in a long time.

  13. Mattison

    This treadmill is awesome and it’s a perfect size. It’s not a clunky gym treadmill, nor is it one if the pocket sized ones. It’s perfect for me and I’m so glad I bought this.

  14. Lloyd Martin

    First things first this treadmill looks exactly like the picture. It was super easy to assemble, I believe it took my boyfriend all of 15 minutes to put it together. It’s very lightweight and not to bulk like some treadmills tend to be. It folds very easily and fits easily into small spaces. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time treadmill.

  15. Diane

    Bought this a month ago, very easy to put together, very light.
    Not for an overweight person but great for a regular person.
    took 15 mins to build it and so far great quality!
    Pretty impressed so far.

  16. Bane Hubble

    I been using this treadmill for 2 days and so far it’s amazing. Assembly toke me 1.5 hr. Nothing hard and all hardware and parts arrived perfect shape. Get this treadmill. its worth the money.

  17. McJeeee

    I’m very satisfied with this treadmill, exceeded my expectations. The fact that it folds is awesome. The quality is very good. This is the first treadmill I have ever owned and it has been awesome!

  18. Dean Boyd

    This treadmill is a great value. I paid close to double the amount for a treadmill with less features approximately 5 years ago. At home equipment keeps getting better and cheaper! I consider myself to be pretty handy, but this still took me about an hour to assemble. Nothing terribly difficult, just time consuming! I tend to use manual workout mode, so the extra features aren’t very desirable to me. Starting a manual workout is pretty easy and quick though. It’s not really a negative – I just don’t care for it. This treadmill provides a smooth, steady, and quiet ride

  19. Mark Sidney

    Absolutely love this treadmill not a bunch to assemble took my husband about 20 minutes to set up and we used it right away with no problems. The quality is exceptional. Came really fast. Happy customer. No fan but it’s still a great product

  20. Kelly Bryan

    Hi to be honest I bought this product ’cause this was the only highly rated product available at this price point and after a few months of normal use I’m glad to say that this is a good quality product that meets or exceeds my expectations in all aspects

  21. Amar

    High quality treadmill. I use it under my standing desk and it works great.

  22. Kelly Rossi

    It is wider and longer then most and it doesn’t fit under my desk at my office, but that’s ok because it fits in my kitchen under the bar so I hop on while my Boyfriend is cooking every night. When I need to move it for the company, I just lift it up and fold it over and it comes fully assembled. Very happy with my purchase.

  23. Kiera Midgley

    A nice treadmill works great

  24. Emma Lewis

    Without question, there are better and more advance treadmills out there but for the price of this one, you can’t beat it. I’m a runner, regularly training for marathons and I feel content saying this treadmill is everything you could need unless you are a competitive sub-6 minute mile runner. I’ve been using this treadmill for about a month and a half, mostly so I could get runs in with a newborn at home and I haven’t been disappointed in any way.

  25. Joanne Qamar

    I received the treadmill today and my husband put it together. It is exactly what I was looking for and I’m sure I will be happy with it.

  26. Doug Gehmlich

    So far, we are very pleased with this treadmill. The quality seems very good (only time will tell on the reliability end), and it is relatively easy to use.

  27. Clarissa

    Assembly takes a bit of time, but I don’t think that’s uncommon for workout equipment. Overall happy with the quality and functionality.

  28. Christina Hendricks

    Easy to operate and to fold up.

    I’m officially addicted to this treadmill!

  29. Jaclyn H.

    Pretty happy with the purchase!

  30. Hoa C.

    Delivery drivers were super careful with the box and I’m happy it arrived without any damage. I didn’t pay for assembly so my fiancee and I assembled it ourselves.
    My fiancee used it for the first time today and it was great. Not too loud, sturdy and bigger than we thought it would be in person.

  31. Michael Luckey

    As far as treadmills go this one is a good one compared to the ones I used to use in gyms. Sure there are nicer ones but they are a bit more expensive.

  32. Woolf

    I’ve only had this for about a week, but so far I love it and everything works great.

  33. SeanK

    Overall, it’s a good bang for your buck!

  34. AlexS

    The treadmill seems to work great so far. Easy to operate.Like it.

  35. bgonyaw

    The delivery for my area was perfect. The shipping time was predicted for two weeks out and I got it in a week. The guys were very polite and had no problems leaving it on my porch for me. The box had some holes, but nothing was damaged as it was all very well protected on the inside.

    I am a single female and I moved this from my porch inside to its final resting place by myself, however, I unboxed it outside and brought it in piece by piece. Everything and I mean everything, was very well labeled. I had no issues following the directions or finding the right pieces. It works very smoothly. not face any issue.

  36. James

    The treadmill works great. No issues or complaints.

  37. jerry wilson

    Easy assemble and works great!

  38. Martyn101

    Overall, I am really happy with this purchase. . I waited to write the review until I had enough time using it..this is a very high quality treadmill. It’s not something you would see at the gym, but I am really impressed by how well made and sturdy it is.

  39. EDS

    This treadmil is perfect for me.

  40. jonathan garcia

    This treadmill performs well. Really happy customer.

  41. Nicole

    This was everything and more than I expected. Sturdy, quiet and filled with options. I paid to have it put together and the men were so profession and did a great job. Great purchase!!!

  42. Lady Godiva

    I am so happy with the treadmill! I am able to walk and run to my heart’s content. The belt runs smoothly and is not excessively loud. The controls are great. overall good.

  43. Dionndra James

    Great purchase! Fast shipping and great assembly!

  44. Sam

    I’m happy with the money I spent on this for the most part. It is a solid treadmill that as a taller guy I feel very comfortable running on. Very good product.

  45. Ataraxicus

    Wow! Beautiful treadmill.

  46. Cindy P.

    Going to be very blunt about this machine. I’m a 23 year old female who was able to put this machine all by myself and it’s honestly the best purchase ever.

  47. Shennanigans9

    This treadmill is absolutely amazing!! Fits perfectly and nicely in my bedroom! I was able to assemble it in about 30 min. Love it


    Excellent treadmill.

  49. The Phantom

    It works perfect, very sturdy can’t even hear the belt or motor voice while using it.

  50. Wood Robert

    Really pleased with my purchase of a treadmill.

  51. Fowler SimpsonBecky

    Good quality product.

  52. Potter Carolyn

    When an issue arose, they were quick to sort it out. Treadmill itself is great.


    Second time I’ve bought equipment from this company and happy with the quality. This time delivery was a bit late. And packaging was teared up, but not the seller’s fault. Not a single issue with treadmill.

  54. Asan Baran

    Excellent Treadmill and wonderful customer services. Really delighted with everything.

  55. Marlar Julia

    Treadmill was delivered right after 2 days of my order. The products looked exactly like the pictures on the site and the checkout process was very convenient.

  56. Lawrence Mena

    Received the order today. Great quality and suited to our needs.

  57. Gray Dawn

    Great selection of treadmills and good prices. Bought a A6 Multi. Superb Quality!!

  58. Khanam Sobia

    Really enjoying my Treadmill!! Thank you.

  59. Story James

    Ordered this treadmill and received it in a week. Happy with quality.

  60. Reed Robert

    Clear communication with Susan when treadmill would be arriving and how finance would be arranged.
    It arrived earlier than expected, was easy to assemble and running smoothly.

  61. Wildbore Angelique

    Really impressed with the quality of treadmill as I wasn’t hoping this in so low-cost, from time of order to actual delivery was really great.

  62. Talbot Shaun

    My Treadmill delivered on the day promised when I placed the order. Loving its quality.

  63. Harri sIeuan

    Great product, very easy to assemble, lost a few lbs already!

  64. Carlton Mel

    Very pleasant call with Jenna today. Great service and purchased my new treadmill quickly and efficiently.

  65. Gale SiÃn

    This site describes their products clearly, so we knew which treadmill was right for us, and ordered an A6 Multi treadmill, good quality and great services.

  66. Wright Lisa

    The treadmill was definitely great value and was everything I was looking for. Everything went well.

  67. shahzad Aamir

    Great product (treadmill) at a great price, delivered safe and well packed. Definitely worthy of a 5-star rating.


    Pleased with treadmill. It’s a quality piece of equipment at a very reasonable price. All in all, very happy.

  69. Aldred Elizabeth

    Ejogga provided me with quality service and goods. I’m surprised at the quality of the treadmill considering how cheap it was. Happy with my purchase.

  70. Alvis Richard

    Very good customer service. Delivery as requested. I’ve only tried the treadmill for a week, but I’m very happy with it and it is of a very good quality.

  71. Spencer Wayne

    Reached my requirements. Loving it!

  72. Lovelock Sweetness

    Product as described and easy to put together, really satisfied with treadmill. Delivery people bit abrupt.

  73. Fox Selina

    Fast delivery. Received my treadmill. Loving its quality!!

  74. Spencer Wayne

    Quality product and expedient delivery.

  75. loades kirstie

    When I received my treadmill, I unwrapped it to find some damage caused by the carrier. Spoke to Alizeh and had it exchanged within 2 days. Many Thanks to her

  76. Tomkinson Mark

    I ordered a A6 Multi and chosen specific date delivery. It was delivered on the day I requested and I received e-mail and text confirmation before the item was delivered. Overall, very happy with the product and company.

  77. Bowyer Kay

    Lowest price, easy online order process and quick delivery, excellent service.

  78. Pearman Thomas

    Fast Delivery. Fast communication.
    Product made of solid material. Happy with my purchase.

  79. Hart Johnston

    My A6 multi treadmill was delivered promptly, and it took me 1 hour to assemble it.

  80. Kamara Caroline

    Great service from Alex on call, who was very patient answering all my questions when deciding to place an order of treadmill. Very pleased with my treadmill.

  81. David Brian

    I bought an A6 Multi from Ejogga which I had seen on their website. I wasn’t quite sure about a few things so rang their customer services and their rep. were so helpful and polite and was ready and able to answer all and any queries I had, I was so impressed and confident that I purchased the treadmill over the phone. The delivery of the item was made within 4-5 days and the men that delivered were very friendly and helpful too. Brilliant service from start to finish.

  82. Bevan Steve

    Very friendly customer service, best price. Delivery slightly longer than hoped. Love our new treadmill used daily by our household.

  83. Smith Nadine

    The products are great and excellent value. When I received my order I was missing the dumbbells so I quickly let Ejogga know and they had the missing dumbbells sent out very quickly. Great customer service and I will be using again.

  84. Marshall Victoria

    I am not very good at building or assembly products but the Treadmill was easy to do put together. Very impressed with everything.

  85. Michelle Sherard

    Purchased a Treadmill. Good advice, interest free credit options and delivered next day!
    Would definitely recommend!

  86. Henry Wilson

    Very good service, loving my new Treadmill

  87. David Murphy

    Amazing service. I’ve been updated throughout my order arriving. I love my new Treadmill. And the massage gun and weights without the great advice I wouldn’t have got the products that suited me and my needs.

  88. Taylor Smith

    Excellent service. Very helpful advice on selection of Treadmill and finance options available. Very quick delivery and impressed with the product so far. Well recommended.

  89. Caroline

    that’s it..good price, excellent selection and informative website. quick delivery – really pleased with treadmill and free gift.

  90. Mason

    Purchased A6 Multi Treadmill and everything was delivered safely and on time, so obsessed with massage gun….. Polite and efficient delivery service.

  91. Deans

    Great experience with excellent customer service from the initial sale all the way through to the delivery. Thanks so much, we love our Treadmill!

  92. Daniel Brave

    Easy to order online, lovely helpful delivery guys, great product – I ordered a Treadmill. Have used this company before and would use them again.

  93. Caleb Christian

    A very easy and straightforward purchase. Due to the size of my Treadmill, it required a 3 men delivery team and they kept me informed all the way. A very polite and helpful team too!

  94. Xavier Kai

    Extremely easy to put together. Made heavy and runs quiet!
    Delivery was quick as promised

  95. Gareth Barry

    I’ve had this treadmill now for 2 years and it still works like new. One of my favorite things about it is how quiet it is. If you’ve been shopping around and are looking for a review to confirm you should buy it? This is your sign.

  96. Mark Ronson

    The treadmill was delivered faster than expected. It’s a durable machine. I just received it, and it looks pretty stable.

  97. Welbeck

    I loved the treadmill, but the delivery was late. Not good.

  98. Cassidy

    Loving this treadmill, I was able to set it up in my office to take walks and run from the comfort of my home, especially with the heat outside. The settings are very simple, helping me get back into shape, especially with the pandemic last year not getting out. I would recommend this for anyone who works from home and needs a treadmill to stay active (I’ve already taken a few walking meetings from home).

  99. Zendaya

    Great treadmill. Great delivery. ??

  100. Jennifer Bullock

    This is a good treadmill for beginners. It was easy and quick to assemble. It has adjustable speeds, and controls. It can also be tilted for incline It take up little space and so far has worked great for walking exercise and even jogging. It is quiet and smooth running (doesn’t wobble)

  101. Kylie

    Despite such a heavy box, this was very easy to set up. Also, surprisingly easy to fold up and put into a corner when not using. We haven’t used it a ton yet, but so far, no issues!

  102. Frankie

    It’s quiet, has extraordinary features, and is easy to operate. I love the holders on the tray, the sensors on the handlebars.
    I had issues with a display which was replaced after some troubleshooting on my part. Customer Service was top-notch!
    A total bargain.

  103. Jackson

    It’s a solid machine, and we’ll make it.
    I like how compact it folds. We wanted a treadmill that could be easily moved when entertaining. The only negative is that the console only shows kilometers, but I love all the built-in programs and an excellent large display.

  104. Mckennie

    I bought this treadmill to store under the bed when it’s not being used. It’s too heavy and awkward to slide under the bed easily. It’s good for walking/jogging. But don’t buy this if you plan on folding and putting this away every time you use it.

  105. Shane Dawson

    This is a good treadmill. We were able to assemble it easily, but it was heavy as hell. We live on the third floor, and it was tough to bring it to the third floor. If u live in a wooden-floored house and on the third floor, this machine will make a sound that people from downstairs can easily hear. But This is a very sturdy and good product for the price. My family and I are loving it. It is easy to work with and has good handles. Overall a good purchase

  106. Casandra

    Easy to assemble and was a joy to use!! All the options are as user-friendly as it gets, and I know nothing about treadmills. I know I’m out of shape, lol.

  107. Linda

    Just what I needed for marathon training. ?

  108. James Carter

    I purchased this due to working from home and was tired of literally moving 1000 steps throughout the day! This has been so much fun, and I now get 6-8 miles in during the workday! I tell all my coworkers and friends about how much I love it! Really no assembly required. Relatively quiet. I love the remote, so I can easily change speeds and stop if I need to concentrate. I haven’t put it under the bed yet or put it away. It’s sturdy enough to stand on it at my standing desk if I don’t want to walk. I love this product!!

  109. Rob Crouch

    I love the treadmill. Easy to operate. Provided a wide variety of workouts for all levels of fitness. I wish it had longer workouts.

  110. Deepika Kumar

    I read many reviews and was in between a few folding treadmills, but I am very thankful I chose this one! My husband is 6’2, and I was worried about his height and stride with a finding treadmill, but this one is perfect, and we both feel like we have plenty of running area! Sturdy and not too loud. Easy to assemble and to move it around with the wheels on it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a folding treadmill!

  111. Camilla

    We got this for my mother-in-law when she couldn’t get out in the winter and was going stir crazy. It is super simple to operate, is safe, and works great. She uses it several times a day and has worked up to a speed of 2.4 mph which for an 86 year old is pretty good. My husband did the assembly and said it was pretty easy. I would highly recommend this product.

  112. Angela Taylor

    This treadmill looks great and functions great. It was straightforward to assemble. It has several speeds and inclines, adjusted on the console and handles for easy access while exercising. The treadmill surface is wide enough and long enough to work out comfortably. It does fold for storage, but I leave mine out. I do need to use an extension cord with it because the treadmill cord is not very long. I purchased a heavy-duty black power strip. I love this treadmill. It is definitely worth the money.

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