Billna A6 Basic Electric Treadmill Folding Running Machine

(186 customer reviews)


The Billna A6 has long been one of the best selling treadmills in the UK since 2016. The simple sleek panel supported by a matt black dolphin like handle design, along with its thick tubular steel frame makes the treadmill stand out in design, Simplicity and a minimalist design topped with a decent specification for a running machine within this price bracket makes the Billna A6 runner one of the most sought after online affordable treadmills in the UK and this current point in time.

The Billna A6 treadmill boasts a wide range of features, including

  • 3 year motor guarantee
  • Asphalt elastic cushioned deck
  • Safe and comfortable exercise experience
  • Boost your cardio stamina
  • Promote healthy weight loss
  • Strengthen and tone a wide variety of muscles including the calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes and core abdominals.
  • LCD console offers important feedback including Time, Speed, Distance
  • 12-preset programs and 1-manual option will keep you motivated as you achieve your fitness goals
  • Quick start speed control
  • Emergency stop option.
  • Quick and easy folding function and wheels for hassle free transportation
  • Instructions included
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Max user weight: 120kg
  • Gross weight: 34kg
  • Brand: Billna

Item Specification

  • Box dimensions (flat packed): 140cm (L) x 28cm (H) x 68cm (W)
  • Assembled dimensions: 128cm (L) x 148 (H) x 65cm (W)
  • Folded dimensions: 26cm (L) x 65cm (W) x 140cm (H)
  • Running belt surface: 40cm (W) x 125cm (L)

Please note: Images are 3D rendered. The image of the treadmill folded is to illustrate what the treadmill looks like when folded.

186 reviews for Billna A6 Basic Electric Treadmill Folding Running Machine

  1. sufian.arshad

    Fast delivery of Treadmill. Easy to assemble, good instructions.

  2. Wilson

    I really enjoy using my treadmill. It is easy to use, stores nicely and has several safety features. Best decision made to buy this treadmill.

  3. Clare Porter

    Great product for good price. The product arrived on time and was very easy to use. I really enjoyed having this product.

  4. Justin O

    If you are looking for budget Treadmill with necessary features and great quality then A6 Basic is absolutely worth considering. It is a basic treadmill but works great for your family. My wife and I are using it almost 1 and half our a day. Motor is pretty quite and I can watch my iPad or even read while walking on it.

  5. Alex

    I really enjoy using my treadmill. It is easy to use, stores nicely and has several safety features. I can use it to walk and it has multiple incline features. Love it!

  6. Jordyn D Eckersley

    Extremely easy to put together. Made heavy, and runs quiet!
    Delivery was quick as promised.

  7. Bron Van Vezels

    Really happy with the item and the overall service.

  8. Melinda lB

    I bought this for my parents to use in their garage and I have not been disappointed! My Dad was able to put it together himself, very happy with this purchase! It really is quiet and comfortable!

  9. Caroline

    We purchased this treadmill about a month ago. We had it delivered to the door and my husband and I moved into the room we were using it ourselves. We kept it on the same floor and were able to slide it but it is very heavy. My husband put it together with some minor help from me. We had no issues starting it up . We are very happy with the purchase.

  10. Dr. D. Rossbach

    I’ve used this treadmill for 6 weeks now (4x/week) and it’s working great.

  11. Paul Stephen Atkinson

    It is good – I like it

  12. Debbie

    Great treadmill. Excellent customer service!

  13. Ida P. Reaves

    Great product for good price

  14. Anwar

    Hi to be honest I bought this product ’cause this was the only highly rated product available at this price point and after a few months of normal use I’m glad to say that this is a good quality product that meets or exceeds my expectations in all aspects.

  15. Ken

    Great treadmill

  16. USAUSA

    Overall I think this is an excellent choice given the price. I don’t see anything better currently at this price. And I’ve looked at just about every treadmill on the market before my purchase. Love it.

  17. Jason P.

    I ordered the treadmill on a Friday afternoon and received the package the following Tuesday. It was packaged extraordinarily well. It works very smoothly. Love it.

  18. MsBitters

    I’m happy with this for sure. It doesn’t take up too much room because it folds when not in use.
    It is sturdy enough for walking and running.

  19. Megan Ruth Lancaster

    Easy to use

  20. dealseeker

    Excellent treadmill!

  21. Mayra Hernandez

    No shaking. Sturdy. Quality product.

  22. Angel

    This treadmill is almost perfect!

  23. mary

    This treadmill is all I was looking for.

  24. Maria

    I love this treadmill. Pleasantly surprised by the quality and sturdiness. I am a 5’6 female, and weigh 206 pounds. 52 years old. It was straightforward and simple to put together. However, for me, getting it out of the box was the hardest part. I did it by myself. With another person, it would have been a breeze. Plus, I have limited space, so I had to move slowly and carefully. Took me about 3 hours. The treadmill is of very good quality. Sturdy, solid construction. It’s relatively quiet.I had to adjust the tread belt tracking. It was going towards the right. It was very simple. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual. I’ve used this treadmill 5 times in the 5 days that I’ve owned it. I mostly speed walk, going up to 4, and I’ve jogged on it. As heavy as I am, it does not shake, and I find the track to be comfortably cushioned. When folding it up, and using the safety lock, This treadmill is a really good deal to be under $400. I would highly recommend it. If anything changes, I will update the review.

  25. Deborah W

    I have had an amazing experience all around with this treadmill. From the moment I received it, which was very easy to assemble to months later. I have been using this treadmill religiously! Along with eating healthy and using my treadmill an hour a day, I have managed to lose 24 lbs. it is very easy to switch up your workout routine. I am very pleased over all with my treadmill and customer service. I recommend to all my friends and family looking for a nice light treadmill. For the price and quality, you really cannot find a better value.

  26. Jeffrey J.

    First time buyers – this review is going to help you make the right decision: I got the Billna A6 Basic Electric Treadmill Folding Running Machine and it has definitely exceeded my expectation. being a first time buyer, my thought was these home fitness equipment should be as sturdy as the ones in the gyms

  27. James R.

    Hi to be honest I bought this product ’cause this was the only highly rated product available at this price point and after a few months of normal use I’m glad to say that this is a good quality product that meets or exceeds my expectations in all aspects. You need it too. Be safe everyone .

  28. Benjamin

    the Billna A6 Basic Electric Treadmill is a fantastic choice. This treadmill is a true all-rounder in terms of value, durability, and features, making it a perfect fit for a household with people of different fitness abilities and workout preferences. You won’t find another treadmill with these specs and features for the same low price.

  29. Margo Rizzardini

    Love this treadmill!

  30. Heather Garrison

    This treadmill has totally surprised me!

  31. Ruth Weston

    Love the A6 Bilna. I run about two times a week on it about 6 miles each time. Its great for running on really cold morning when I just can’t bring myself to go outside. Its heavy as hell, so set up was a little tough. However, once I got it in the house the actual putting it together part was pretty easy. It took about an hour. My favorite workout is to set it at 5 mph.

  32. Jennine Barker

    Would like to be able to set up my own routine and be able to a just my weight. Maybe something also to track progress. Recommend to friends and family

  33. John Ripley

    Excellent Treadmill ?.. I strictly follows the daily 10 minutes workout and amazingly came back in shape within Just 21 days. Wao. Highly recommend for busy people

  34. Misty Klein

    Been using it for a month now and it works great. This was easily set up but definitely little heave for one person. Well packed during the shipment. I like the easy storage design so I can put away when I don’t need it. I only use it in the winter cuz of snow. Love it so far!

  35. JayRod

    So far so good it was easy to assemble I managed to do it myself without any help. It works well and moves pretty fast. I’ll update in a month.

  36. Candy

    Works great


    It is exactly what I was looking for and I am happy with it

  38. Karsun

    Worth every penny

  39. Anwar

    Great product for good price

  40. Azam Tomkins

    I really love this treadmill.

  41. Dean LANGTON

    Quality product.

  42. Nicholas Hsu

    The product arrived on time and was very easy to use. I really enjoyed having this product.

  43. Drew Jackson

    We will see how long this thing lasts, but a few weeks in its incredible and worth every penny.

  44. Helen Chris

    This treadmill is so much better than my other ones! I’m very happy I found it. Thank you so much Ejogga!

  45. Mark S.

    Very happy with this treadmill

  46. Stephanie Newberry

    I love the size of the belt. Perfect size. Very close to actual mileage when compared to outdoor running. Love it.

  47. Ella Young

    I bought this treadmill and a spin bike X2 together to set up a small personal Gym at home. They are both easy to open and use while exercising, and they work. I started to lose weight. Cool!Love it!

  48. James lee

    Excellent / Wasn’t looking for anything fancy just a basic treadmill that was decent quality and basically no assembly – which is what this is. Some treadmills have displays that show you jogging in the mountains or the beach which is cute but you pay the price and not what I wanted. I’d give it 5 out of 5 for what I wanted.

  49. Emily Tim

    Very nice, although the box came damaged, But other than that is a very good treadmill, not bulky and the belt is wide enough with room

  50. Andrew E.

    Really smooth, the belt does not lag or pinch. Strong motor.

  51. Edward Louis

    So if you’re a beginner, this is for you. It’s Bigger than I thought, which is a good thing. It’s only been day one. But I think I’m gonna love this one.

  52. Alex Johns

    For the price tag, I’m pleasantly surprised at the quality of this treadmill. Simply love it.

  53. Nikki Wilson

    I got my treadmill a couple of weeks ago and have done several workouts.
    -Easy to put together. Instructions were easy to follow
    -Set up of electronics straightforward
    -Solid treadmill, absorbs pounding from running nicely.
    -Strong, quiet motor.
    -Dynamic grade: has huge incline and nice decline.
    -Large display, very responsive to touch.


    This treadmill has got me back in the habit of working out. I still don’t feel comfortable going in the gym for a workout. It’s too risky especially with all the kiddos I have at home so I opted to get equipment for home. The treadmill was easy to assemble. All the screws and such are labelled so when following the instructions, it’s easy peasy. This treadmill is top notch. It has all the bells and whistles, and I just can’t get enough. It has a Bluetooth speaker, who doesn’t like to jam when getting a good workout in. The sound quality is amazing.

  55. Liam stanford

    I have known about the EJOGGA brand for a long time and have recently received my first product from them, a treadmill. I could not be happier with it and am very impressed by the quality. This company really knows how to produce great quality exercise equipment and the service and support they provide is second to none.


    The treadmill can be folded up for storage when it’s not in use, but we have been using it ever since we got it. This machine has already had a positive influence on my family and our well-being and we cannot wait to fully experience every single benefit it has to offer.

  57. Kevin Kennedy

    We got a treadmill to add to our home gym. This one exceeded our expectations.This treadmill is absolutely amazing! It has Bluetooth capability, so I can hook up my earbuds and listen to my workout free of distractions


    I got a EJOGGA treadmill a few weeks ago and it has made a huge difference in my workouts. I actually enjoy working out now. I love having so many options for trails.

  59. zahir Christy

    EJOGGA is an excellent company with excellent exercise machines! This is our second treadmill from EJOGGA after having our first one for years. They definitely didn’t disappoint us with getting this new treadmill. The speakers are very clear and have great volume. The treadmill also connects well with my phone using the Bluetooth. The machine runs smoothly and quieter than most other machines I have tried in the past


    I love how the speed and incline automatically adjust according to the terrain of the workout I am doing. This treadmill is big, folds up to save space, and keeps my kids from playing on it and getting hurt. Assembly is fairly simple, just follow the directions and its don’t.


    I am in love with this treadmill! It was very easy to put together with easy-to-follow instructions and great customer service! I did have to call with a question about a part, and the employee was professional and helpful. This treadmill connected easily to my phone and provides a great sound system!

  62. Mark azouaoui

    Our treadmill shipped quickly, and the setup was quick thanks to the easy to follow instructions. I fully stand my by 5 star review. This is a great company, with high-quality products, and the customer service is excellent.


    Overall, I’m very satisfied with the product! I have had nothing but positive experiences with Ejogga.

  64. David Dann

    This treadmill is great for us. It has a large screen that displays all of my progress

  65. Nabil Clifford

    I have been in the market for a treadmill for a while and have been doing a lot of research. I decided to go with EJOGGA and I’m very happy I did. The ordering process was easy. The unit was packaged safely for no damages. It is very heavy so you will need some help, but putting it together wasn’t bad. It took a few hours but the directions are self-explanatory.

  66. Mitch Jackson

    I have seen other people have EJOGGA treadmills for a long time and now finally I have one in my home gym. We did have one issue getting the updates to work when we started up the machine but a quick 5 minute call/ Email to customer support and we were all set up and ready to go!


    I really enjoy using my treadmill. It is easy to use, stores nicely and has several safety features. I can use it to walk and it has multiple incline features. Love it!

  68. James Maguire

    I was able to use the treadmill quite easily. The functionality of it is what I expect from this brand.

  69. Jayne Moth

    I find it to be a drag sometimes to go and workout (especially cardio) but the best thing about this treadmill is that it help motivate you to push just a little harder when you’re ready to give up. I would 100% recommend this to friends and family.


    Just received our treadmill a few weeks ago and love it. My husband was able to build it on his own

  71. Bongai Davis

    From a noise perspective, it’s quiet compared to our old one so we are happy with that. As it’s lying in our basement, we don’t have any noise concerns.

  72. Andrea Piggott

    Let’s start with the way it arrived. It was packaged well and the building process was documented very in their manual. That was a plus for sure and made this a bit easier. The folding mechanism works great but we have enough space, for now, to have it laying out flat but functionality wise works well. The treadmill itself can accommodate very fulfilling runs/walks indoors for both my wife and I. That’s something my old treadmill could not handle

  73. Kerai Sunil

    Used the online chat to ask lots of questions as buying a treadmill. Great advice and delivery was really quick.

  74. Colwill mark

    Best decision made to buy this treadmill, excellent quality and suits every one of my requirements with all the programmes available

  75. Hussain Ishtiaq

    Couldn’t find my item cheaper anywhere, Same as listed on website. Glad to shop here.

  76. Ellis Doreen

    Amazing product. Online questions responses good. Great service all round.

  77. Hurst Gavin

    I bought A6 Basic Treadmill for my son, it arrived before the expected delivery date, well packaged, exactly what’s in the description. I am impressed and would buy again from Ejogga.

  78. Sinclair Adrian

    So glad to have it!

  79. Sturrock Susan

    It is heavier than I expected but not taking much space of my house

  80. Oliver Annie

    I ordered a large Treadmill (A6 Basic) for a really good price, delivered very next day and was easy to assemble and really good quality.

  81. Ikram Khan

    Quality product, thank you for the extra 10% off and the arranged delivery.

  82. Bell Jann

    Excellent value, quick delivery. Item so well packed. Very happy with the quality of this Treadmill.


    Great advice and so pleased with our new treadmill.

  84. Maitland Alison

    Very efficient. Order arrived on time. Pleased with treadmill.

  85. Li Ling

    Delivered in timescale and the Treadmill is excellent.

  86. Jenkins Gwennan

    Really glad to shop here. Amazing TREADMEAL ?

  87. Dowlet Fareeda

    Thanks, great treadmill.

  88. Robinson Sophie

    I ordered an A6 basic treadmill and chosen specific date delivery. Arrived on my required date.

  89. Girmay Yonas

    Very good customer service. Delivery as requested.

  90. Rahim Sobia

    The treadmill was definitely great value and was everything I was looking for.

  91. Norris Gillian

    High quality product in lowest price online

  92. Bakhet Lamya

    Everything is great!!

  93. Kite Sandra

    Best price. Love our new treadmill, using it daily.

  94. Prudhoe Elliot

    Pleased with A6 basic treadmill. very reasonable price.

  95. Ullah Humza

    Great product, very easy to assemble.

  96. Collins Katie

    Fit to my requirements.

  97. Ellwood Stephen

    Product as described and easy to put together, really satisfied with treadmill.

  98. Miah Mohammed

    When I received my treadmill, I unwrapped it to find some damage caused by the courier. Spoke to Alex and had it exchanged within 2 days.

  99. ComptonMark

    Very pleasant call with Jenna today. Great service and purchased my new treadmill quickly and efficiently.

  100. Godwin Tania

    My treadmill was delivered promptly, and it took me only 2 hours to assemble it.

  101. Yates Stephen

    Great service from Sussan on call, who was very patient answering all my questions when deciding to place an order of treadmill. Very pleased with my new treadmill.

  102. Margaret Palmer

    This treadmill is easy to use and has 10-12 built in programmes. It also has manual speed controls.

  103. Maurice Jarvis

    Called to discuss the purchase of a treadmill and was efficiently helped by Jenna. Product arrived in 2 days and was same as described. Thank you.

  104. Wilkie Ennison

    I ordered the A6 basic treadmill. Opened the box and assembled it within an hour with help of user manual. So easy to use.
    And a big thanks for the swift delivery to.

  105. David Atwell

    Purchased a treadmill over the phone, very easy and efficient, delivery was scheduled for 2 days later, which was great. In love with my new A6 treadmill

  106. Anita Haskell

    From ordering our A6 basic treadmill till delivery their service was exceptional. Prompt service and response to any queries we had.
    Loving our new treadmill.

  107. Kristofor Brown

    I ordered a treadmill from the company’s website. Everything went really well, from initially talking on the phone about treadmills with Mak, who gave great advice, to having it delivered promptly. Brilliant service all round.

  108. Sarah Green

    I purchased an A6 basic treadmill a month ago. I have used it for 3 days and it stopped working. I make a call and email them; it was replaced with the new one just in 3 days. Really appreciate that and its totally working fine. Thank You.

  109. Paul Harrison

    Excellent service. Quick delivery. Great treadmill.

  110. Susan Crossly

    Ordered a treadmill, which was delivered today.
    It is of a very high quality and heavier than I thought, super pleased with it.

  111. Angela Spencer

    We bought this treadmill to use in our home Gym. It is ideal for all members of the family, who are at all different levels of fitness.

  112. Thomas Biggam

    I had great customer service with excellent advice. Item bought was the A6 Treadmill. very pleased with product. easy to install (put together) and very simple to operate.

  113. Leslie Belle

    I found your site through a Google search, Within 5 minutes I had chosen the products I needed placed the items into the basket and paid with my debit card the whole process took me less than 8 minutes I will definitely use this company again.

  114. Mary-Louise Birney

    We purchased the A6 Treadmill. My husband assembled it without any difficulty and happy with the purchase. Very durable and the instructions were self-explanatory.

  115. Laila Baker

    The Treadmill is great, and it arrived in timescale given. I would definitely order from them again.

  116. Joanne Hill

    Recieved my treadmill today thank you so much for your help. its absolutely fantastic

  117. Tina Clayton

    Fantastic service and product. Delivered on time and far cheaper than alternatives. Would recommend.

  118. Adam Cole

    Products were excellent and website was easy to navigate. Enabled me to pick my equipment and accessories without fuss.

  119. Ian

    I was very pleased with Ejogga. The website gave an accurate description of all the products. I would certainly recommended Ejogga to anybody looking to buy fitness equipment.

  120. Nomi Gorski

    Really impressed with the service. The treadmill is same as described and easy to set up as user manual helped me out. Build quality superb and equipment very sturdy.

  121. Will Marks

    Excellent range of products at very reasonable prices. Very clear website and easy to order. Look forward to receiving my new Treadmill.

  122. Jasper Jordan

    Am satisfied with the Treadmill although it was missing 12 screws which I had to purchase myself.

  123. Katte Hanzo

    Helpful advice given to me regarding a Treadmill and I am very pleased with the product and the way EJOGGA handled the purchase and delivery.

  124. F. Judo

    Ordered a Treadmill
    Fast delivery
    Fantastic product

  125. Nikol Harshman

    Very good customer service. Also the A6 Basic is an epic piece of machinery

  126. Eric

    Helpful advice from Alex, speedy delivery & now really enjoying my Treadmill!

  127. David Brown

    Fast delivery of Treadmill. Easy to assemble, good instructions

  128. Richard Jones

    Excellent service. This is the 2nd piece of gym equipment I have purchased from this shop. Really Glad to contact EJOGGA

  129. Clarke Griffin

    I ordered the A6 Billna Treadmill on 6th of October, website was relatively easy to use. Had confirmation of order straight away. Product arrived three days later, delivered by Tuffnells. Can’t fault them, two friendly guys who delivered the extremely heavy box to my allocated room. I won’t forget their faces when I suggested it was to be delivered to my Attic room!!!!!, however my free delivery only entitled ground floor delivery!!

  130. Mike Montail

    Great advice on the right Treadmill for our needs. Good delivery

  131. Michael

    Great Treadmill. Recommend to everyone who’s looking for it

  132. Adam Groofe

    Super easy to put together. Good size. I think it’s not too loud works great I’m happy with it.

  133. Terry

    If you are looking for budget Treadmill with necessary features and great quality then A6 Basic is absolutely worth considering. It is a basic treadmill but works great for your family. It is compact and fits in small space perfectly. Set up process hardly took 15 minutes or so and instructions are very clear as well. My wife and I are using it almost 1 and half our a day. Motor is pretty quite and I can watch my iPad or even read while walking on it.

  134. R Jolly

    Ordered both a treadmill and exercise bike, both came quickly and to be fair treadmill is fine, however the bike had missing parts, no handlebars, I contacted them just to send them out only to be told it was impossible to be sent like that and that basically no was lying, then they were out of stock, since then they have refused to answer any of my web chats or emails. My advice even though the treadmill is fine don’t use this company pay the little bit extra and use a well know and trusted company

  135. Brandon

    Easy to put it together, easy to use, one minus – one of the bolts will not feed in the right place, but there are another two, and those hold everything ok together.

  136. Rupert Murray

    Although the treadmill is great, the staff was insulting. I was asking questions, and this guy Kinam didn’t even reply. They should work on their customer service.

  137. Nick Mohammad

    Great treadmill for household use. Perfect size that could be nicely fit in my corner of the dining room, where matches my desire when I searched online. Enough speed range to meet our different exercise needs. Easy to set up and assemble. Pretty decent treadmill for the price. Used for two weeks, seems no issue so far.

  138. Carol Sanders

    I figured after one year of use with usually anywhere from 4-5 30+ minute workouts weekly, it’s worth the review. Works great still! I love this little treadmill. It helped me lose 40 pounds and keep it off. I prefer working out at home rather than the gym, which is a great little machine to do with. Recommend!!

  139. Karen

    I’m quite pleased with my treadmill. Like the fact that it sits lower to the floor which makes it easier for me to get on.
    It took a bit longer to assemble than we thought and after assembling, Took a while to find the problem, but once we did and made sure no screws were touching any wiring; it worked great. So use caution when assembling.

  140. Adam Grant

    I bought this to replace a bulky 18-year-old treadmill that was falling apart. So far, I think this is a decent product. I love that I didn’t have to assemble anything! It’s also so quiet I can hear my footsteps, which I could never do with the old one. The controls are straightforward, which was fine; I just wanted a decent functional treadmill that didn’t have to include extra memberships.

  141. Ashton Martin

    I’ve been using it every day since late July, and it’s been going well. I’ve lost 5 pounds so far. I don’t go outside often, so this is an excellent way to do exercise. I am satisfied with my purchase, incredibly price-wise.

  142. Jerome

    It looks good! The price is very nice! The menu is very wholly. It fits for anyone to use. It is easy to set up. It can use in the bedroom or anywhere in the house. It’s hushed. I can do exercise anytime.

  143. Jacques

    I expected the treadmill to be a little wider. It feels very confined when running on the treadmill, but then again, I am 6 feet tall.

  144. Lucy Kingsley

    I like this treadmill, but I haven’t had any other treadmill before. I just bought this one to try instead of ones over £500. It seems cheap, and I do not use any of the preset speed workout options. I just changed the speed by myself. There are pulse readers where you hold on to the treadmill while you walk, and they seem pretty accurate. This seems good for someone like me on a tight budget and not willing to pay much for a treadmill.

  145. Peter Drury

    It works. However, it does not fold completely to fit under anything. Otherwise, it works great.

  146. Samantha

    This treadmill is great! It was delivered quickly, in just two days. It is compact, easy to move, and store. We use it to run and walk. After exercising, it can be folded and placed under the desk or against the wall.

  147. Audrey Plaza

    I’ve owned this for a little bit now. It’s done its purpose thus far. It took a bit to put it together by myself, but it is not something you need two people with even though it’s recommended. Directions are pretty straightforward to read.
    The cushion adjustments are fantastic, and you can tell the difference while running from soft or hard. It’s super quiet, and out of the last 2 treadmills I have owned, I am very pleased with this product and highly recommend it.

  148. Aimee Garcia

    Treadmill came earlier than expected, and I could set it up by myself, and it was effortless. One screw didn’t fit that well, but he removed it and redid it without difficulty when my husband returned. I have arthritis in both hands, so that says a lot about the ease of putting the treadmill together. I am 5 feet 4 inches and 112 pounds. Every morning I run a 5K working on speed, and after, I will walk for an hour on incline 6 speed 4 while watching TV. My husband made a treadmill desk, and when he works from home, he walks on the treadmill while typing or on Zoom calls. He is 5 feet 8 inches and about 160 lbs. The treadmill is very sturdy for both running and walking. We were able to carry it up 2 flights of stairs to his office without difficulty. I am thrilled with this buy.

  149. Sheila

    Easy to assembled. I received this treadmill in December 2020. When I opened the box, everything was good. Maybe don’t listen to bad reviews. Mine was perfect, and please read the manual before start using the treadmill. I will update again in few months.

  150. Jeremy

    I wanted to jump-start my workout routine; I have access to a gym for free but don’t use it. All of that being said, I figured if I could get a treadmill and use it consistently, I could slowly start to build up a home gym, and, omg, I LOVE this thing! It’s not wide, so it easily fits into my small living room area and works great for the simple workouts I enjoy! I was able to get this bad boy through the door and assemble it alone, so if you’re worried about that, I did it, and so can you!
    I HIGHLY recommend this treadmill!

  151. Malcolm

    The treadmill has been amazing ever since the lockdown. I needed to buy a good treadmill that would last me the lockdown and won’t let me gain any weight. I have been in shape ever since.

  152. Ariana Brown

    I bought this for my parents to use in their garage and I have not been disappointed! My Dad was able to put it together himself, and he said it was a pain, but I told him that he needed another person, and he didn’t believe me 😉 very happy with this purchase! It really is quiet and comfortable!

  153. Beth Mead

    Extremely easy to put together. Made heavy, and runs quiet!
    Delivery was quick as promised.

  154. Tanjiro Siu

    We received this treadmill about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been adding running and fast walking to my workout routine, using them 4 times a week. It’s been an important part of our family. I’m surprised with the quality of the treadmill within its cheap price point, great value overall.

    Super easy to install and set up, the machine itself is very smooth. I am likely to get some cardio in the morning, so the small noise of the treadmill was great so that I won’t wake up my family members. My favorite function would be the heart rate monitor. It’s an overall great purchase; everyone in my household is getting more active and healthier.

  155. Allie

    At first glance, its high-end appearance caught my eye; I did a lot of research online and decided on this due to the price and product description. I received the product with clean, professional, and strong packaging, which dispels my worries. Set-up took me about 15 minutes by myself, very easy to assemble. I have been using it for a few days now, and it works great. Powerful motors with silent running and multifunctional programs are amazing.

  156. Sean Dyche

    Finally, a simple, quality, easy to use treadmill. It is set up in five minutes. It is heavy and takes two people to move. I couldn’t be happier. Runs like a sewing machine. Not full of extras or complexities. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you for making a simple, easy-to-set-up, quality machine.

  157. James Reece

    To my Heavyset Brothers and Sisters, I am 330lbs and 6ft 2inches. This treadmill is for us, it is a pain to put together, and then you have to adjust the belt. Still, once it’s ready, it supports us, it’s got a wide walking path, and good controls, it folds up easily and folds down easier, I have no clue if this is the treadmill for running, but for walking and fast walking, it’s perfect.

  158. Adam Crooks

    The treadmill is nothing flashy, but it does not feel cheap. I bought this brand because of the company’s support reputation, and I was not disappointed—a great value and size treadmill with a trustworthy and decent customer service system. I can’t really go wrong buying this.

  159. Richard Hanson

    Hard to believe I’ve had this for almost two years now. For reference, I’m 5’6, and it fits my stride just fine. I try to remember to lube the belt every month- sometimes I forget- but it has handled my somewhat apathetic maintenance well. Overall, it meets my needs perfectly at this time.

  160. Farah Saeed

    I ordered this treadmill because I wanted something compact to walk and run on without all the fancy bells and whistles. I’ve had this for about a week and a half, and so far, so good. I’m a fairly athletic woman, and I have no issues folding this up or moving it around (A friend and I also managed to carry the box up 2 flights of steep stairs). I had it up and running within about 30 minutes of opening the box. I love how compact it is.

  161. Henderson

    I bought this treadmill a month ago and have been using it almost daily ever since. One of the best features of this is that it is compact and foldable. Very suitable for my apartment. It also has pretty good features such as heart rate and calorie count. You can also program your style into the machine, and it will run according to your liking. Their safety feature is also standard, just like many other treadmills. Overall I have 5 stars considering its price point and functionality.

  162. Lee Judges

    This is my second excise instrument; this treadmill is easy to build up. I like the speed/start button that is on the side is too easy to control. The noise is small, which is very important because I live in an apartment on the second floor. I also like the 3 gears that could protect my knee during running. Now I can enjoy my lose weight experience.

  163. Jack Rodwell

    I would absolutely recommend this treadmill. It holds 200 pounds well without shifting or moving. I used to have a cheaper model that – following double ACL surgery – did not FEEL stable when I ran on it at full speed. This model is sound and secure. I researched the reviews for weeks before purchasing and have been incredibly pleased I got this one. It gets daily use by multiple people and truly holds up.

  164. Megan Humphrey

    We’ve had this treadmill for around 3 weeks, between 3 of us at home. We put roughly 40 to 50 miles on it a week. This treadmill endures all that millage with no problem. It is sturdy and well built with no shaking, even running at its max speed of 12mph. It also maintains its sturdiness while on decline or incline. The user interface is easy to use.

  165. Jenny

    I run at least four miles a day and sometimes ten, and some treadmills act like they’re inconvenienced trying to keep up with the constant work. So far, this A6 is right on pace, and it challenges me to work hard. The positive and negative inclines and different speeds give me plenty of challenges. It’s quiet too.

  166. Chris Woods

    I arrived sooner than expected & wife & I assembled it today… the hardest part was getting it out of the box as well packaged… it took us about 45 minutes to assemble. We used it for about 1 hour, and it worked just as promised. It seems to be well built, but I will wait to see how it holds up. My wife & I have been using this treadmill for 4 months-5 days/week & 11/2 hours /day & it still works perfectly….great but at this price & no need to go to a gym. 5 STARS

  167. Ann Marie

    Mom of a toddler here: this is the only way I get in a workout without spending half of the day packing, driving, and baby prepping for a gym trip. So far, it seems very sturdy and works well. No complaints! I really love how it folds up easily and unfolds on its own. If you’re thinking of buying it, do it! You won’t regret it.

  168. Reese Heather

    This treadmill has totally surprised me! A year later, and it still functions perfectly! The motor still sounds as new as the day I assembled it, the tread still moves smoothly, and all the buttons and programs work flawlessly.

  169. Stephan jones

    I’m a professional gym trainer and need a treadmill in my home, as my wife is pregnant and mostly doesn’t like to go outside for a walk; now, she’s comfortably doing a little workout on this smooth and reliable machine. The time of delivery really amazed me; it was quick.

  170. Conor Livermore

    Fantastic treadmill. It is incredibly robust, and the sit-up rack is handy; I go 15 minutes run with the weights provided followed by 50 sit-ups and repeat this 3 times without a break; it’s pretty intense. Still, after 10 days, you can really see the results, of course, watch your diet but trust me, this kind of vigorous routine burns fat fast. Barely use the vibration massage belt; my wife loves it, though. All around good service, we receive the item a day after we ordered it. Thank you!

  171. Roy Gallagher

    I am training for a marathon, and this treadmill is amazing for my workout. I can train easily in my home. Great machine.

  172. Robin Smith

    This is the perfect size of the treadmill. No damage to the outside of the box. Assembly went quick. When I’m done working out folds up nicely to store. The release bar to unfold is really nice; Treadmill gently unfolds down to use. The point is that I want to voice out my experience as follows:
    1. The unit is light and has roller wheels.
    2. Space-saving size.
    3. Running length/width is excellent.
    4. Motor is Powerful and stable.
    It’s easy enough for my kids to use also. Overall a great item.
    Really worth recommending to my friends who are thinking of exercising at home.

  173. Gina Davis

    I run 5-9 miles 4 times a week on this. I bought it because it was cheaper, had good reviews. I didn’t want to spend 600+ pounds to find out I am really not into it. I’ve been using it for the last few months. I enjoy it and do not have negative feedback at this time.

  174. Mike Prell

    The delivery was scheduled during checkout and came within 3 business days. Took me 2 hours with a 7-year-old and 2-year-old helping with a few STOP/leave it alone breaks. When I finished, it took seconds to get this turned on and running. The treadmill is quite smooth walking, faster than I need, and overall a cool treadmill.

  175. Patricia

    I got this treadmill for Christmas. I wanted it so that I could run during the week. I have young kids; my husband works long hours, I don’t particularly appreciate running in the dark, so I wanted something that I could use in my house to supplement my weekend outdoor runs. After much research, I decided to try this treadmill. I have used this treadmill for about a week, running about 5k at a time. It has worked great so far. I will update if it breaks or starts having problems, but at this point, I am thrilled.

  176. Dirk Yerrington

    I have had this treadmill for about 4 months now, which is long enough to know that I really love it! It pretty much ticks all the boxes; it works flawlessly, is built tough, and is good looking too.

  177. Hannah

    I used to own larger treadmills, but this treadmill feels more solid when I walk and run on it. I like that it was ready to operate and use right out of the box. I am delighted with its performance and would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a sturdy machine. I run comfortably on it, and it doesn’t sound or feel like I’m stressing the treadmill at all.

  178. Emily Smith

    It is a lovely treadmill. It’s been a couple of months, and everything is great, from the design to the overall usage. And A+ for the delivery, it was rapid.

  179. Mitch McCoy

    This treadmill is an outstanding piece of equipment in its price category, and then some. I have been into fitness for 35 years, have been in many fitness centers, and have used many different pieces of equipment. It is easy to assemble if one has a little mechanical ability. The unit is very sturdy, well built, and well designed. Whatever minor issues one might have with this treadmill, the bottom line is that this treadmill is an outstanding piece of exercise equipment. I am 110% satisfied with my purchase.

  180. Martin Tyler

    So I’ve had this treadmill for a couple of months now. I just needed something to help get me moving more. I run and walk on it a few times a week, and overall, I’m delighted with it. I have been working on my mile time, so I only run for maybe 2 miles and then walk intervals. It is the perfect size for me, I’m 5’3″ and weigh about 145, and have been somewhat of a runner in the past, and I try to stay in shape. The length of the running platform may be troublesome for really tall people or those with long legs, but for me, it’s perfect.

  181. Ed Hiddleston

    The treadmill is great. It has such great options. I really love it.

  182. Claire Mount

    I ordered the treadmill on a Sunday morning, and it arrived Tuesday morning. It is easy to put together. It was up and running within minutes of assembling it, it didn’t take much time to test it out, and it was amazing.
    Very sturdy and easy to move around the house. Durability is unmatched.

  183. Daisy Maguire

    I love the digital LCD of this treadmill and also that it can easily fold. I have had no complaints regarding any parts; everything is working fine.

  184. Maya Winter

    The treadmill is amazing, and I couldn’t be happier. The delivery was quick too.

  185. Leah Smith

    the delivery was surprisingly pretty quick. and the treadmill was very nice and sturdy. i could easily run all day on it

  186. Shaun Philips

    I ordered this treadmill on a Monday evening and received it on Wednesday morning. The treadmill was working fine and is very durable. Great job.

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