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Still worried about running at night? Trouble running out in winter is too cold? Want to get a good way to exercise when you are bored at home?

At present, we bring you an ultra-thin design, high-end 2-in-1 walking pad treadmill with bluetooth speakers & wireless remote.

  • Lightweight sleek design and durable frame. Max load up to 265 lb.
  • Design with children lock, low profile deck for easy get on or down and wider side standing harness maximizes safety.
  • Powerful and ultra-quiet brushless motor, BREEZE B3 treadmill under desk could work quietly without disturbing others, ideal choice for home and office.
  • The 7-layer non-slip texture running belt features a spacious running area(43″ x17″), providing an effective cushion for your knees and muscles for a superior running experience, safer and more comfortable.
  • Compact, space save design and built-in transport wheels make it easy to move and store. It’s out of the box & NO ASSEMBLY.
  • Equipped with dual LED display shows time, speed, distance and calories. In addition, wireless remote controller allowed you to adjust speed easily.
  • What’s more, built-in bluetooth speaker plays the wonderful music anytime.

Turn on the walking treadmill, long press the “ – ” button on remote to unlock the children lock.

Our suggestions:
Minors use the running treadmill should be under the supervision or guidance of the person responsible for their safety.


  1. sufian.arshad

    The treadmill arrived safe and sound! extremely quiet and stores easily. So far, the product works great!!

  2. sufian.arshad

    I love the fact that it’s easy to move. Easy to store upright or under my chaise. Very satisfied with it so far!!!

  3. sufian.arshad

    This company makes great quality products. They do a great job in all steps of the process.

  4. Booknerd28

    Just received our treadmill a few weeks ago and love it. So far, the product works great!! Very satisfied with it so far!!!

  5. Bradley Nelson

    I am in love with this treadmill! This company makes great quality products.

  6. J. M. Jones

    use it every day, a bit smaller than I thought when it arrived, but it actually works really well, and the size kind of makes sense.

  7. Kristen Chavez

    Excellent Customer Service

  8. Adam

    Easy assembly; Use a 1/2 inch socket and it’s an easier process. Well built and packaged very good. No complaints, first test run was perfect! Worth the price! It is BIG!!!

  9. Bunny

    Love the QUIET sound….. Easy to Read Digital …. I’ve already lost 10 lbs! … jogging one mile a day!! Love watching my favorite shows while exercising on this fantastic treadmill!

  10. Jenny Kleine

    Works for what I need. Love it!

  11. Holly Martin

    Love the QUIET sound….. Easy to Read Digital …. I’ve already lost 10 lbs! … jogging one mile a day!! Love watching my favorite shows while exercising on this fantastic treadmill!

  12. MnM

    I had some issues with this treadmill, but after contacting the seller they have made it right. I’m very pleased with their customer service. They did not make me jump through hoops and made my experience pleasant even with the issues I’m having with the treadmill.

  13. Gryphon

    Overall, I like this treadmill quite a bit!

  14. Ricke

    Relatively quiet, very compact, great value so far.

  15. Maha

    Amazing product

  16. Dana nasser

    Very good

  17. JonQ

    This walking pad is almost perfect!

  18. morkie210

    I have the Treadmill about a month. Great for small spaces and easy to assemble(2 people in less than 30 minutes). My wife and I been using it everyday for 30 minutes. This is a basic treadmill with 9 programs and it’s very easy to use. I like the light weight. Our old one weight like a tank, need 3-4 people to help us to move it. Even my super flat duck feet like to walk on it.

  19. Kelsi Benson

    This treadmill is exactly what my husband and I have been looking for. It’s compact, yet large enough to accommodate us (we are both tall). It’s easy to use, doesn’t take up too much space, and we love being able to hop on throughout the day while we work from home. It’s within our budget and it was made with quality in mind. It doesn’t feel like it was made cheaply, it firmly holds our weight as we walk, speed walk, or run. It was easy to assemble and it’s just as easy to use. I highly recommend this item!

  20. Beaker

    I run 5-9 miles 4 times a week on this. I bought it because it was cheaper, had good reviews. I didn’t want to spend $600+ to find out I am really not into it. I enjoy it, and do not have negative feedback at this time.

  21. Yelsob

    I bought this treadmill to use in my home office at my standing desk. I am a full time, work-from-home employee and often get so buried in tasks I forget to take a break and get some exercise. This treadmill allows me to exercise while working.

  22. Adam Maglio

    Best Treadmill for Smooth Running.

  23. Shaun Lawson

     When all the gyms closed down for the Pandemic, I added some things to my home gym. It is a small room and I do not have a lot of room. I searched for small treadmill and this one came up. I bought it and I use it every single day. It is fine that it only goes to 6 KPH that is all I ever did anyway and I can prop it against the wall behind the door when not in use. Do not hesitate, it is amazing. I can even roll it to the living room to watch TV while strolling along

  24. Steven Lane

    This fits quite nice under my stand up desk so it doesn’t need any extra storage space. The motor is quiet enough that I can use it plus still hear what’s going on around me. It is worth the purchase

  25. Lisa George

     Works great. Had it for a few days now and been on it for jogging and walking. Love it. Machine itself is nice and quiet. Can only hear the foot steps of the person on it.
    Only negative – I can’t seem to pause it. If you hit what should be the pause button and start it back up again it will start tracking information all over. I can’t get it to start where I left off. Not a huge deal – would just be nice

  26. Abram H

    love it!

  27. Simone E.

    I’m very happy so far. I needed something for me and my puppy cause he’s got too much energy and I’ve got to lose weight. Arrived 5 days ago and been using it every day. You can’t run on it but walking very fast is great and that’s all I wanted to do anyways since I have knee problems. It’s very easy to use and it came with 2 remote controls. It’s also very quiet. I really hope this will last long. My puppy enjoys it as well 🙂

  28. Liz Winkless

    Really love this machine so far!

  29. Serghei Jones

    It works great.

  30. Dylan Maxim

    I bought this treadmill for family use in our small apartment. recently I noticed that I am gaining weight so I decide to buy Treadmill for exercising at home. it has different preset programs but I usually use P4 which slowly increase speed and after reaching its High Point reduces speed slowly. Also The running speed can be increased or decreased manually. One of the advantages of this treadmill is that it is easy to fold

  31. Sandra Cutler

    Its a nice machine for the cost.

  32. Kay Collin

    This treadmill perfectly meets my needs. Love it.

  33. Jeanette MELIA

    This treadmill is great for us.

  34. Rupal Barrett

    Very sturdy well made exercise machine.

  35. PATRICIA Swanick

    I got an EJOGGA waking pad. It’s not that expensive like some waking pads and I use it

  36. Maria McGlynn

    The diversity of this machine is incredible. Very easy to assemble and came with good instructions. My cardio workouts are intense and enjoyable. My 19-year-old even helps himself to a workout here and there!

  37. Jane cosgrave

    I resigned from the gym once Covid was a thing. I needed home equipment. I saw a lot of good reviews for the EJOGGA GYM treadmill and decided to make the purchase. It is a big name brand and lives up to it.

  38. sunita Jones

    I also have a treadmill but I get a bit of knee trouble. This treadmill is nice and smooth on my joints and I love incorporating it in every other day to help offset some joint pain!

  39. Elaine Essel

    This is a whole different strength training and it really gets the heart rate up and gets my booty and thighs on FIRE.

  40. Sophia Anderson

    Absolutely love my BREEZE B3 WALKING PAD TREADMILL! Got it delivered a month ago and took my husband and me about an hour and half to put together. Very easy.

  41. Mary Collin

    I was very happy with this treadmill .

  42. Pauline sandison

    I love EJOGGA, their products are great.

  43. Sophia renew

    EJOGGA did a great job with their product.

  44. Zac Corbin

    It was very easy to put together with easy-to-follow instructions and great customer service! I did have to call with a question about a part, and the employee was professional and helpful. This treadmill connected easily to my phone and provides a great sound system!

  45. Deanna Bowles

    I am in love with this treadmill!

  46. Linda Edwards

    This company makes great quality products

  47. Sabha Aziz

    I have long admired and appreciated their brand and products and have been a customer for many years.

  48. Fareen Nawaz

    They do a great job in all steps of the process. I am now looking at other things they have to offer because and look forward to being a customer of theirs for a very long time

  49. Jacqueline devaney

    I have known about the EJOGGA brand for a long time and have recently received my first product from them, a treadmill. I could not be happier with it and am very impressed by the quality. This company really knows how to produce great quality exercise equipment and the service and support they provide is second to none.

  50. Lisa O’brien

    I have had my B3 treadmill for a few weeks now. I must say that I’m impressed with how easy it is to use. The instructions are straight forward and pretty self-explanatory. I have a lot of incline and speeds to choose from and the screen is a good size. Really enjoying it.

  51. J Canham

    EJOGGA GYM is an excellent company with excellent exercise machines! This is our second treadmill from EJOGGA after having our first one for years. They definitely didn’t disappoint us with getting this new treadmill.

  52. Andrea Jordan

    I love the attachments. This is a Must have for anyone but especially me. I suffer from back pain so be much. I can do it myself or my family can help.

  53. Karen rothwell

    I had a few questions about the product before I purchased so I called their customer support team. They were able to help me answer my questions and I ended up buying the bike. When I came set up was only about 30 mins, and I was hooked my first ride! I look forward to the ride in my workout everyday!

  54. Helen Gardner

    I was able to use the treadmill quite easily. The functionality of it is what I expect from this brand.

  55. Rebecca bowles

    I received the B3 treadmill. It is my first treadmill to own inside my home. I did not realize how big this thing really was until the delivery guy dropped it off from a semi. Luckily I was able to get it into the house with a dolly with maneuvering. It used technical terms with pictures making it real easy to understand on what goes where

  56. Nicola gray

    Looks nice, good quality

  57. Maxine patridge

    I find it to be a drag sometimes to go and workout (especially cardio) but the best thing about this treadmill is that it help motivate you to push just a little harder when you’re ready to give up. I would 100% recommend this to friends and family.

  58. Lisa Kohl

    Just received our treadmill a few weeks ago and love it. My husband was able to build it on his own .

  59. Linda lomex

    From a noise perspective, it’s quiet compared to our old one so we are happy with that. As it’s lying in our basement, we don’t have any noise concerns.

  60. Mrs Kate halliday

    Let’s start with the way it arrived. It was packaged well and the building process was documented very in their manual. That was a plus for sure and made this a bit easier. The folding mechanism works great but we have enough space for now to have it laying out flat but functionality wise works well. The treadmill itself can accommodate very fulfilling runs/walks indoors for both my wife and I That’s something my old treadmill could not handle

  61. Luca Toni

    I researched many walking pad style treadmills. I wanted something easy to store and QUIET. I can’t believe I found a treadmill that is an awesome value, extremely quiet and stores easily.

  62. Samuel

    It is a straightforward machine that meets the expectations for which it has been designed; in principle, it has been tested for 15 minutes and is viable. When it takes a couple of months, it will be seen if it is functional.

  63. Gary Blunt

    The treadmill arrived safe and sound!
    So far, the product works great!! Very satisfied with it so far!!!

  64. Olivia

    This treadmill is perfect for what it is. It felt a little narrow at first, but I’ve gotten used to the width after using it a few times. It is very quiet for a motorized machine.

  65. David James

    Excellent treadmill. Good speed and quality. I love the Bluetooth connection.

  66. Rebekah

    I just got this today and was pleased with how simple it was to set up. I used it for the first time today for a half hour brisk walk. It’s worth noting that, being a compact treadmill, this also has a small footprint. In other words, the area of the belt is pretty small and may not be good for someone with long legs or a wide stance or stride.

  67. Kendal

    I love this treadmill! It was simple to assemble, runs quietly, and yes, there’s Bluetooth. I need music when I work out! I wish I had bought it earlier due to the pandemic. Ugh! I put on some weight. I am feeling so much better since I started exercising again and am losing unwanted weight.

  68. Frank Hoggard

    It was extremely easy to assemble. Just take it out of the box and plug it up. This machine is extremely quiet. It’s a little heavy, so you may need help or a dolly depending on how much you lift. It’s not portable. It will be hard to take it to and from work.

  69. Jenna

    I love my treadmill, especially when my husband and I took it out of the box; we were so amazed how it was already assembled; we also loved the Bluetooth option and how quiet the belt is; worth your money; I highly recommend this one!!!

  70. Jansen

    This is a decent product. Seemed very basic, though. This item should have had handles put on the side for easy lift. It should have been a little wider. It’s very narrow, and I kept falling off. I had more expectations that fell kind of short when using this. I could have used a longer power cord or a retractable cord.

  71. Brian Richardson

    I love the fact that it’s easy to move… quiet run. The Bluetooth sound is great.

  72. Hensley

    The belt keeps moving to the right, so it needs to be realigned after every use. Other than that, it works.

  73. Allison Smith

    I really like this treadmill. I ordered for my mom, who is 80yrs old. Due to Covid and the horrible winter where we live,
    she really has been restricted exercise-wise. She loves it, uses it every day, and gets excited when she meets her goals, She has been using it with her Fitbit, and I swear she is in better shape than I am! I use it also, and totally enjoy
    it. It’s sturdy, easy to use, was easy to set up, and small enough for tight spaces. I’m really happy with my purchase!

  74. Allison Smith

    I got this as a Christmas gift, and I love it. Easy to store upright or under my chaise. Need the remote to use it with the handles down, so make sure you program it: easy setup and takedown.

  75. Allison Smith

    I needed a lightweight treadmill for our small home that can easily store under the bed, and this one checks those boxes. It has a nicer display than some similar models and a quiet motor.

  76. Aubrey Brewster

    Our Golden Retriever, Maddie, loves this treadmill…. but not as much as we do!
    This is an incredible piece of equipment. It was easy to assemble and was lightweight. This treadmill can fit in the smallest of places but delivers the same performance as much larger pieces of equipment. The controls are easy to use, and it is very comfortable for walking, running, or even sleeping….. ask Maddie!

  77. Anna

    Amazing how easily I can store in my small apartment. It is a great machine for a good workout.

  78. Li Yuan

    I’ve been using it for a short time; I’m still happy. The maximum speed has for a good fast march and even for a small trot. It is easily stored inside for what it is … I have it on edge behind the door, and it does not get in the way; yes… it weighs a little when moving it to use or pick it up.

  79. Helen

    I’m not one to exercise, but I don’t mind walking, so I decided to invest in this treadmill. It’s perfect. Most importantly, it’s quiet! I definitely recommend especially for those like me who aren’t that active. Perfect for making that transition to getting more active. I especially love that it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  80. Eileen

    I like the fact that it is small and portable
    I walk 3 to 5 miles a day on it

  81. Zayn Shah

    I love it, the whole family uses it, not noisy at all.

  82. Lisa Kudrow

    Very easy to put together.
    Just some screws. I had my neighbor put it together, as I can’t bend very far or get off the ground once I’m down.
    So far, great treadmill, very low noise. If you’re looking for a plain treadmill for walking, I recommend this one. No preset programs needed, no internet needed. Just turn it on, set your speed, and walk.

  83. Declan Rice

    Great for easy jogging or walking – good pace and very quiet. I am delighted with the purchase.

  84. Sonia

    I used the treadmill to set up a smart working station to alternate between sitting and standing work quickly. A light physical activity on the treadmill allows me to keep fit, increasing my concentration and performance. The treadmill is perfect, space-saving, and sturdy. Great!

  85. Craig Weissman

    I love the size, and it is not loud, feels sturdy. I am pleased with my purchase. The size I bought is for a female, the perfect one. Not sure for a tall man

  86. Prudence

    I’m not one to exercise, but I don’t mind walking, so I decided to invest in this treadmill. It’s perfect. Most importantly, it’s quiet! I definitely recommend especially for those like me who aren’t that active. Perfect for making that transition to getting more active. I especially love that it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  87. Hailey

    I like the fact it does not take up a lot of room, so easy to store. I bought this because I have been working from home and felt like I needed to boost my energy; it works for me. I love it.

  88. Daniel Richtman

    It’s easy to assemble and perfect for small spaces. I really like that it’s not noisy; thus, I can use it while everyone else is asleep without complaints. Very easy to use and at an affordable price.

  89. Steve Arnott

    I like the fact it does not take up a lot of room, so easy to store. I bought this because I have been working from hope and just felt like I needed to boost my energy; it works for me; I love it.

  90. Emilia Watson

    I like the fact it does not take up a lot of room, so easy to store. I bought this because I have been working from hope and just felt like I needed to boost my energy; it works for me. I love it.

  91. Gretchen

    I really love this. I was a fan of the treadmill at the gym, obviously because of covid unable to go. I bought this and think it’s absolutely great. Walk and run in the comfort of home whenever I want, easy to set up, easy to use, just fab, so much so I’m canceling my gym membership. Very light to maneuver can pop it under the bed when the grandchildren come round. Definitely recommend.

  92. Tom Howson

    Perfect for small space and all-around a great workout. Straightforward instructions. Easy to put together. Very sturdy and stable when using it. Very easy to fold up and move. It tracks your time, distance, speed, pulse, and calories burned. It is very quiet.

  93. Hannah

    I bought it for my husband, but I think I’m going to keep it for me super happy and satisfied.

  94. Moe Allen

    This was a great purchase for our family—fast delivery. Set up was longer than expected but not too difficult. The treadmill is used often and is holding up well. Great treadmill! Exercising just became a pleasure.

  95. Linda James

    This is a durable, sturdy piece of equipment and quiet. I generally did not want any exercise equipment in our loft as treadmills are generally ugly. Still, this one actually adds to the beauty of our loft and does not obstruct the view even though it’s next to our floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s gorgeous and works well. I started using it after 4 minutes of easy setup. We planned on something temporary during COVID and then selling after since gyms will be open, but we are definitely keeping this and keeping it exactly where it is. I wish I bought it sooner.

  96. Gemma Chan

    I am a college professor and have been told that the fall and spring semesters will be online from home. I bought this incredible, small but powerful treadmill to slide under my standing desk. I wanted to walk and light jog while correcting papers and preparing lectures. This treadmill is comfortable with enough belt room to walk with a big stride. Front wheels make it easy to move around. With the cold weather coming… I definitely recommend it.

  97. Fabrizio

    This treadmill is exactly what my wife wanted. Shipping was fast, and assembly was effortless. With minimal effort, it could be stowed away in a closet or under a bed. The treadmill does not take up a lot of space.

  98. Ivon Dadic

    I searched weeks for a good, budget-friendly treadmill suitable for my whole family to use. When I first came across this, it only had 1 review, but after reading all the features, this machine had, it seemed like the best bang for the buck! It was not easy to get the box in the garage by myself, but it went just fine once I had some help. Easy setup, great instructions. SO HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE! The machine itself runs very quietly too. Everyone is enjoying using it in the home. Thanks for making out home gym even better!

  99. Vicky Howes

    Perfect while the gym is closed. It folds away, so it takes up virtually no space. It was easy to use and set up. So far, I’ve been very impressed with my Walking Pad; it was quick to calibrate and has served me very well these first couple of weeks I’ve been using it.

  100. Floyd M.

    My wife and I wanted an affordable treadmill to help us get through the lockdown. Space in our flat was tight, so it was important to get the right product for the smaller room size. I must say the product exceeded our expectations, and we would most certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a decent home treadmill on a budget. It’s been a few weeks since first using the treadmill, and we have been really pleased with our purchase.

  101. Simon

    This is perfect for what it is designed to do. I can store it efficiently under my desk without taking extra floor space in the room; I can walk or do a light jog. Some are skipping now and then, but it’s not really an issue since I can move through the occasional skip. It’s been really great! I have had it for a little over a month and use it almost daily.

  102. Travis

    So far, I’ve been very impressed with my WalkingPad; it was quick to set up and calibrate and has served me very well these first couple of weeks I’ve been using it.

  103. Spenser C.

    The pad has been a lifesaver. I was starting to gain some pounds because of lockdown, but this treadmill saved me, maintaining my weight. I love this a lot.

  104. Pam Beasley

    Perfect while the gym is closed. It folds away, so it takes up virtually no space. It was easy to use and set up. I have had this for almost 3 months, and I love it.

  105. Miguel

    I’ve owned this for a little bit now. It’s done its purpose thus far. It took a bit to put it together by myself, but it is not something you need two people with even though it’s recommended. Directions are pretty easy to read.

  106. Ralph

    My wife and I bought this to get some routine daily exercise indoors over the winter months. It’s perfect for what we needed and a great bang for the buck.

  107. Ellie Price

    – Easy to set up
    – Nice flow between speeds
    – Readout is easy to follow
    – Buttons are easy to push. I especially like that it has a button for each 2, 4, and 6 mph setting, so I don’t have to hold a ^ button forever.
    – Does not shake when I run, even at higher speeds. It feels very sturdy. My larger husband can walk on it no problem.

  108. Kat Davidson

    I love this little treadmill. I can easily slide it in and out from under my desk. Been wonderful to walk during online meetings! Delivery was fast as expected, received it in 2 days.

  109. Ken Nickens

    I ordered this treadmill because the quarantine meant lots of sitting around and eating more carbs than usual. I didn’t want a big eyesore of a treadmill, so this was a great option. It’s vital that this treadmill lay on a flat, level surface. (No plush carpeting). If the surface isn’t level, the treadmill belt will keep going off to one side. That happened to me until I realized the spot I was using in my house wasn’t level! Once I moved it, I have had no problems. I’m really impressed by this treadmill!

  110. James Garner

    The experience with this treadmill pad has been excellent. I can put it wherever I want in the house because it’s small and easily moveable. It’s the best treadmill for a small apartment like mine.

  111. Sarah Mitchell

    The pad treadmill is amazing. The price is good too. Received it in 3 days.

  112. Sophie Turner

    I have to say the treadmill has been amazing for me. I didn’t know such a small treadmill existed, thanks to the customer service for guiding me. And as promised, it was delivered in 2 days.

  113. Tom Miller

    I received the treadmill within 2 days of ordering from the site. The customer service was amazing in helping me decide what I needed to buy. the pad has been amazing for me because I have a small apartment. Before this pad, I couldn’t buy a treadmill, but I can put it anywhere in my apartment thanks to this pad.

  114. Maddison Grey

    The walking pad is such a good piece of the treadmill, I can put it anywhere in the house, and it does not take much space. Plus, it has all the features of a treadmill. Amazing pad.

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