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Dynamo Pro P1 Treadmill

Exercise on asphalt releases pressure and strain on knee hip and ankle joints. For a fulfilling workout, treadmills have proven to become the number one choice in Britain for home-gym equipment because you can run or jog in the comfort of your own home, and thankfully with the Dynamo Pro P1 ultra slimline design you can fold the treadmill away after use and roll it out to a preferred storage area so it saves you much-needed space around the home.

The Dynamo Pro P1 Treadmill boasts a wide range of features, including:

  • 3-year motor guarantee
  • Digital tube display: time.speed.distance.calories.program.mode
  • Item speed 10kmph
  • Motor 2.0 hp
  • 10-speed levels
  • Max user weight 120kg
  • Elastic cushioned deck
  • Safe and comfortable exercise experience
  • Boost your cardio stamina
  • Promote healthy weight loss
  • MP3 port
  • Speakers (connect to MP3 device)

Item Specification

Brand: Xstream Gym
Box Dimensions: L 148cm x W 74cm H H22cm
Assembled Size: L 146cm x W 72cm H: 122cm
Running Belt Size: L105cm x 38cm
Box Gross 42kg / Item Net Weight: 37kg
Maximum User Weight: 120kg
Top Speed: 10km/ph
Motor Power: 2.0 horse power > 1.5hp continuous  power
Rated Voltage: AC220-240v/50hz
Speed Levels: 10
Incline: 3 manual settings


  1. sufian.arshad

    Fast delivery of Treadmill. Easy to assemble, good instructions.

  2. sufian.arshad

    I really enjoy using my treadmill. It is easy to use, stores nicely and has several safety features. Best decision made to buy this treadmill.

  3. sufian.arshad

    Great product for good price. The product arrived on time and was very easy to use. I really enjoyed having this product.

  4. sufian.arshad

    Received my treadmill on time. Great range of quality products at low prices. Great quality.

  5. james portner

    If you are looking for budget Treadmill with necessary features and great quality then this is absolutely worth considering. It is a basic treadmill but works great for your family. My wife and I are using it almost 1 and half our a day. Motor is pretty quite and I can watch my iPad or even read while walking on it.

  6. Noah W

    I wanted to buy a treadmill for a home gym. One of my closest friend recommended this site to me. Best price and very simple.

  7. Whitney

    So far so good

  8. Carlos Danger

    Great machine, Great Price!

  9. RHK

    Highly recommended treadmill for home use

  10. Lauren

    Happy with the purchase and looking forward to logging lots of miles.

  11. Vegas

    Excellent machine

  12. Sarah

    This is my second treadmill and I am so happy with it so far. Much quieter than my first one. This is a great home treadmill for the money. Love it!

  13. Terry A Estes

    Great home treadmill!!!!

  14. Lily

    It’s a very quiet machine and I could not ask for a better treadmill. Well worth the money!

  15. Tom

    This treadmill is quiet. Well worth the money

  16. Neville R.

    Overall I am very happy with this treadmill and would definitely purchase it again.

  17. j.

    Great Treadmill

  18. Shana A

    I was a little hesitant to purchase at first, but I seen all the great reviews. So I took a chance and bought it. I got it 3 days later. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to assemble. It folds up to a nice size also! I finally used it today, wow is all I can say! It was such a smooth workout! This is definitely a great buy!

  19. N. YOUNG

    My mom was complaining about how she had no time to go to the gym anymore so I bought this for her for Mother’s Day. She loves it. They turned a guest bedroom into a gym and now my dad wants one. They love it because they can easily move it when a guest comes into town yet it saves them time from having to drive to the gym. I’m going to buy one for myself as well.

  20. E. Crouse

    After a week of use, my overall impression of this treadmill is it’s a really solid machine, I definitely recommend this treadmill to anyone looking for a solid home machine.

  21. Natalie Brawn

    Reasonably priced, easy transaction and very fast delivery. Perfect item as described .

  22. Kevin Mitchell

    I bought this treadmill a week ago. I used it a few times before writing this review.First of all, to my amazement, it is light enough for two person to move it around. That means I can store or take it out wherever and whenever I want with the help of my family.This treadmill has different defult programs, speed levels. Based on my experience, the speed of 0.6KM/h is suitable for the elderly and children to walk slowly, 1.5KM/h is good for jogging, and 2KM/h + for running. However, this product has digital windows to show speed, time, heart rate, distance and calories intuitively without any APP. It is convenient and no technical difficulty for all ages who want to augment their daily outside walking and jogging. It is fully functional and easy to use.I used to work out at a gym, but didn’t soldier on. I hope I can keep at it this time.

  23. Adam Samuel

    I was hesitant to buy a treadmill knowing I would have to put some money in to it. This is a great treadmill for those people who are maybe like me just starting out on a treadmill.

    It was simple to assemble with basically just a couple of steps out of the box. (Although it is quite heavy) Fortunately, since it is mostly put together, you can pretty much just drag the box where you want it to live.

    It is much quieter than I expected. I thought for the price I would get belt squeaking noise or thinking on my linoleum floors. Oh.and i.forgot to.order a mat but it does not slip the way my recumbant bike does. And I appreciate the oversized waterborne or drink holders.

    The speed can be adjusted from under 1km/ph per hour to about 10km/ph per hour. I honestly have not messed with any of the other settings.
    Overall, I am really happy with this purchase. My entire family uses it at least 3-5 times a week each

  24. Richard Davis

    i’m starting as a 300 pounder, an the machine is holding up great no flexing or problems with walking surface, very satisfied

  25. Brandon

    Great product for the price!!

  26. Margo Rizzardini

    Love this treadmill!

  27. Heather Garrison

    This treadmill has totally surprised me! 6 months later I bought it and it still functions perfectly! The motor still sounds as new as the day I assembled it, the tread still moves smoothly, and all the buttons and programs still work flawlessly. Like it

  28. Samuel Benjamin

    Great buy

  29. Xiaojie L.

    Good treadmill, great customer service. Would recommend.

  30. Nikki Attrill

    I’ve had this treadmill from 6 months and I put about 100 miles on it per month.
    Thin/sleek design but yet still sturdy. Like it.

  31. Morgan

    Overall Good Treadmill

  32. Robin Clarence

    The operation is very simple, and the sound is very small, which is very suitable for the whole family to warm up your exercise.

  33. Jackie

    Love this treadmill. Perfect size for a small space. The treadmill is perfect for those of us beginning a cardio routine. It is easy to use and lightweight. The wheels made it easier to move around. Assemble and set up were easy. Overall I am very happy with this product.

  34. Sophia

    The operation is very simple, and the sound is very small, which is very suitable for the whole family to warm up your exercise.

  35. Gemma Daubney

    Very easy to assemble and works well.

  36. Lisa Cook

    I’ve had this treadmill over a few months. It’s just a standard treadmill. It’s still working. It doesn’t do like a gym treadmill but I know that and didn’t pay for that. It’s fine. I have been using it 6 days a week at 60-90 minutes each time.Good buy for me.

  37. Sebastian Stefan

    Great product, works well and good value for the money

  38. Melanie Stokes

    Very good quality and I’m really enjoying it

  39. Ryan Frost

    Love it

  40. Emma-louise Smith

    Just received mine today in excellent condition not very sturdy but good for the price good enough speed for home use only

  41. Leidy jhoana

    Easy to use

  42. Stefano Crocco

    Love this treadmill,a good price and works well!

  43. Chris Allott

    ease of setup and operation

  44. Jin

    I really like this have used quite a few times super easy to fold.

  45. Bryan679x

    Great, I like it
    I recommend ?

  46. Dean G

    Works great

  47. Gayla

    This is exactly what I need, it doesn’t take much space, it fit good to my room. And can be fold if you want to. It is a small treadmill that helps me as these days I am working from home. I can take 30 min to walk on it, morning and night to keep myself in movement. One extra equipment for my home gym.

  48. Amelia Faulk

    Good treadmill

  49. Marion Marshall

    It works great.

  50. Sheryl

    With my gym closing down because of Covid, I needed a treadmill small enough for an apartment. This was perfect and very inexpensive, and good quality. I love it!!

  51. Orlando Keith

    It’s a basic treadmill that was easy to put together and store. Exactly what I was looking for

  52. Boshra

    I bought this treadmill for family use in our small apartment. recently I noticed that I am gaining weight so I decide to buy Treadmill for exercising at home. The running speed can be increased or decreased manually. One of the advantages of this treadmill is that it is easy to fold.

  53. Caryn Stevenson

    I only walk fast on treadmills and know not to try and do any running on these cheap ones. They are not meant for that and you can tell from the thin material and no spring in the board platform.
    BUT with that said it is a good treadmill if you just want to keep moving instead of just sitting on the couch watching movies. I bought this just last month because I can’t get out side to walk when it is Freezing out !

    All in all this is perfect for my adult daughter and myself to keep us moving when we can’t go out to walk.

  54. Clark Stuart

    Its a nice machine for the cost.

  55. Linda

    This treadmill perfectly meets my needs. Love it.

  56. Bicyclist

    Bought the treadmill two months ago. It came in a huge box. However, the setup was pretty easy. I’m 5’1 and was afraid the handlebar would be too high for me, but it’s just the perfect height. The control is easy to read with good tactile. And it’s a little quieter than I anticipated. Cannot say the instruction from manual book are very clean in some parts. And the cupholder/ phone holder could be bigger.
    I have been using the treadmill twice daily for the past two months. All the features work great, and the unit is well built. Actually, since when we have been in Covid-19 quarantine, I’m never going back to the gym. With all my fitness gears, I love working out from home now.

  57. Mullineux Amy

    Placed an order on Monday morning and it was delivered by Wednesday afternoon!

  58. Wells Jillian

    They delivered the Treadmill as promised – rock solid and easy to assemble.

  59. Pritchard Kim

    Great Treadmill with cheap price.

  60. Beauvois Michelle

    Received my treadmill quickly even though I ordered in their days off.

  61. Tachour Azeddine

    Great helpful service super quick delivery. High quality products.

  62. McManus Lee

    Top quality and fast delivery!

  63. Edwards Alison

    Easy & hassle free experience that had the equipment delivered in timely manner.

  64. Singh Gursharan

    Excellent products and equally excellent is their service. Great to deal with.

  65. Ebdon Donna

    Delivered promptly with treadmill as described. Good customer service

  66. Thangavel Davies

    Great helpful service super quick delivery of my treadmill. High quality product.

  67. Gerard Lenton

    Excellent customer service and received treadmill 3 days from order.

  68. Ming Croce

    Information about items on the website are accurate, prices are great, placing my order was easy.

  69. Dil Binns

    It was easy to place the order online. The order was delivered in 2 working days. Happy with my P1 Treadmill.

  70. Edward Renhard

    Great prices. Many choices of products. A real one stop shop for all things to do with fitness.

  71. Ian Smith

    Good ordering experience and prompt delivery of high quality goods in well manner.

  72. Shazia Wilson

    Very good company to deal with. Listened to my questions about the products and made appropriate suggestions. Finally bought this P1 treadmill. Thank You.

  73. Peter Pinkerton

    Product as described and delivered very quickly.

  74. roger pinfold

    Very quick and very helpful!

  75. Richard Anderson

    Great range of quality products at low prices. Received my treadmill on time. Great quality.

  76. Andrew Philbin

    Great service, great Treadmill.

  77. Pauline Ong

    Ejogga provided me with quality service and goods. I’m surprised at the quality of the treadmill considering how cheap it was. Happy with my purchase.

  78. Martin Jewkes

    So far so good. Received my treadmill in timescale.

  79. Robert Hartigan

    Lowest price, easy online order process and quick delivery, excellent service.

  80. Jenny Hill

    Fast delivery. Received my treadmill. Loving its quality!!

  81. Beth Robertson

    Quality product and expedient delivery.

  82. Nelson Hastings

    Fast Delivery. Fast communication.
    Product made of solid material. Happy with my purchase.

  83. Rosie Honey

    I wanted to buy a treadmill for a home gym. One of my closest friend recommended this site to me. Best price and very simple.

  84. Craig Bottomley

    I only do shop on Ejogga, Lowest price and best quality product.

  85. Peter Kimber

    The product we ordered was delivered in timescale given. And was very well packed. Loves its quality.

  86. Ester Grantham

    love it, bit tricky to fold down but slips nicely under my bed.

  87. Brian Kinder

    All went smoothly and Treadmill arrived on time as promised.

  88. Paul Gooding

    Treadmill arrived about a week after order. Nicely packaged, the products was exactly as described.

  89. Angela Dickinson

    Second time I’ve bought equipment from this company and happy with the quality. This time delivery was a bit late. And packaging were tear up. Not a single issue with treadmill.

  90. Simon Sheldon

    Treadmill was delivered right after 2 days of my order. The products looked exactly like the pictures on the site and the checkout process was very convenient.

  91. Ryan Taylor

    When an issue arose, they were quick to sort it out. Treadmill itself is great.

  92. Stephen Best

    Treadmill is just as described and it arrived on time. Really happy with product.


    Really happy with the pricing and the level of service received with my Treadmill. I’ll definitely be buying more in the future.

  94. Alex Allford

    The website is easy to navigate, the prices are great and I was really surprised how quickly my treadmill came. Very happy with my purchase.

  95. Debbie

    I was worried about making such a large item purchase online. Still, Ejogga offered excellent and clear communication, and the Treadmill (P1) was delivered on time and is in perfect condition. Thank you.

  96. Sunny Morgan

    Coming back to Ejogga, great service last year when I bought a X2 (spin bike). Came back for Treadmill (Dynamo P1) this time and likely last year services provided to me were again brilliant.

  97. Jose Williams

    The service from EJOGGA was impeccable – lots of communication and Treadmill was delivered when promised

  98. Catherine Frick

    Great product, exactly as stated and coupled with great delivery service.

  99. Amanda

    Treadmill bought from fitness superstore, absolutely excellent from start of buy to delivery of goods and then the equipment itself is excellent. Would highly recommend

  100. Lisa Tunuke

    From ordering to the payment and on to the delivery ……. seamless! I`m also very pleased with the treadmill.

  101. Chris Rogers

    You can speak to these guys on the phone! Purchased a treadmill and was given helpful information to select the right model. Delivered on time.

  102. Lee Yuan

    Really happy with the service, price and delivery of the treadmill I ordered from Ejogga.

  103. Craige Armold

    Very good customer service. Delivery as requested. I’ve only tried the treadmill for a week, but I am very happy with it and it is of a very good quality

  104. Kayne Thompson

    The treadmill was definitely great value and was everything I was looking for.
    Everything is great

  105. Sally Stoke

    This treadmill is perfect for my needs, quick delivery of item. Does all it says on the box, very pleased.

  106. Hengary Grady

    Buying the treadmill online was easy on this website and delivery was professionally done

  107. Eleanor

    I am 64 female I put it together by myself was so easy!!! Put my iPad on it went to YouTube where they have virtual walking trails and took off! Love it. What a buy!

  108. Sharon Fieldstone

    I’ve had multiple treadmills. I especially like the width of this one. Easy to put together 30-45 min. I like that it has a place to put my iPad.

  109. Peter Craig

    I don’t have any complaints about the treadmill, but the customer service was a bit abysmal. They reply to you very late, and you can’t contact them any other way other than the mail.

  110. Nelson

    I’ve now had this treadmill for 10 days now, it is easy to assemble, 15 minutes. With the onset of Covid-19, going to the gym is not an option for me. This treadmill is fine for walking. That’s MY need. runner’s will find the deck a little short if they are at at or above 9.0 height . This is a good treadmill. Good quality, oh, it folds well and can be moved easily.

  111. Genevieve

    I was a little apprehensive about buying a treadmill online. I looked at many different ones. This treadmill is perfect for our needs. We are seniors and want to be able to exercise at home. It’s a good width, sturdy, and my husband was able to put it together fairly quickly. I can walk and steady my balance by holding on to the sides; they are a good length. All in all, it is a good machine.

  112. Kenny

    Fair quality for the price. A little narrow and awkward handle placement- I tend to smack my hands on the ends of the handles occasionally when walking. Otherwise, hasn’t given me any problems and runs quietly.

  113. Tina Shaw

    Easy to set up and works great.

  114. Lucile

    I love this treadmill. The speed adjustment is accessible on both the display and the handrails. The phone is easy to pair with Bluetooth, not that I cared much about that, but it’s a neat extra.

  115. Johana

    Great treadmill for home use, sleek, compact design but no incline.

  116. Victoria

    The treadmill is small, not wide, and does not have an inbuilt incline system. Other than that, it works fine.

  117. Amy Einhard

    It arrived damaged. The front right corner was crushed, and there was a hole where the plastic should be. However, it seems to work perfectly fine, at least for now.

  118. J. Healy

    It was pretty easy to assemble.
    This is OK for what we need, something for seniors to use to walk slowly. It would not serve an athlete or a serious runner.

  119. Frieda

    Cute little treadmill. It is very lightweight and definitely designed for smaller people. I’m 130 and 5”4, and I felt like the giant on it given other treadmills. I don’t have issues with it being too snug, though. It is a great and handy treadmill, and you can set it into miles instead of KM. Also, I would reconsider If you are very tall and have a long stride. I’m definitely at the max with my extra-long stride for my height. This is a great treadmill for me and my needs in a college apartment.

  120. Patrick Stewart

    We purchased this treadmill to stay in shape while we were stuck at home due to the pandemic. This treadmill is a great value, and the touchscreen is just big enough to provide for a great workout. It was easy to assemble with the instructions provided and has been holding up very well for the past 2 months, using it daily for a few hours a day.

  121. Emma Raducanu

    Great item. Neat packaging, straightforward assembly instructions. (Only a few bolts to screw in) easy setup, Easy to fold, and easy to move around. Durable and compact. Perfect for my limited space in an apartment.

  122. Shawna

    I figured after 1 year of use with usually anywhere from 4-5 30+ minute workouts weekly; it’s worth the review. Works great still! I love this little treadmill. It helped me lose 40 pounds and keep it off. I prefer working out at home rather than the gym, which is a great little machine to do with. Definitely recommend!!

  123. Priya

    I love the way I can use this at home. I weigh 220, and it holds up amazing. It’s good enough to leave in the corner and safe with a slow-motion glide when opening to use. Highly recommended.

  124. Ivan Dudek

    I bought this for my dad, who is 65 years old, because he wanted to start walking more. The handrails are sturdy for him to hold on and he likes that it’s easy to turn on and off.

  125. Alexei

    I just got this today (and set up today) and have only done some trial work on it. A few things:

    It- Phenomenally simple to set up. It literally only took me 15 minutes to do.
    – This looks like it’s going to be a great machine to stay active and have a pretty good workout if you’re trying to hit basic cardio goals.
    – Very easy to fold, unfold, move, etc.
    – I was able to get it up the stairs of my loft by myself – it was tough but doable. I’m not totally useless, but I’m absolutely not the strongest person by any means.

  126. Andy Tate

    I love this treadmill!!! It’s great on your feet and is so quiet you don’t even know it’s on! One of the best treadmills I’ve ever owned!
    The delivery was very quick too.

  127. John Shin

    I got it for my parent to exercise due to a recent issue with all the Asian attacks in the city. It has been great, and my parents love it and use it now and then to exercise. It is easy to install, and it serves its purpose. I did some running myself with it when I’m lazy to travel to the outside gym. It has all the basic functions. The menu is easy to navigate for my parents. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for an entry-level treadmill to add to their home space.

  128. Mindy Keiling

    This treadmill gets the job done. If you’re a runner OR walker, this is for you. Skeptical at first, but I’m glad I got this treadmill. You should go for it! I spent over a week on different sites trying to find a reasonably priced, quality treadmill. The reviews really lead me to buy this.

  129. Giorgina

    I bought this treadmill in February and wanted to use it for a while before writing a review. I was looking for a good basic treadmill that could sustain running, had a small footprint, and was light enough for one person to move around. So far, I’m quite pleased with it and would recommend it if you want a good, basic treadmill without a lot of bells and whistles.

  130. Claranet

    This is my second exercise instrument; this treadmill is easy to build up. I like the speed/start button that is on the side is too easy to control. The noise is small, which is very important because I live in an apartment on the second floor. I also like the 3 gears that could protect my knee during running. Now I can enjoy my lose weight experience.

  131. Martin

    Great little machine! I put it together by myself; easy instructions, but you need a little common sense. Very quiet and enough of an incline to keep it safe but still a workout.

  132. Diana Lewis

    If you know you need to walk/jog, but you are either scared of or grossed out by your local gym, stop wasting money on that membership and get this. It will do the job. It’s easy to assemble, and you can finally work it out without worrying about germs or judgment. Just do it. Get one. It would be best if you had it.

  133. Grant Walkers

    I’ve had my treadmill for a SOLID MONTH now, and so far, it has been AWESOME! I canceled my gym membership and saved that money by running on my treadmill and working out at home. Thank you for delivering such a quality product! So far, I’ve nothing bad to say. THIS IS DEFINITELY WORTH THE PRICE !!!!

  134. Robbie Porter

    this running machine is awesome. We love it so much. First, it was very easy to install, probably took 20 minutes, all set. And then the machine is very quiet when We are running. In addition, the phone holders I like. I can listen to music or watch tv when I do exercise, Not feel boring anymore. Hahhhh. This machine also has many functions, speed control, heart rate monitor, etc. super awesome, and worth the money.

  135. Angelina

    So far, so good.
    Easy to assemble; It took my husband about 15 to 20 mins.
    I still haven’t played with the programs. I have walked and ran on them to test them.
    Not too big or bulky, it fits in my homework office.

  136. Aaron Shaw

    I love this treadmill. The display is awesome, and the preprogrammed workouts make things so easy!

  137. Ian Stirling

    So I want to start by saying this treadmill really helped me get thru quarantine. I was putting on weight and becoming apathetic. This treadmill was an affordable and essential part of my quarantine boost. It was relatively easy to put together and is very small, and folds up nicely. The delivery was fast.

  138. Shawn Giggs

    This treadmill exceeds my expectations! It’s loaded with cool, easy-to-use features. The machine itself is solid. It doesn’t feel flimsy at all. I was slightly concerned after only using gym precog treadmills for years. I’m delighted with this purchase.

  139. Anthony

    Coming from a very active job, the transition to working from home was very challenging. This treadmill, combined with a motorized standing desk, was exactly what I needed to keep from going crazy. The machine can get to a perfect place for walking while working at a desk with the bar folded down. With the handle up, it can do a decent jogging pace though the bed might be a little short for some people. While walking, the noise level is fairly quiet. Overall, I really enjoy using this while dealing with these challenging times.

  140. Liam Nathan

    If you watch the prices, you can get this on great sales at certain times of the year (particularly around holidays). The motor is plenty powerful for what I need it for (jogging and power-walking), and the running surface is comfortable. I am pleased that I can continue my workouts in the colder weather months.

  141. Jonas Lang

    I love this little treadmill! It was exactly what I wanted! The assembly was so easy once I understood the diagrams. I wish the diagram pictures were a bit clearer. Size is perfect for a small apt or room with not a lot of space, and It’s super quiet, which I love. I would definitely recommend this treadmill to a friend.

  142. Bhaghat Singh

    After a long time of injury in my left knee, I left my workout, and now I need to start a little workout to recover. So I ordered this treadmill and found it very useful as my leg is little sensitive these days, I am slowly returning to normal. They delivered me in a given time, and that’s really appreciative.

  143. Jake Blunt

    Dynamo Pro is the best thing I’ve purchased so far this year; it’s an absolute Godsend. Thank you also to the patient staff who helped me decide which treadmill to select.

  144. Olivia Fofana

    I was looking for something sturdy and would not break the bank, and I think this treadmill is it. I have only had it a few days, but I have used it every day since it was delivered, and it has held up well so far. I will mention that I am on the heavier side, so I was nervous, but I feel it holds up. Time to drop these pounds! Overall, it was easy to put together and easy to use, so I am pleased.

  145. Katherine

    I love this little treadmill! It was exactly what I wanted! The assembly was easy once I understood the diagrams; I wish the diagram pictures were clearer. Size is perfect for a small apt or room with not a lot of space, and It’s super quiet, which I love. I would definitely recommend this treadmill to a friend.

  146. Jessica Knight

    I received this treadmill as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend this year and am very happy with it.
    – At £249, it’s a great affordable option
    – It was easy to assemble (it took my boyfriend about half an hour)
    – It was delivered quickly
    – It’s a great space-saver option
    – It works well for what I needed it for: a quick 2-mile warm-up run before strength training

  147. Caitlin Noel

    After spending almost every day of quarantine sitting at my computer, I’ve been having headaches and lower back pain, plus terrible brain fog. This treadmill has made it possible for me to stay in motion while working, which has relieved my discomfort and improved my concentration. The treadmill is small and compact enough to fit in my bedroom, and when it’s not in use, it can be folded and slid under the bed for storage.

  148. Joe Allen

    I love this little treadmill! It was exactly what I wanted! The assembly was easy once I understood the diagrams; I wish the diagram pictures were clearer. Size is perfect for a small apt or room with not a lot of space, and It’s super quiet, which I love. I would definitely recommend this treadmill to a friend.

  149. Phil Jones

    Item arrived on time, no problems with the delivery. So far, it exceeds expectations. The assembly definitely requires two people; it is cumbersome, approx. 200lbs. We were able to assemble the treadmill in about 3 hours. I would definitely recommend this treadmill; I will have to update my review once I have used it more.

  150. Zoey

    I love this treadmill so much cause it meets all my requirements; it’s perfect for saving space and easy to move around, the controls are straightforward. I ordered this treadmill only for mostly walking and to keep myself fit. In operation, it is quiet and comfortable to walk on. I received it the same week I ordered.

  151. Bruno Gonzalez

    I have been using this treadmill for the last month. It was easy to assemble, and I really liked it. There are not a bunch of bells and whistles, but I knew that when purchased. It’s in my living room, so I have my own fan and music. I don’t need much else. My kids and I both use it and have had zero issues. I would recommend this simple treadmill at the price point.

  152. Judy Devin

    Perfect! I can easily hop on this treadmill and watch tv (it’s not too loud), read w its book/tablet holder, check emails or talk on my phone. It’s effortless to fold up and move, but it’s a space-saving size, so I haven’t needed it. You can go past a brisk walk and up to a slow jog. With it being so convenient, I use it more often and accumulate my distance throughout the day. Its pause feature keeps track of your distance. I’ve had this a few months now – so happy I got it!

  153. Gordon Telles

    I am not a fan of a treadmill, but I bought one for my wife and me (marathon runners) due to time limitations. This little machine delivers! In fact, the workout is excellent! Better yet is the support. The display went bad after about 2 weeks of use. I contacted the company, and within a week, had a new display. No questions asked. It was easy to install and has worked perfectly ever since. This treadmill works great…the price was right…it has great support…what more can you ask for? Delivery was speedy too.

  154. Victoria Burke

    Really great treadmill. Love it. Even the delivery was fast.

  155. Duncan Mckenna

    I’m delighted with this treadmill, and I am glad that I bought it as I need to lose some lockdown weight that I gained last summer. I didn’t know which one to buy, but someone on the live chat team assisted me.
    Speedy delivery(within 2 days). It is easy to set up and easy to fold.

  156. Alexis Woods

    It’s an excellent product; I haven’t seen this kind of product before. The best feature is that it shows an accurate heart rate and calorie burn ratio, which is perfect for me as I plan to lose some pounds.

  157. Robert Neville

    When purchasing a treadmill, there are many things to consider, such as your budget, your fitness goals, and how much space you have in your home. This treadmill has everything that a home user needs at the right price.

  158. Laura Wright

    My husband and I’s favorite overall treadmill for home use are the Dynamo. This treadmill is powerful, fun to use with, and priced right. It has all the good features for home use.

  159. Jadon Williams

    This machine was pretty economical, considering the quality of it. The machine is very durable and easy to carry. It was a good decision to buy this treadmill.

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