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The X-trainer gives you a fantastic lower body workout every time, whilst gently giving you a simultaneous arm work out too. Xstream Gym engineered this product while taking into consideration the utmost protection for the users knees.

The X-trainer allows you to get fit quick all whilst developing your leg muscle tone. It strengthens and tests the central nervous systems equilibrium (your core) which is a series of interrelated systems used to ensure balance when the person is standing and builds your core muscle strength and gives your lower body incredibly all round muscle definition.

Key Features:

  • Slip-resistant pedal surface
  • Padded handles made of PU foam
  • 8 adjustable difficulty levels
  • Built-in pulse meter
  • Training computer with easily legible LCD display to check your performance
  • Pedal system: flywheel with magnetic belt system
  • Great stability and creep resistance
  • Supports the cardiovascular system
  • Strength, stamina, coordination and agility training
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Bottle holder
  • Horizontal adjustable
  • Easy-to-use training computer: training time/duration, speed in km/h, exercise distance in km, total km, approx. calorie consumption, current pulse frequency, auto. display change, energy-saving on/off function


  • Display measurements: 10 x 20cm approx.
  • Stride length approximately 60cm
  • Box Size: Length 161cm x Height x42cm x Length 88cm
  • Assembled Size: Length 97cm x Height x34cm x Length 45cm


  1. Annie

    Great machine for knee surgery rehab

  2. Sandra Cabiddu

    I love it.

  3. susan e endean

    Works well.

  4. Lise

    Super happy with this purchased , both my husband and I just love it

  5. b. Dillon doyle

    Love it

  6. James Hachey

    No assembly required! Took right out of the box and put it under my desk. Spend long hours on the computer and suffer from hip and leg pain. Use the exerciser on and off all day especially first think in the morning to loosen up joints. Felt the different in just a couple of days. Just what I needed.

  7. Loretta L.

    Works great! Excellent Price!

  8. Christine Russell

    Great Quality; Excellent Value; Reliable Use; Better than I Expected!!!

  9. Connie P

    Easy to use

  10. Kezan

    I am a senior so I wanted something easy to use and not fall over. This bike I recommend. Easy to mount. Very balanced and sturdy so no fear of it falling over. Great customer service.

  11. David

    My doctor recommended this for me after surgery. He said it was better than walking which put pressure on my joints. I love it. It’s easy to adjust the levels and is so quiet I can either read, watch TV or just spend time in my head while riding. I basically sat for a year surgery so I needed something that could get my strength back. Its working wonderfully well for that.
    Thanks for a great product.

  12. Steve Swick

    If you’ve never ridden an elliptical before, not sure I would recommend this model. What a workout! I haven’t rode an elliptical for 8 or 9 months, but after riding this for 10 minutes I was sweating!

    It took me about 3 hours to assemble this using the instructions. Definitely not easy like their bike I also purchased. I must say the assembly difficulty was worth it though now that I rode it!

    I’m extremely ecstatic with this purchase, and would recommend it to any “high novice” to expert workout people. Definite calorie burner!!!

  13. DonnayBunny

    100% recommend! Fast shipping, easy to put together and a GREAT work out!! So happy with this purchase!

  14. Bradley Hampton

    As of March 2022, it’s still going strong. That’s what I call durable. With committed use five days a week for 30 minutes a day, I’ve lost an average of 10 pounds a month. After weight-loss, it was great for cardio and maintenance. It helped my blood pressure get back to normal, too. It’s one of the best value purchases I’ve ever made. I’d buy it again, except I don’t need to yet. But if I do, I hope this model is still available.

  15. Justin

    I am a 6 foot tall former Bodybuilder. I weigh around 235lbs. This machine has no problem supporting my frame. It is slightly wobbly when using the elliptical function. However, it can be remedied by placing it on a hard flat surface. I am very pleased with the cardio workout that is possible when using this machine.
    Assembly is not difficult. Use force when tightening down the bolts. Read and follow the instructions.

  16. Katie Flint

    I put this together in about an hour and a half by myself. Probably 20 minutes to get all the parts out of the packaging. Lots of tape & styrofoam holding everything together in a sturdy box. Parts are labeled, so no guessing what goes where. Tools are included. I put the frame up on a book so I could put the end stabilizer bars on easy. Just did the trial run—no noise, everything was smooth

  17. inat17

    This Elliptical is amazing. First, arrived faster than the arrival date. Second, easy to assemble. Husband had it done in 30 minutes. Pieces are heavy, very sturdy. Like it.

  18. Lydia Pierce

    We have a big family where my parents and in-laws live together. We invested our gym money in this X – TRAINER ELLIPTICAL CROSS TRAINING TREADMILL MACHINE because it looks heavy duty and able to fit my dad’s weight/290 lbs. The machine came in 85% preinstalled, so we only spent 10 mins to put it together. It is smooth and heavy-duty. Overall, it is gym grade elliptical machine. Love it

  19. jeremiah kelly

    This is a great workout. Didn’t take my husband long to put together, probably less than 30 minutes. I use it in a room that is carpeted. I use this when it’s too cold or raining. I love mine. I’m glad we decided to purchase this. I am 5’7 and husband is 6 ft tall and the stride length is perfect for the both of us. Its actually really quite, which I didn’t expect after reading some of the reviews.

  20. Linda Aubrey

    This machine was easy to put together. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it myself but the instructions were easy to follow. The machine works well for the small workouts I do. I still haven’t pushed the machine to the extreme of what it is capable of. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because now that I have used the machine for over a month it is making some popping and clicking sounds. It doesn’t squeak which was something I was also worried about because I live in the top floor of my apartment and didn’t want to be a noisy neighbor. I thoroughly enjoy being able to do my cardio at home versus having to go to the gym.

  21. simon pitt

    I have been working on this machine for 3 weeks now. here’s my review. 1. equipment is well packaged and easy to assemble. it takes a bit of time but you can’t go wrong if you follow the instruction manual which is pretty clear. 2. one of my concerns was my height and ceiling level. I am 6′ 2″ and my basement ceiling is 7′ but it works, I can exercise comfortably without fear for touching the ceiling. 3. the machine is quiet and stable. but it depends on your movement. If it makes a sound or wobbles then your movement isn’t right. You may want to tighten some bolts with your own wrench. I am very happy with this machine. Great value.

  22. Natalie Coady

    Great product for the price

  23. Mamadou Kamara

    So far Good.. Easy to assemble with clear instructions. Had no issue with the installation

    Tip: If you need to carry the box to a upper level, suggest you to open the carton and carry the individual parts which makes it easy with a less weight to carry.

  24. Amelia Shannon

    Above expectations!

  25. Walter Sorofa

    After using for a couple weeks the machine is much much better. I believe it needed to be broke in. Love it and has helped me exercise with my hip arthritis! If it’s tight when you first get it, keep using it, it loosens up as it breaks in!

  26. Kenneth Scanlon

    Great for Home Cardio!

  27. Sukhninder Badatch

    I assembled the machine about two weeks ago. Instructions were very clear, with parts grouped and marked for each step.

    I have been using the machine every other day since I got it. I put my tablet in the holder, set the program, and time passes very quickly as I enjoy a show while I burn calories and build muscles. The machine works smoothly with very little noise. Overall, I am very, very happy with this purchase. I don’t know how long the machine will last, but I’m positive I’ll be getting my money’s worth

  28. Robert Mullen

    Very happy with this machine

  29. Christine Green

    I was watching football and it took about 2 hours to put together. Very
    sturdy, quiet and comfortable. It seems like it will last using it 3 times a week.
    My first one so I can’t compare to others. I will use it on timed workout not

    distance, calories,etc.

  30. Colin Scully

    Very happy with the product

  31. John Burge

    I have bought numerous home Elliptical trainers in this price point and this one is the quality of a higher-end machine. I had just bought and quickly returned an Elliptical from another company that was made cheaply and way to compact to simulate the cross trainer stride I was looking for. I had read good reviews on this one and the price was right so I took a chance and ordered it. To my surprise it arrived so much faster than it had originally
    stated, but that could be because Ejogga is awesome! It was farely easy for my son to put together and the stride is amazing. Just like the commercial ones in the gym. The foot pedals really grip your feet so I don’t slide around.
    It’s quiet and sturdy. I am in love with this Elliptical and highly reccomend it.

  32. Natalie Whitehouse

    I am in love with this Elliptical and highly recommend it.

  33. Kerry Preston

    Great elliptical exercise unit.

  34. Helen Winterbone

    what a fantastic piece of equipment. It is sturdy and well made. Assembly was very easy considering all of the parts that were included. A great buy for anyone looking to get a lower-cost piece of gym equipment!!!

  35. Angela Bolesworth

    I will recommend this machine to anyone if you don’t want to spend big box it is perfect for the house and for the money I paid for it.
    Thank you to Ejogga.

  36. Dina Aboeita

    I am happy with what I purchased from Ejogga and the machine is perfect for me to exercise in the house when the weather is not good outside.

  37. Sam Hollies

    It’s not difficult to assemble. This elliptical machine works with no problems and will serve me well for many years. Fantastic price for this level of quality, plenty sturdy enough for me being at about 160 lbs.

  38. Katie Davies

    Very Good Elliptical

  39. Joanne ingleson

    Great workout machine !

  40. Terry Bright

    We have had this elliptical for 3 years now, and my husband uses it heavily for a while, then much less for a while. But it has been good and we have had no issues. This month, our treadmill got pushed back against the power cord for the elliptical, and before we realized it, it has worn away the plastic coating on the cord. We contacted the company, who provided us with a new cord. After 3 years, we are very very impressed with that level of support…and so I had to leave a review to say if you have any doubts, this is a company that backs its products. I would absolutely buy from them again.

  41. Dale Warren


  42. Shiju George

    The machine is great. Super sturdy and not a noise to be heard. I weigh 180 and am 6′ tall. The machine fits me perfectly. Exactly what I was looking for and for the price it can’t be beat.

  43. Fiona Barclay

    Great machine!

  44. Sally Brown

    Husband and myself assembled it in under 2 hours (and we are not very technical). I have only used it for a couple of weeks, but so far so good.
    It looks sturdy (fingers crossed) and, although it is not tiny by any standards, it fits comfortably into an average sized apartment. The one minor issue (not
    for me, but for the downstairs neighbor) is the squeaking which started after only a couple of uses. All in all, good value.

  45. rasa bouchaib

    Nice Affordable Elliptical

  46. Michael Hill

    I wanted a sturdy elliptical with a long stride and basic electronic functionality. This one’s perfect. It was very easy to assemble and the instructions were very good. It works perfectly.

  47. Rhys Jones

    Wonderful so far

  48. Thomas Wetton

    Good product

  49. Natalie Crosbie

    Very satisfied overall.

  50. faizullah Nazimi

    Great machine so far.

  51. Mercy Virforeanu

    I used to use an elliptical everyday at the gym, and since Covid, I’ve been focusing more on building a home gym so I ordered this elliptical.
    It is quiet. It glides smoothly. Love it.

  52. Cerasela Arhin

    Super quiet, comfortable, and seeming durable. I will re-review in a few months.

  53. Martyn Turley

    Super quiet and super comfortable.

  54. Donna Bennett

    A Nice Elliptical For A Low-Price

  55. Nadine Hughes

    Working well.

  56. David Burns

    This is just what I want. Very satisfied.

  57. Adele Langford


  58. Julie Hughes

    We were happy when it arrived quickly and everything in good condition. It took one hour for my husband to put it together but when all was up and running we are very happy with our purchase. We would highly recommend this elliptical machine.

  59. Frank Coady

    It took my brother-in-law and me about an hour to put together. It would have been shorter if we would have only read the directions (my bad).
    A year ago, I had a total knee replacement and needed something that wasn’t jarring on my joints. This fits the bill. I thought that I’d get on it and go to town. The first time I lasted about two minutes. It isn’t as easy as it looks! That said, if you keep it up, it can give you a great workout. I’m up to 15 minutes on the cardio burn setting (3+ laps) and am looking forward to even better workouts as I get in better conditioning. My wife had the same reaction, and she’s in pretty good shape. It can be a definite workout!

  60. Megan Harrington

    I have had these for 2 years now and am still in great condition. I use it multiple times and week. Worth the money since I can’t always go to the gym each morning. It was worth the extra money (reasonably priced) to have them send someone out to install! I love it and would not know what to do without it.

  61. Brian Clough

    I love this machine. It helped me lose a lot of pounds in lockdown. Definitely recommended.

  62. William Holt

    It is a good elliptical, easy to use, and pretty comfortable. Very economical too.

  63. Timothy Mings

    My wife gifted this to me on my birthday; this has been amazing for me. I never knew I needed this, and now that I have it, I use it a lot. Delivery was fast.

  64. Mark steyn

    I cannot emphasize enough how good this cross trainer is, the durability is amazing because my whole family uses and we all are heavy people(lol, sigh). this trainer hasn’t made a sound or nothing has broken loose, which is a great thing.

  65. alex shearer

    didn’t know a elliptical existed of such quality and in such low price. really good quality. I would suggest this elliptical for an economical price range. delivery is pretty damn fast too.

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