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The Equinox Road Racing Bike is a new product and is a heavy-duty super smooth and steady race bike. Fitted with Four nail stand horn handles, High carbon steel hard fork, and a High carbon steel road racing frame. Its frame is built out of a high-carbon steel shock absorber and it comes fitted with Heavy Duty Disk brakes.

We pride ourselves in build quality and user experience, so we use the finest materials and use the best tooling equipment for production. For the equinox race bike comfort and performance were our main areas of focus. We used an ultra-comfortable thick gel-padded adjustable leather seat, and rubber sweat drip friendly handles for great grip. The seat is also packed with additional springs for excess comfort.

The overall feel and look of the Xstream Gym’s first-ever racing bicycle are phenomenal, and we believe it’s a cut above all of the market rivals at this particular price point.

Key Features:

  • Road Bike
  • 21 Gear Shift
  • 18″ inches Carbon Steel Frame
  • 26″ inches Equinox Race Tyres
  • Four nail stand horn handle
  • 10.5kg Weight
  • Hidden unlined bowl set tower mat brushed
  • TZ30 Shifter
  • Shimano Disk Brakes
  • UK Supplier and stocked in the UK.
  • Seven Positioning Tower Wheels
  • 14g black Spoke
  • Aluminum alloy 60/40 knife rim

Bike Frame Size

  • 18″ Inches frame (measured from crank shaft to seat top)
  • 8″ Inches adjustable seat height of
  • 26″ Inches is the total height
  • Height Recommendations: 5ft’2″ to 6ft’5″

*Note: the seat height is 8″ inches adjustable, it means the bike frame size is adjustable from 18 inches up to 26 inches 5ft 2″ to 6ft 5″)


Material: Steel
Carton Dimension: 135cm x 19cm x 72 cm
Packaging: 85%SKD,1PC/Carton TN
Natural rubber 26/195 Tyre
baking finished painting, water sticker
Environmental protection
3709 Engineering Saddle


  1. Titamath

    This bike is pretty great for the price point.

  2. Bookmonster

    Great experience

  3. Patti

    Very good looking and good quality bicycle

  4. eldis presly

    Great bike!

  5. Kricket

    The bike arrived on time. There was a little problem with the Front tire needing adjustment (probably due to shipping), which was taken care of immediately by the seller. The bike is great, works great and was not difficult to put together. (My husband is a bike person so he did it). I am 5’6 and the bike fits perfectly (of course the handle bars and seat can be adjusted as well.

  6. Todd

    This is an awesome bike


    Nice bike

  8. Sayuri D Hanaoka

    It’s great, but I didn’t pay attention to the size. This bike is for someone between 5’5”-and up. Its too big for me.

  9. Sayuri D Hanaoka

    Great bike. Easy to put together.

  10. James

    My son loves this bike so far.

  11. Jacob

    Good bike

  12. Chris V.

    I’ve ridden over 500 miles now and feel confident saying that this bike is the perfect balance of price and quality. When looking for a bike most were either way too expensive to justify for my experience level, or too cheap and poor quality to be dependable. This bike gives me a great ride and I’ve been loving it.

  13. GinaWeathers

    This bike went beyond my expectations! I have never owned a road bike and I have friends that have more expensive road bikes than this and they are jealous of my road bike.

  14. IceQx13

    I am in love with this!! I stalled a little bit putting it together because i was worried it would be really hard, but i was very wrong. It took me like 10 minutes to put together. It has taken me way long to build a normal bike. The instructions are very clear, and only a handful of steps. Plus the bike looks real cool lol

  15. Emma

    I recently bought this bike, Reasonably priced, easy transaction and very fast delivery. Would certainly recommend and would use them again.

  16. Wayne Foyle

    Very pleased with overall appearance and style of this bike. Definitely worth the price. Never used the style shifters that came with it but was very simple to figure out once I started riding. Haven’t yet to come across anything negative so far. I’ll update if something comes up. Packaging was great and the bike was easy to assemble

  17. Bradley Angus

    Good fit (I’m 5’6”). Nice ride. I had to upgrade the tubes, but great bike for the price

  18. Gordon Ledger

    Quality bike at a great price. It has held up well and the tires that came with it are going strong after several months of riding. The only issue I have had is with the seat. It’s not a super comfortable seating but you get use to it. I’m 5’9″ and this bike fits me well

  19. Ayla

    This bike is perfect for my 7-year-old! He absolutely loves it.

  20. BuchS

    Great bike great price

  21. Jim Edwards

    Took about 30 mins to assemble. I did have to adjust the detailed screws a bit to get all gears to work but it was pretty easy to do. Overall my kid loves it. It’s quite light vs my other son’s CCM bike of the same size.

  22. Melanie Stokes

    My boyfriend loves this bike. It looks good for the money.

  23. Rhys Jones

    Just Buy IT! The rear tire/gears/breaks are already set for you. The only thing you have to worry about is adjusting the handlebars, seat and front tire. It will take 10 minute.-15 minute at most. As a person who has rode bmxs and moun-tain bikes theres a need to get used to it. I learned to love it myself.

  24. Ron Craig

    I like the bike, and the assembly process is verysimple, the instructions manual is too goodl for a regular guy like me to follow.

  25. Stacey Poliri

    not bad. be patient with it and figure the bike out. I self-assembled.

  26. Natalie Green

    Excellent customer service

  27. lorraine weightman

    Love the bike..present..

  28. Lauren McCulley

    Good quality bike

  29. Christopher Mark

    Love my bike. It was easy to assemble. I did have a problem with the shipping date. It was delivered on time but works for what I needed it for. Good bang for your buck!

  30. dian khesrawi

    Very satisfied with this product. Solid road bike and great price!!!

  31. Neville Dooley

    Cost efficient, easy to assemble (with eye on caution), solid bike.

  32. Craig Fishwick

    Good bike.


    It was easy to assemble, just take your time. It took about 15 mins to unpack and assemble. Really like it.

  34. Nikki Attrill

    My husband loves it.

  35. Victoria Richardson

    Love it

  36. Kevin Hughes

    – I am very happy with the quality and finish on this bike.

  37. George Bruce

    This was a great buy.

  38. Malcolm Hannan

    Well packaged. No issues with broken or missing pieces. A little tough to put to-gether for someone who isn’t “handy” but still managed to figure it out. People are surprised I bought this online for how nice the bike is.

  39. Mr Richard Dunne

    Great bike for the price.

  40. Brian Jones

    Good solid bike for someone starting out on their first road bike.

  41. Cornelius Owoeye

    So far so good!

  42. Mr Gary O’Brien

    Now this bike is not your average lowly priced bike on the market, but for me there was not really any downsides.
    cheaper option, nice edge on competitors or friends, easy to assemble.

  43. Joe Paul

    My fiancée loves her bike! It arrived fast, and was free of shipping damage. It was relatively easy to assemble once I had the correct tools, and is good quality for such a low price.

  44. Terry Cedric

    Easy to assemble .. cheap product..

  45. Kimberlyn Jeff

    My adult son ordered this bike for exercising his legs and knees for low impact after knee surgery. He enjoys the ride.

  46. Joan Wayne

    This bike is really good for the money.

  47. Albert Greyson

    Great buy.

  48. Luka Fred

    The bike is great and the price is awesome.

  49. Gladdle Kaine

    I’m quite pleased with my buy. On November 15, 2021, I placed my Equinox order.

  50. GRAHAM Holland

    I would highly recommend the bike I purchased.

  51. Dale LATTIMER

    Excellent customer service. I was really satisfied with the counsel I received prior to purchasing the bike.

  52. Eric vernal

    I recently bought this bike after speaking with Jack on the phone. The bike is great, and Jack’s service and advise were excellent.

  53. willia kevin

    Equinox is a fantastic product that I recently purchased. It was well worth the money!!

  54. Hughes Lindsey

    The gear mechanism on the bike is fantastic. My new bike has made me very pleased. Excellent service at an unbelievable price.

  55. Giblin Peter

    Thank you for your excellent service, David. The Equinox cycle he recommended is fantastic, and owing to David’s phone and email assistance, I was able to build it.

  56. Willett Susan

    After a partial knee replacement operation, I decided to acquire this exercise bike to aid with recuperation and fitness.

  57. Edgar Paul

    The exercise bike was simple to assemble! It’s also a joy to ride.

  58. Budd Karen

    We are happy with our bike! Ejogga is highly recommended by us!

  59. Marie jones

    When I called to ask a query, it was helpful. My bike was delivered the next morning. My bike has made me very happy.

  60. Stephen Simpson

    Everything arrived on time and in perfect shape, as promised. Our new Equinox Pro performs wonderfully.

  61. Brian David

    Excellent service and a fantastic bike.

  62. Katie Dixon-Brown

    We are really pleased with our purchase; the bike is of high quality and is quite simple to assemble. To be honest, the delivery did not meet my expectations. They dropped the stuff in my corridor and didn’t even knock. They can improve it. In any case, I received a high-quality product at a fair price.

  63. Sarah MANDERS

    Equinox is easy to assemble and has a sturdy steel body. It was fantastic!!

  64. Brittan Nimma

    This is an excellent bicycle. It’s a little difficult to put together, but with patience, it’ll come together.

  65. Chris Hamilton

    Thee bike arrived quickly, and it has performed admirably.

  66. Maitland Alison

    Great delivery men, great customer service. I would highly suggest this bike.


    This bike is fantastic it is a well-made piece of equipment that is simple to operate. I would use this company again because the delivery was quick.


    Excellent value and prompt delivery. And the bike (quality) was simple to assemble and ride.


    I looked online for an exercise bike and discovered Ejogga had a fantastic variety. The pricing is reasonable, and delivery is free. My bike arrived much sooner than I had expected, and the tracking information kept me informed. Thank you for an excellent product and service.

  70. Kelly Pritchard

    Purchasing from Ejogga was a fantastic experience. The bike is of excellent quality and arrived quickly.

  71. Lea Trigg

    Equinox is straightforward to assemble and is strong metallic body. Loved it!!

  72. Warrington Gale

    Delivery was quick and the bike has been very good so far.

  73. Chantal Kundishora

    Excellent service. My order was delivered in less time. Bike arrived in 3 and half day from ordering. Not too difficult to assemble, my son and I put together in under two hours!!

  74. Tom Elvis

    First class service from Alex thank you
    The Equinox bike he recommended is great
    and I was able to build it thanks to Alex’s telephone and email help

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