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The Equinox Road Racing Bike is a new product and is a heavy-duty super smooth and steady race bike. Fitted with Four nail stand horn handles, High carbon steel hard fork, and a High carbon steel road racing frame. Its frame is built out of a high-carbon steel shock absorber and it comes fitted with Heavy Duty Disk brakes.

We pride ourselves in build quality and user experience, so we use the finest materials and use the best tooling equipment for production. For the equinox race bike comfort and performance were our main areas of focus. We used an ultra-comfortable thick gel-padded adjustable leather seat, and rubber sweat drip friendly handles for great grip. The seat is also packed with additional springs for excess comfort.

The overall feel and look of the Xstream Gym’s first-ever racing bicycle are phenomenal, and we believe it’s a cut above all of the market rivals at this particular price point.

Key Features:

  • Road Bike
  • 21 Gear Shift
  • 18″ inches Carbon Steel Frame
  • 26″ Equinox Race Tyres
  • Four nail stand horn handle
  • 10.5kg Weight
  • Hidden unlined bowl set tower mat brushed
  • TZ30 Shifter
  • Shimano Disk Brakes
  • UK Supplier and stocked in the UK.
  • Seven Positioning Tower Wheels
  • 14g black Spoke
  • Aluminum alloy 60/40 knife rim

Bike Frame Size

  • 18″ Inches frame (measured from crank shaft to seat top)
  • 8″ Inches adjustable seat height of
  • 26″ Inches is the total height when the seat is raised to max position (from the crank shaft to the top of the seat)
  • Height Recommendations: 5ft’2″ to 6ft’5″

*Note: the seat height is 8″ inches adjustable, it means the bike frame size is adjustable from 18 inches up to 26 inches 5ft 2″ to 6ft 5″)



Material: Steel
Carton Dimension: 135cm x 19cm x 72 cm
Packaging: 85%SKD,1PC/CartonTN
Natural rubber 26/195 Tyre
baking finished painting, water sticker
Environmental protection
3709 Engineering Saddle


  1. Zimmer

    Overall I think this is a great bike for the price. The bike was packaged really well and nothing was damaged upon arrival. Assembly was pretty quick and easy.

  2. David Dvorak

    A Great Bike for the Price

  3. Patrick

    Very good bike for my growing daughter

  4. Kristian

    Very good value on this great looking and riding bike

  5. Matthew Bryan Shipley

    Good value

  6. Jeffrey P.

    The gears are the smoothest of the 3 bikes I’ve purchased on-line and it was the most inexpensive bike I purchased!

  7. JMM

    This bike is nice for the price. Not any more difficult to assemble than any other bike.

  8. kelli christine

    Good for the price.

  9. lilemt

    Gift from my husband. We are very active and we camp and hike a lot. Looking forward to adding biking this summer.

  10. Graziella Callado

    Fast shipping, beautiful bike, easy to assemble.

  11. AVERY

    Easy to Assemble, very fast shipping. Haven’t tried yet, but all looks good

  12. Dr Detroit

    Received bike in four days from ordering. After a few adjustments, I’ve rode approx 50 miles so far with it. Quite honestly, I don’t know why anyone would need a more expensive bike. I have a $2500 Klien full suspension mountain bike with all Shimano XTR components and to be honest, this EQUINOX PRO is equally as good. This EQUINOX PRO is well worth the price and looks good too.

  13. White Shaq

    Great bike for the price. Well packaged. No issues with broken or missing pieces. People are surprised I bought this online for how nice the bike is.

  14. Melan

    I have rode bikes for most of my life and I am blown away by how smooth and enjoyable the ride is on this brand. I am in love with this!!

  15. S. Vernard

    I highly recommend this bike to anyone looking for a high-quality road bike that is priced right. Super simple to put together – took 20 minutes.

  16. Christopher Wood

    Great bicycle that arrived well packed and free of any shipping blemishes. Assembly took about 1 to 2 hours but wasn’t difficult, first time out revealed a smooth shifting bike that will be enjoyed for years to come.

  17. Jason Eden

    Bought this bike for my wife, she enjoys it. Easy to assemble. The directions are fantastic, used the directions to adjust the gears on my bike

  18. Arthur Wise

    I ride daily as part of my workout. This is a well made bike. Everything works positively. Handlebars were a little low, so I added a stem riser to raise them 3 inches. This made the bike pretty nearly perfect. Equinox bikes were the best thing to have. I believe they have resurfaced as one of the best bike companies. They should promote their bikes more, especially bike shop franchises

  19. neneloco

    This was an excellent purchase. The more difficult parts of the bike were already put together, leaving the final parts pretty simple to complete. So far it has been very sturdy and there haven’t been any major issues. My little girl saw that and was ecstatic.

  20. Brandon Ludwick

    Was happy with this bike. I bought it for my 8-year-old. He has to stand on his tiptoes to straddle it but will grow into it quickly.

    Assembly went well. I didn’t have to adjust brakes or gears to get it working. I would recommend this bike.

  21. Elissa Richard

    Looks nice, good quality

  22. Josh

    Excellent Bike for the road

  23. Samuel

    My favorite color in the whole wide world. And a great starter or continuing road bike too..

  24. Maria Bryan

    I cycle 10 miles about 4 days a week
    I’m no expert but it does the job, smooth ride and a bargain.

  25. Stuart

    Very reliable and great quality that never lets you down.

  26. Morris Clark

    After 3500km with the bike it is still working… I like the feeling riding with it and the look!

  27. Lisa

    I am pleased with my exercise bicycle.

  28. Ashley Andre

    Love the bike..present..

  29. Ryan Triana

    Love my bike. It was easy to assemble. I did have a problem with the shipping date. It was delivered on time but works for what I needed it for. Good bang for your buck!

  30. Rochelle

    Good quality bike.

  31. Nick Wiley

    Very satisfied with this product.

  32. Christopher

    This is an amazing company and product

  33. Shaun Amy

    It was easy to assemble and I can adjust the seat like I want. I did have to have help putting it together but once it was together I jumped right on with confidence and completed my first ride.

  34. Katie Jason

    The bike is awesome as it inclines and declines automatically. It’s great to have a time like this during Covid. We can workout and also feel like we aren’t at home. . I was surprised at how quickly it was shipped and arrived. It’s worth every penny. The company backs up their product and then helps out their customers and treats their customers like family.

  35. Gavin Lisa

    Easy setup. User friendly.

  36. Susan Andrew

    It was easy to assemble, just take your time. It took about 15 mins to unpack and assemble. Really like it.

  37. Jessie

    I am very happy with the quality and finish on this bike.

  38. Blake Karli

    Well packaged. No issues with broken or missing pieces. A little tough to put together for someone who isn’t “handy” but still managed to figure it out. People are surprised I bought this online for how nice the bike is.

  39. Katie Jason

    Love it

  40. Meredith Justin

    Good solid bike for someone starting out on their first road bike.

  41. Casi Eric

    I really like this have used it quite a few times. It’s amazing.

  42. Claire Drake

    Great, I like it
    I recommend ?

  43. Casi Eric

    This is perfect and very inexpensive, and good quality. I love it!!

  44. Jess Cory

    Great product.

  45. Pria Parthi

    Overall, I’m very satisfied with the product! I have had nothing but positive experiences with Ejogga

  46. Sarah Eric

    I have zero complaints about this experience and the company. I would highly recommend the bike and the company.

  47. Nick Adams

    Wonderful bike. Really like it.

  48. Julia Thomson

    Purchased red bicycle and it is great.

  49. Adam Vosper

    Great bike. A little tricky to put together but with patience it’s ok

  50. Linda Timblick

    I bought this bike. My experience was very straight forward. I didn’t have to wait long for the delivery and was kept updated throughout the time of the delivery. Equinox is solid and good quality. I would use this company again.

  51. Joanne Garrison

    Very happy with our purchase, bike is excellent quality and reasonably easy to put together. TBH delivery doesn’t reached my expectation. As they left the product in my corridor and doesn’t even knock the door. They can make it better. Anyways I got best quality product in reasonable price.

  52. Michael (verified owner)

    Wrong bike delivered… I was delivered a Sanhema bike in a battered equinox box….

  53. Jade Wildbore

    I am really happy with my purchase. I ordered my Equinox on 15/11/2021
    I am really pleased that it arrived this morning on 18/11/2021

    After reading the reviews I was really worried that I would be waiting over a month for my delivery, but it was not like that. I’m happy with the customer services as they kept me up to date. And the product itself is Great!!

  54. Ross Talbot

    I love this bike it is a solid bit of equipment is so easy to use. The delivery was fast I would use this company again.

  55. Harlie Wright

    I just bought Equinox and it’s amazing. Money worth it!!

  56. Robert Ebdon

    Have just purchased this bike as advised by Mak on the call.
    Bike is great and the service and advice from Mak was brilliant.

  57. Jackie Hartgrove

    Amazing service. Really pleased with the advice before I purchased the bike.

  58. Finch McManus

    Decided to purchase this exercise bike to help recovery and fitness after a partial Knee replacement operation.

  59. Azeddine Kent

    The bike bought is fantastic and i would recommend it.

  60. Robert French

    Very pleased with our bike! Quick turnaround. We would definitely recommend Ejogga!

  61. Martin Pickering

    Very happy with my new bike. Great service and it’s amazing for the price.

  62. Manisa Emberson

    Bike is great, so pleased with the gear system

  63. Nichola French

    The Exercise bike was easy to put together! And lovely to ride.

  64. Patrick Brown

    Great price; swift delivery. And the bike (quality) was easy to construct and get going.

  65. James White

    Excellent customer services, great delivery lads. Brilliant bike would recommend

  66. Krystal Clark

    Great service and great bike

  67. Benjamin

    I’m in love with this bike! It looks pro and it feels right, I used for communing to work with no complaints.

  68. Arthur

    Looks great, just like the pictures.
    Excellent quality for the price.

  69. Raphael Digna

    The bike looks very sharp! Excellent modern design, but one thing that I’m not like- he’s very heavy! It’s not so expensive why I cannot say it isn’t good.

  70. Roy Kent

    This is my first road bike, and they are just great. Have ridden 450 km on them already and they are very comfortable. I’m enjoying the bike so far.

  71. Darren Gibbs

    It is a great bike. It is easy to assemble, but I give it four stars because the front disc breaks catch – it seems the disc is a bit wrapped. Hopefully, with use, it will stop catching—great value for money and fast bike.

  72. Karl

    As a first time bike buyer this bike is good enough to me light but structure is strong when ride on it you can enjoy it.

  73. Gabriel

    I like the bike! I’m a beginner road biker, and it rides pretty smoothly. Putting it together was a bit challenging, but I got it done. I’ve had never worked on a bike before. The seat is a bit hard for me, but I’m sure a more experienced rider would be fine.

  74. Wesley

    I’m not in shape and was looking for an easy bike to get started with for short 5 mile rides. For the price, this bike was perfect. The delivery was late, and also the customer care wasn’t too helpful in tracking down my order.

  75. Jerimiah

    This bike is everything I expected. The only change I will make at a later time will be a slightly more padded seat. This bike offers a lot of quality for the price. The bicycle looks like I paid more than I did.

  76. Umesh

    They were delivered sooner than expected. Be careful while fitting the parts. Incorrect fixtures might result in some stray sounds while riding.

  77. Onia Shawn

    I bought the bike a few months back. The bike is good, no complaints, but the customer service guy was rude to me when I asked him about bike options. That is why I am giving 3 stars. ?

  78. Mark Tuan

    The three parts are really great: frame, dual caliper brakes, and wheels. Cranks came in the 5-bolt pattern. The frame is really built well—both quality and geometry-wise. But if you’re going to use it for somewhat serious rides where you need quick shifting and easy roll, then consider upgrading components.

  79. Roman

    Very nice bike. It was so good that it was stolen from school within the first month. Going to buy again and buy a better lock this time.

    • hassan.shah

      Very sorry to hear this, please get in touch to see if we can offer you a concession we feel plight for your situation and wish to help you out on your next purchase

  80. Tom

    Amazing bike! Carbon fiber is so passe – in 2021; it’s all about carbon steel! It definitely weighs 10.5kg – there has been no exaggeration whatsoever! I was a bit skeptical of all the 5-star reviews being written in the same style, but I went ahead and bought it anyway. No regrets – I’m even buying one for my guinea pig!

  81. Keshi

    Very lite and well set up, easy to put together. The bike looks perfect.

  82. Tony

    Two rides in, and I already love this bike. Of course, I used an old mountain bike frame to ride on the roads so it wouldn’t be too hard to improve upon. But I have to say I’m pleased with what I got for the price!

  83. Elliot

    I cannot be happier with the bike. It is very easy to assemble and great to ride! I have only had it for a few months now, but I ride it over the weekend whenever the weather allows. Strongly recommend.

  84. Brooks Holt

    After riding several fixed gear bikes ranging from fairly cheap to fairly expensive, Equinox is a solid entry-level bike, particularly for its low price! Assembly is easy, and the ride is smooth. In addition, parts can be easily interchangeable and upgraded if a rider desires.

  85. Tom Taylor

    I got this for my son about a year ago, and he has put about 3000 or more miles on it. As of right now, it just needs new brakes and needs to be retapped. There are some dings because he is 18, but it’s in great shape, and he takes 10-hour rides, and it is almost a daily commuter for him—a great solid bike.

  86. Mike Barry

    Awesome company! Quick delivery of a great product at a good price. Easy to assemble, and any minor issues were quickly resolved. I would / will buy another bike from them.

  87. Rex Chapman

    What a great bike at a great price. I didn’t want to spend thousands. I assembled it myself, got her tuned up at my local bike shop. The solid bike overall. Very happy with this purchase. Don’t listen to any bad reviews, and others will always hate. This bike is for beginners to intermediate riders.

  88. James Hartwell

    I really spent time reading all the reviews about this bike. After some comparisons related to the cost of a local acquisition, I decided to buy it. Although I had doubts about the correct size and little knowledge of this brand, I took a risk. The bike looks great and trendy. Very satisfied. Recommended item.

  89. Antonio

    It was easy to assemble, but I rode it to the local bike shop for help lining up derailleurs, especially the front crank derailleur. The bike is very classy looking, rides like a charm, and the price is right!

  90. Shane Long

    Very well built. Looks gorgeous—strong attention to detail in the design. The cables are mostly internally routed through the frame and handlebars, which are very nice. The handlebars are aerodynamically molded and look awesome. By the way, when I write this review, I have now ridden the bike more than 100 miles, and it has been great. It took them 3 days to deliver the bike.

  91. Nico Williams

    This is really excellent quality bike with high-grade materials. It comes semi-assembled and so can be installed completely easily. The bike rides great and looks great. Overall a pleasing purchase.

  92. Willam Defoe

    Received bike in four days from ordering. After a few adjustments, I’ve ridden approx. 50 miles so far with it. Quite honestly, I don’t know why anyone would need a more expensive bike. I absolutely love this bike. Looks good, rides well. I had concerns about the saddle due to reviews here, I took it for a 20-mile ride last week, and it was not uncomfortable.

  93. Atif

    Shipped in a great time. Out of the box near perfection. The reviews don’t lie; this bike is one of the best choices for new riders such as myself.

  94. Alex Hayles

    This affordable road bike is solidly built and perfect for someone interested in biking long distances without spending thousands. This bike made several ‘top 5 affordable road bikes’ lists which helped my decision to purchase. Assembly was straightforward.

  95. Janson

    Great. I am very happy with my bike. Very light, smooth to ride.
    The package came even before I expected. Easy to assemble.

  96. Anjali Kaur

    Shipped in a great time. Out of the box near perfection. The reviews don’t lie, and this bike is one of the best choices for new riders such as myself.

  97. Tom Holland

    It’s a great bike. Economical and durable. Amazing delivery.

  98. Vikram Singh

    Amazing bike for budget cycling enthusiasts. Completed 500kms on the bike. No problem yet. Looks amazing. Comfortable and reasonably lightweight.

  99. Austin

    I bought this bike because I needed a road bike. My commuter bike is much heavier and harder to ride. I reviewed bikes and found this one had great reviews, and it has all the components I want. It is 10 pounds lighter than my commuter. It rides smoothly and looks great. I love it.

  100. Bishop

    I love this bike; easy to assemble and a very quiet bike, the seat is a little uncomfortable, but overall this bike is great.

  101. Dickson Grey

    My wife loved it as her bday gift. You can tell it’s premium-grade equipment. Super silent when you pedal, and the feel is quality.

  102. Blackett

    I must admit, this transaction went much smoother than expected. The bike arrived earlier than scheduled, even though the journey was epic. Incredible deal on an amazing bike. It rides like a dream

  103. Coman

    Use this thing every single day. I love it, and it’s a quarter the price of competitors. AMAZING! It works great! So worth it!

  104. Shawn Lincoln

    I freaking love this bike. She is light as a feather but strong as a bear. Money well spent.

  105. Jay Sean

    This bike is simply one of the best you can find at this price point. It’s a stiff road bike, not for casual riders but very suitable for amateur or professional riders. Not only does it perform well, but it also looks incredible. I couldn’t be happier with the money I spent.

  106. Ryan Sanders

    I was pleasantly impressed with the quality of this bike. It surpassed my expectations, and I would (& may) buy another. I highly recommend this bike and trust this seller.

  107. David Brooks

    I wanted to get into cycling but was unsure where to start and what bicycle was right for me. So after visiting numerous bike shops around town and talking with people at those shops, I got a good idea of what I was looking for. Please don’t take it from me. Read the reviews online. This is a fantastic bike for the price. The shifting is butter smooth, and the bike is ultra-light. I bought it because my mountain bike was just too slow on the concrete walkways I ride. You will not be disappointed with this road bike.

  108. Stephen Amell

    Quick delivery (3 days), good packaging.
    Easy setup (about 30 minutes from the opening box)
    Great ride!
    Looks awesome

  109. Liz Maguire

    I was a little reluctant to purchase this bike because of the lack of reviews. I did anyway since I couldn’t find any negative reviews anywhere on the internet. The bike arrived in excellent shape, contrary to many stories about damaged boxes and products. The bike is super light. Handles well. I’ve put over 100 miles on the bike in just 2 days. Shifts well after minor adjustments. Easy assembly.

  110. Greg Johnson

    An absolute steal of a price!! This bike meets and beats many of those expensive rides I tested. A quality product that arrived on time and rode like a dream! I am looking into getting one from my son since we both ride every week.

  111. Charlie Adam

    This bike went beyond my expectations! I have never owned a road bike, and I have friends that have more expensive road bikes than this, and they are jealous of my road bike. This was a great buy.
    I am pleased with the quality and finish of this bike.

  112. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Not exactly a Bianchi, but it does the job, is comfortable, and can hit speeds of up to 50km

  113. Henna Yamak

    Brilliant bike!!!

  114. Anna Jared

    Great product.

  115. Julie Kirk

    EJOGGA is a great place to buy quality and sturdy exercise equipment. The instructions are easy to follow and everything is provided.

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