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Folding Mountain Bike | Carbon Steel Cycle | Pedal Bicycle White

(31 customer reviews)


The Jasiq Ebykka foldable pedal bicycle with suspension is a new product and is a heavy duty super smooth and steady outdoor exercise bike. The mountain bike comes fitted with aluminium alloy six-sided stem, high-carbon steel frame and a flat handle bar. The folding cycle frame is built out of a high-carbon steel and has shock absorber suspension to the rear fitted with tolan rotary brakes.

We pride ourselves in build quality and user experience, so we use the finest materials and use the best tooling equipment for production. For the Jasiq Ebykka foldable pedal bicycle comfort and performance were our main areas of focus. We used an ultra-comfortable thick gel padded adjustable leather seat, and rubber sweat drip friendly handles for great grip. The seat is also packed with extra springs for additional comfort.

The overall look and feel of Xstream Gym’s first ever mountain bike is phenomenal, and we believe its a cut above all of the market rivals at this particular price point.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Xstream Gym
  • Model: Jasiq / Ebykka
  • 21 Gears
  • 26″ Carbon Steel Frame
  • 26″ Wheels
  • Suitable for 5ft 4″ 6ft 2″
  • Aluminium alloy six-sided stem, high-carbon steel flat handle
  • 14.5kg Weight
  • 403 water pattern double wild aluminium alloy bar end
  • High-carbon steel shock absorb windmill frame
  • Tolan Rotary Disc Brake
  • UK Supplier and stocked in Staffordshire.
  • Seven positioning tower wheels
  • High carbon steel 108 positioning chain


  • Material: Steel
  • Carton Dimension: 135cm x 19cm x 72 cm
  • Packaging: 85%SKD,1PC/CartonTN
  • Natural rubber 26/195 Tyre
  • Aluminum alloy double layer 36 hole small T knife Rims

31 reviews for Folding Mountain Bike | Carbon Steel Cycle | Pedal Bicycle White

  1. sufian.arshad

    The bike was great and the price as well. Fast delivery and a good quality bike!

  2. sufian.arshad

    It really is a great bike for the money. As long as you’re okay with tuning it regularly, Looks nice, good quality

  3. sufian.arshad

    I am pleased with my exercise bicycle. Great bike for the price, very easy to put together.

  4. gary w petersen

    Im really pleased with the overall service, the customer service staff were helpful on live chat throughout the day and I made the purchase. Received the item like the promised within 3 working days. Packaging was a bit rough but the bike is great value for money.

  5. Bobcat

    Excellent product

  6. Shane

    Nice bike. Was hard to find a bike these days. Had to pay more than I wanted.

  7. Carita

    My son loved this bike

  8. Harry.

    Love this bike! I wanted a new white mountain bike and this was the perfect fit. I love to ride it it’s comfortable and I have not had any issues thus far. It was pretty easy to assemble and for the money, this bike exceeded my expectations. The color is awesome!

  9. George.

    This was a gift to grandchild, I didn’t have anything to do with assembly . But my grandson was very happy with the bike.

  10. Michele M.

    I feel it is very easy to use and comfortable. It is smooth and easy to go

  11. Secret

    Love this bike!

  12. Peter E Pfeffer

    I love the bike, easy to ride and maneuver for a middle-aged person!! The seat was too hard, had to buy a seat cushion, but I love it for exercising and just having fun! Great price too!!

  13. K. Goen

    Perfect for everyday use!

  14. Azadeh

    Very nice bike. Put together easy if you have the tools. Grandchild had his dad go to a bike shop for help because he didn’t have the right tools.

  15. Heyward

    Awesome Bike

  16. Melissa Auvil

    This was a gift to grandchild, I didn’t have anything to do with assembly . But my grandson was very happy with the bike.

  17. Judi Winters

    Very nice bike.

  18. Marcy pakula

    Love the new wheels…but wish the seat was better cushioned and wider. Had to purchase a gel cover. Slight problem with securing the seat from slipping while biking. Otherwise great bike

  19. Lauren. N

    Got our son a bike for his birthday. This was pretty easy to put together and we didn’t find any difficulties in attaching pieces or things, working well together.

  20. Whitney Neff

    The bike is very nice it wasn’t hard to assemble however the seat is uncomfortable. The maker should really consider that people ride bikes for a long. Of time and need a very comfortable seat this is definitely a poor choice in choosing a seat for this bike. Other than that the bike is fine.

  21. Donnell Cravens

    Can’t beat the pricing on this bike. Perfect to follow the kids on.

  22. Stefannniee

    Great for the price!

  23. Donnell Cravens

    My daughter needed a bike for a class at her private school on safety and her cool old classic failed the safety test so I ordered this one so it would get here before the next week’s class as she had to sit out. She LOVES this bike.. is 11.. an active kid. I can’t review it other than saying it was so simple to put together and hasn’t broken with a sorta big 5’6″ TALL 11 yr old… and she loves it so there’s your review!

  24. Micheal R

    Loved the product. Was tricky to assemble at first. But turned out very good

  25. M. Hawkins

    Loved it

  26. Jetsons

    This bike is of great quality.

  27. Ruben

    Really beautiful bicycle and made my 13-year-old boy very happy. ❤️

  28. Gaby

    Good Quality

  29. misterjc

    Got it a day early!

    Put on Front Wheel, Seat, Handle Bars, Peddles, and had to adjust brake tension.

    No complaints at all expect, that now more household members want one!

  30. Mark H.

    Love it. Easy to assemble…

  31. Elhadji Gueye

    it’s great.

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