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The Hurrican X4 is a heavy duty super smooth and steady exercise bike. The fly wheels is 8kg in weight. The heavy flywheel gives you a much better performance than a lighter wheel. It also intensifies your workout and helps provide more stability when cycling.

The sports pedals are comfortable and allow your feet to slot in with ease, the straps provided boost your control and balance when riding the bike.

The bike has forged spindles enabling you to sit or stand whilst in a cycling motion, the dual locking knob and the adjustable resistance are value-added features which help ease or intensify the difficulty of the tension levels of your work.

The Hurricane X4 exercise bike lets you keep track of your workouts on a cool LCD display monitor, it also allows you to keep watch on the time, calories burned, the distance travelled, speed, and the heart rate.

We pride ourselves in build quality and user experience, so we use the finest materials and use the best tooling equipment for production. For the Hurricane X4 comfort and performance were our main areas of focus. We used an ultra-comfortable thick gel padded adjustable leather seat, and rubber sweat drip friendly handles for great grip. The seat is also packed with additional springs for excess comfort. We’ve also added a bottle holder and provide a free steel bottle to place in the holder.

The overall feel and look of the Xstream Gym’s spin bike is phenomenal, and we believe its a cut above all of the market rivals at this particular price point. Which is why we offer all of our customers a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.

We design, we build we import and we sell, buy directly from the source.

  • 7 function LCD Screen
  • Pulse /Heart Rate Monitor
  • Bottle holder
  • Free steel bottle
  • Calories burned
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Work out timer
  • 8kg Flywheel – Forward Motion
  • Hi-Torque Belt
  • Racing Style Pedals
  • Fully adjustable Saddle
  • Soft Touch Comfortable Leather Seat With Cushioned padding
  • Infinite adjustment resistance
  • Easy to move around the house and tucks away nicely
  • Maximum user weight 150 kg
  • 1 Year warranty (Doesn’t cover accidental damage)
  • Free delivery available to most UK destinations
  • Emergency brake
  • UK Supplier and stocked in UK.


  • Material: steel
  • Box Dimensions: (101 cm L x 21.5cm W x 82 cm H)
  • Colour: Black
  • Battery: 2x AA (not included)
  • Net Weight: (19.8 kg)
  • Flywheel Weight: (8kg)
  • User Weight Limit: 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Resistance source: Belt
  • Pedal material: Metal Pedal
  • Handrail Material: Foam
  • Function: Scan, Calories, Time, Speed, Distance

Saddle & Footing Information

  • Bike size: L (98 – 111cm) x W 45.5cm x 110cm H
  • Height from ground to seat adjustable: (81-92 cm)
  • Pedal toe clips with straps fit different shoe sizes; leveling feet for added balance and stability.
  • Distance from Armrest to seat adjustable: (72-77.5 cm)
  • Height from Ground to Armrest adjustable: (97-109cm)

Package Includes:

  • 1x Xtream Gym Hurricane X4 Spinning Exercise Bike
  • 1x Water Bottle and Pad Holder


  1. sufian.arshad

    I received my spin bike in the time that was specified, the product is excellent, I am very happy with the service I received from Ejogga. Amazing service!

  2. sufian.arshad

    A great bike for the price. The reviews made it easy on which spin bike to buy.

  3. sufian.arshad

    It’s a really sturdy bike and I love the flywheel, feels really nice and natural when riding. Great Exercise bike!!

  4. Ronald Thompson

    When I first got this bike and put it together, it was deafening and not a difficult ride. I sent a video of the machine to the company, they determined a possible cause, and quickly sent a new bike. This replacement is everything promised. Easy to build and nice and quiet. I’m happy with the result.

  5. Sam Huff

    Ordered the X4 spin bike, I got good advice on which Bike to buy, got a good price and the delivery was done very professionally.

  6. Joseph Raney

    Very nice bike well made components work well.

  7. Renee Bilodeau

    Fast shipping on this great, durable bike! Bought it for our 12-year-old, and I think it will last through teenagehood for her, but the color is also great for adult women too! Easily assemble at the bike shop. Super happy with this purchase!

  8. Str8Talk

    Works perfectly!

  9. dAVID

    I love this bike

  10. Sean

    Very smooth!

  11. Amy Battis

    So far I’m very pleased with the purchase. Looking forward to lots of rides this SEASON!

  12. RachaelRocks!

    It’s awesome

  13. Nara Ruenes

    Love it love it love it.

  14. Kristie j

    Extremely happy with purchase

  15. Amahuna

    I use it in the morning while everyone is asleep, you can only hear it if your are in the same room. Hope that helps, it’s a great buy. No need to spend more when this does the job better than I could have ever expected.

  16. RachaelRocks!

    Great bike, way better than you think.

  17. Deborah Graham

    I received this HURRICANE X4 SPINNING exercise bike this morning. It’s all put together and I have done my first 4 miles … I’m 70 and want to get into better shape. It’s comfortable and doesn’t need it’s own room to exist in my home.
    I am really happy with it and hope I will keep up the work outs in the safety of my own home during these covid years.

  18. Blinxx

    The delivery was a lot faster than I expected. I ordered it on Friday the 4th and received it Sunday the 6th when the expected date was the 7th. I’m not complaining though lol.
    It’s really nice and compact, easy to store. I’m 5’8″, so I’m in between the minimum and maximum height (not sure what the max height is) recommended. My wife is 5’1″ so she has to remove the pin put the seat all the way down, but she’s able to use it well enough and says that it’s still comfortable for her height.
    We started using it right away after having it set up.
    Overall pretty happy with this purchase. Recommend it, especially for the price.

  19. Laura L

    I’m really happy with this purchase. I’ve only had the bike for a few days but I’m already loving it! Overall the bike was easy to assemble! Took us about 30 minutes to do it and the instructions were easy to understand! As far as everything else is concerned, I’m pretty happy with it.

  20. jez camber

    Love this store. Great product range and great value. have used before and will use again.

  21. Tanya Martins

    First off, the bike is amazing. It’s easy to put together and you can notice the quality that went into the construction…of everything…I’ll go into that shortly. Before I purchased this I looked at quite a few other manufacturers and even considered some that were considerably more expensive. After looking at the reviews, I finally decided to purchase it.

  22. Karen Spence

    This is my first indoor bike to purchase. I have been wanting one of the more expensive brands for a long time since they seem to be all the rage but there was no way I could justify spending the amount of money on them. I read the reviews on this bike and thought I’d give it a shot. It’s a fraction of the cost compared to others so it wasn’t such a hard upfront hit.
    My teenage son assembled it for me since I didn’t trust myself, ha! Once it was assembled and cited to take my first ride on it. I have to say that I am truly loving it!

  23. Donna Richards

    We love our new Exercise bike, and the customer service for Ejogga was exceptional! While we were assembling it for the first time, i noticed a small crack in the seat adjustment knob , likely from shipping. I sent their customer service department an email listing my order info and a photo of the issue, and within 24hrs i received a response that a replacement was already being sent to my address. It was also an upgraded knob from the original that came with our model. You would think this would be enough, but for the trouble they also sent us *at no cost* a nice rubber band excercise set. They definitely went the extra mile, and we will certainly be future customers!

  24. RAB

    The delivery was excellent. The handlebar was missing from the box, Ejogga customer service responded immediately. A new shipment was sent out with a handlebar.
    It is very quiet and comfortable. I changed the pedals so I can use them without shoes. The whole family loves it.

  25. Heather N Murphy

    Happily satisfied.

  26. Ivan

    This exercise bike is affordable, practical. It has the advantage of simple operation and it really can help me to achieve a healthy, slimming effect. I love it so much and I will definitely stick with it. Another good thing about this bike, it makes no noise. Therefore I could put it anywhere in my houses like living and even bedroom.

  27. Cheryl A Hutchins

    I have ridden the bike daily for at least 30 minutes a day and love it. It is sturdy, easy to ride and works for me. I wanted to buy a bike, not a computer and a bike is what I got. I love it and the price was great as a lightning deal on Ejogga.

  28. Hollyn30

    Spin bike is great to have during this whole COVID thing. I would say that this bike is good for people under 5’1” like myself. The handle bars don’t go up high. It only has like 5 notches and the highest one is at level with the seat. Pretty sturdy. If I’m spinning really fast, I can feel a slight wobble. SUPER QUIET! Overall I am very impressed with this spin bike and it came in 2 days!

  29. mehak.ejaz

    My wife and I are extremely pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone wanting a good exercise cycle.

  30. Victor Neil

    Very sturdy well made exercise machine.

  31. Laura Rhodes

    This bike is easy to assemble, which works out good for a person like me who is not very patient. I like the color too, it sort of adds an accent in my house with this black and red color:), but it is not too big to take too much space in the house (that was my worry before we assembled it). It is comfortable to ride on, has enough padding on the seat, and definitely an excellent tool to work out and burn some extra calories! Will get one for parents as an anniversary gift.

  32. Tommy Rick

    I was very happy with this bike

  33. Charlie Scott

    This is a great bike for beginners. It goes together well and is very sturdy. If you’re only looking for the Calorie burn/ great workout for health or weight loss then this will definitely do the job for a great price.

  34. Johnny

    The bike came mostly assembled and it only took me about 30 minutes to finish putting it together while making lunch one day. I’m happy to report there were no missing or broken parts and the assembly instructions were easy to follow. A few of the reasons I picked this exercise bike over others were price/value, its resistance technology, and the sporty look of it. I found the bike’s seat to be very comfortable. I found this bike to be very stable, well built, and nicely equipped and I am looking forward to putting some miles on it this winter. I would buy this bike again and I would recommend it to friends.

  35. Lorraine Allen

    I was so undecided on which exercise bike to buy and I’m so glad I went with this one…It’s engineered and built well…I’ve been using it to do cardio exercises…I even lost 10 lbs. within a month and have more energy…it’s definitely
    a keeper!

  36. Kingston Douglas

    I have only had the chance to ride this once, but the seat has already started to come apart 🙁 I’m 260lbs and the bike is actually really comfortable and I do not feel like it is going to crumble beneath me.

  37. Alexis Adrian

    I have just received my order today! Very easy to put together; took my husband and me about fifteen minutes. Instead of watching a program while sitting idle, I am now able to sit on the bike and get a good workout. I’m 67 and live in Green Valley, AZ – I’m so happy to be able to exercise in the comfort of my home. Thank you,Ejogga!

  38. Ricardo Hector

    Just as promised, Ejogga delivered my X4 SPINNING EXERCISE BIKE

  39. Marlin Paul

    Seat is the comfortable, low noise level, varying tension levels

  40. Shane Aaron

    I purchased the bike over a month ago and have no problems. The bike is easy to assemble and use! I am short and the seat adjustment works for tall or short people. I do recommend getting a seat cushion for comfort.

  41. Brenna

    Definitely makes you work up a sweat. My son and I mostly use it we just adjust the seat height. Great way to squeeze in a workout while watching tv. Did a lot of research before my purchase and really satisfied with my decision.

  42. Alberto Carlos

    This Product is great!!!!!!

  43. Hunter Eli

    Works well would buy again! Wife loves it

  44. Sheldon Lewis

    Smooth, quiet ride.
    Easy to adjust for varying height riders.

  45. Conner Peter

    Super cool bike?

  46. Rob R.

    Great sturdy bike. Doesn’t have many features but for the price is good. I love that it does not take much space and it has great resistance setting. It was great for quarantine to keep myself active.

  47. Aidan Harold

    Using the bike for 2-3 weeks (about 40 minutes each day). it works perfectly fine and no noise at all.

  48. Sheldon Lewis

    Overall, it is a simple and quiet exercise bike. They did a good job keeping it inexpensive, yet sturdy and lightweight. Like it.

  49. Connor Julian

    I am a woman who suffers from Lupus and RA. I needed to find an exercise bike that adjusts to me and this was the one! I truly love this bike and it is very easy to assemble! Very low impact on my joints but still gives me a good workout. I would highly recommend this product.

  50. JB

    I am about 5’2″ and weigh around 120lbs and the bike is perfect for my frame. The wheel mechanism is smooth and silent. If I could make any changes it would be to have more variance in the Height of the seat and adjustable height of the handles. Otherwise, it’s a keeper for me.

  51. Elaine

    I have had this bike for a few weeks now. It was really easy to put together. I’ve never owned a stationary bike before, so I have nothing to compare, but I’ve really been enjoying this bike.

  52. Harvey Blake

    I like the bike because it’s light, strong and working very fine.

  53. C. M. Torgeson

    Very high quality considering the price. Nearly silent operation.

  54. Str8Talk

    Bike is solid and heavy, comfortable, and works perfectly.

  55. JerseyCow

    Excellent quality, reliable brand, super quiet and adjustable for both short and tall riders.

  56. Nara Ruenes

    Love it love it love it.

  57. Kristie j

    Overall, this bike is really good.

  58. homelessloser

    This is my first indoor bike, which I bought because I am injured and can’t run right now. I’m 6’3″ 190lbs and the bike is very sturdy with me on it. I have put nearly 90km on it so far and the bike is almost perfect. It’s very well built. works very fine.

  59. Amber Lara

    Really impressed with the quality of bike.

  60. georgiou george

    Very happy with purchase – top quality.

  61. Clarke Charlotte

    The spin bike I ordered is fantastic. Money well spent!!

  62. neate Paul

    The quality of the bike they sell is high too.

  63. Brayn Nigel

    Great bike for all levels of indoor cycling. Delivery within 3 days.

  64. Beever Paul

    First time ordering from Ejogga and very impressed! Very fast delivery, almost same day as promised; great equipment and competitive pricing.

  65. Gillan Stella

    I bought X4 indoor cycle, great product at a great price.

  66. Abbasi Atif

    I purchased a spinning bike and it is brilliant.

  67. Shotton Kay

    Goods delivered on the specified date, although very late in the day. So far product has been reliable.

  68. Osborne Susan

    LOVED THIS ONE!!! Bought Spin bike today, delivered fast. Thank you for great product and service.

  69. Toussaint Kelly

    Fantastic company, service, communication, delivery and equipment.

  70. Kelley Lynda

    Quick to deliver at the time specified, was able to track my bike every step of the way. Happy with it.


    Ordered Spin bike online easily and delivered when promised. Used Ejogga before and for sure will use it again.

  72. Doherty Maureen

    Best products. Cheap prices. Great service and delivery.

  73. Reynolds Yvonne

    Great bike and great price! So glad to have it!

  74. Rogers Mark

    Excellent company to deal with and real good equipment.

  75. Murray Susan

    Everything was super easy; from ordering it, to using it.
    Prompt delivery, easy to assemble.

  76. Bolatch Janet

    Using equipment, very well made and durable. Happy with my purchase.

  77. Marino Mileidys

    It was easy to assemble and really good quality.

  78. Birch Adam

    Excellent Bike exactly what I wanted arrived super quickly too

  79. nuttal lbrant

    I ordered for one of their products (Spin Bike) and it got delivered quick and I am impressed with their customer service.

  80. Rahman Mohammed

    Very pleased with Spin bike I purchased.

  81. Abberley Jake

    I chose to purchase a Spin bike from the Ejogga because it was the cheapest price I could find and it had convenient delivery options.

  82. Turner Kevin

    Used this site for the first time and I’m very happy with my purchase.

  83. Minchella Christine

    Order placed for spin bike and it arrived very quickly.

  84. Shire Jama

    Great experience except there was a Fault in the products I received, But it was resolved as they replaced it for me.


    Initially had some issues with the purchase but everything was resolved and I’m happy now with my purchase.

  86. Brown Christian

    Great service and good quality product.

  87. Harley David

    I just bought second product and I’m very satisfied. Very good quality and price and delivery time was quick.

  88. David Day

    Decided to buy a new Spin bike and after some time searching found Ejogga came up with what I required with the best price. The trainer was delivered as per the scheduled, I would recommend Ejogga for sure.

  89. jide Odumade

    Excellent service, best price around, very pleased

  90. Neil Durkin

    Good quality Bike, quick delivery excellent.

  91. Clare Mayne

    I’ve ordered first time from this company, Literally my experience was awesome, Will shop again.

  92. Louise Wyatt

    So pleased I found this website – top quality items at the best prices and items arrived just in 2 days!

  93. Kylie Daykin

    From first click to delivery – informed every step of the way. Really pleased with service received.

  94. Joy Sladden

    Delivered quicker than expected with good prices and great quality

  95. Vikranth Tammisetti

    This bike is great and delivery was very speedy – will use this company again

  96. Anna Bojakowska

    I have brought 2 Spin bikes. Smooth transactions and very helpful on the phone.

  97. Hannah Tabner

    Brilliant to deal with no hassle fast delivery.

  98. Nicolette Lindo

    Delivered on time, solid built piece of equipment, really pleased. However I was a bit disappointed to see the damage paintwork.

  99. Julie Price

    Great service and prompt delivery.


    Very good price and happy with equipment. Guy on call (Alex) was very helpful and informative, not a bit pushy.

  101. Kieran Robinson

    Experience with Ejogga was brilliant!! From taking my call for the order right through to delivery. REALLY LOVE MY NEW BIKE..

  102. Michelle Hodgson

    Really happy with this spin bike the service including delivery and set up was brilliant!!

  103. Emma Angus

    Extremely helpful. Knowledge and expertise. Great telephone manner.

  104. Alexandra Friel

    Total worth the investment and the service was not bad either.

  105. Lucy Whittaker

    It was straightforward to make the purchase. Very pleased with the product and service.

  106. Sian Cottrell

    Helpful suggestion in choosing bike. Easy to order. Arrived as scheduled. Quick resolution with missing part.


    Great bike, same as described. Worth it!!

  108. Paul Gritton

    Really happy with my purchase, But the couriers were such a nightmare to me. They didn’t help me out, Even I had to drag the bike inside my house by myself. Won’t lie product itself is great quality.

  109. jacqueline pettifor

    I ordered X4 spin bike, 3 days later the item arrived, packaged well. Very good and prompt service.

  110. Ellie Purdy

    Extremely pleased with my Bike. Package and posting were perfect.

  111. Fraser Jackson

    I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ejogga for any purchase. I received my bike exactly when they said, really loving it’s quality.

  112. Robert Henricksen

    Easily found Spin bike in great price, suitable for my needs. Great service and prompt delivery. I would recommend Ejogga without reservation.

  113. Kurt

    Had to cancel my gym membership due to covid, set up a home exercise area, added this to the arsenal. fantastic cost-effective bare bones bike. well constructed, seems durable- very happy with my purchase

  114. Carl Anka

    This bike is incredible. I am very pleased. However, there is one imperfection. The flywheel seems to have a slight defect causing it to make a noise.

  115. Stephen Dufour

    This bike is a game-changer. I look forward to my cardio workouts now, and that has never happened before. I used to be a gym-goer before Covid, and I was missing the exercise. I decided to try this, not knowing if I would do home workouts or not. I am sold. I love how easy it is to get in a 45-minute workout now. I don’t think I will be going back to the gym, even when it’s safe again.

  116. Christina

    A great bike so far. We have been using it for a couple of weeks, so far, so good. I’m using it with the Peloton app. The only complaints so far are that there is a clicking noise when pedaling at certain speeds, which is annoying.

  117. Delaney

    Easy to put together. My 13 yr old son put it together; I so far love it.

  118. Rachel

    Keeping it simple for the price the bike is a great buy and it gets the job done. Only thing I don’t like is that the bike does make noises as I’m riding nothing too noticeable.

  119. Glenn Johnson

    Many reviews talk about a squeak; well, I found it. Put a bit of WD-40 in this little gap, and it will be as quiet as a mouse. Great bike and great price!

  120. Laura Sanders

    I ordered this one on a Sunday and ended up arriving on Tues instead of Thurs. And that was awesome! I wanted a piece of exercise equipment that would get here fast. It is a basic spin bike, but the workout is great! It records distance in Kilometers instead of miles. My husband does not like the seat that much, so he ordered a different chair.

  121. Danilo

    Worth the money. The directions were pretty straightforward, except for placing the seat on. I found it challenging to identify the center because the rules were not clear on that. I had to YouTube it.
    The bike is smooth and has sprung to it, just like you are in a spin class.

  122. Nelson

    I like this bike. My butt hurts from the seat. But this isn’t a negative about the bicycle—more a negative about my big butt. I am not impressed with the monitor. It doesn’t register anything but my pulse. I wish it would write the speed of the bike no matter how fast or slow I pedal.

  123. Kim John

    For the price, it’s a nice bike. It seems to work well, but I just got it. After assembly, you need to use it to tune in the adjustments lime seat and handlebar heights, etc… Nice place to put an iPad for entertainment while exercising. Overall satisfied.

  124. Augustine

    This bike is well built. Very easy to assemble, and it’s strong and sturdy. However, I couldn’t get tough workouts because the max resistance wasn’t enough to push me to my limits. I’ve been doing spinning classes for over 10 years, and I need something that puts up more of a fight. I made power/speeding tracks, but mountain tracks were a disaster; I just felt like I wasn’t even going up.

  125. Sean Mettle

    The product in question performed droves above my expectations, it was easy to assemble, and I really feel like my life will improve because of this product. Would you please extend my thanks and gratitude to the designers of this product and the owner of the company?

  126. E. Nelson

    We purchased this for my wife’s birthday because of some limitations on riding outdoors and because this seemed like a good replacement instead of the more expensive peloton. We absolutely love it. We have been riding it consistently 10-15 times per week between our children and us, and it has been a great addition to our workouts.
    Our only regret is that we didn’t buy this bike earlier. We would have loved to have had it during the winter when our outside exercise opportunities were more limited. Highly recommended and worth every penny!

  127. Danny Mills

    This bike is definitely recommended. It is cheaper than the peloton bike, and I can use the X4 instead of that expensive bike. ?

  128. Alexander

    Best value on the market. Smooth, stable, quiet, and very adjustable. We are thrilled with ours.
    I did a lot of research, and this was the winner!

  129. Isabella

    We loved how easy it was to “assemble” I felt like it pretty much came assembled. We just had to put some screws on it. It’s small enough to fit in our room and big enough to run on. My husband and I both love it. We’ve had it a little over a week. I honestly didn’t think it would be a great buy because it was cheap, but it exceeded my expectations.

  130. Owen

    This is an excellent bike, smooth and quiet. I agree with all the positive comments posted here.

  131. Stacey

    I opted to buy this bike instead of the Peloton. I am so happy I saved the money. I downloaded the Peloton app, which works great!
    I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy riding indoors, but I do love it! It’s my ”me time” riding and rocking out.

  132. Andy Robertson

    I got this bike because my wife feared for my life when riding my bike to work. I started gaining a lot of weight (nervous eating) and knew I had to do something. I did a lot of research and settled on this bike. It was easy to assemble (but then I am used to assembling actual bikes). It is great! I watch videos on YouTube and pedal along with the instructor and am losing weight. This bike, along with a rowing machine, is all I need to keep in shape. Good wheel weight, and the bike feels sturdy and well made.

  133. Alexandra

    Overall assembled by myself didn’t take long and was not difficult. I’m tall, so the seat adjustment worked all the way back. I’m also plus-sized, so I had to buy a wider saddle for the butt area.
    The noise level is quiet. It’s easy to maneuver from room to room.
    I’m satisfied with my purchase.

  134. Vincent

    I was expecting a bike that would not be of the best quality but would suffice for now during this time of COVID and gyms being closed. I assembled the bike in about 30 minutes. I was surprised at how well made it was. Very sturdy, and all the pieces fit perfectly. My wife and I have owned and used the bike for over a month, and it works great. Nice to have so many adjustments when it comes to seating positions and handle positions.

  135. Keanu

    I researched for a long-time over the course of 3 days before deciding on this spin bike. Even though it only had 4 reviews, I went with this bike. Easy to assemble. I’ve only taken 2 30-minute rides, so not a big sample size yet, but the bike performs well and is quiet as a mouse. I’m pleased with the purchase of this one, so don’t worry about the limited number of reviews as of date.

  136. Allen

    I searched for a while to find the right bike. I was a long-time runner and decided to give that up for my future legs’ health, so I knew I wanted a bike for less impact. This bike is perfect! During my research, I knew I wanted a magnetic resistance so I wouldn’t have to replace anything in the future, and I really do love this.

  137. Grace

    This is perfect. I’m a short woman (according to my husband), about 5’4″, and I live in a small condo on the top floor. When I put the seat all the way down, this fits me perfectly. It’s hushed, so I can get up early and paddle for a 1/2 hour without waking anybody up in the condo below me. The quality seems to be very good.

  138. Savannah

    Nothing to dislike about this bike. I did many months of research on spin bikes and was so happy I decided to go with the X4.
    So easy to assemble, smooth and quiet. I wanted to order the cleat pedals, and the seller was accommodating. I love this bike.

  139. David Souness

    I have been using this new bike for almost two weeks, very satisfied with it. I bought it to alternate between running and cycling to reduce the shocking pressure on my knees. That’s my new early morning 30min workout routine. The bike itself is easy to assemble, has low-to-almost-none noise, is smooth to ride, and is convenient to move around with the front bottom wheels. So far, I love it!
    Like other comments said, its odometer seems not super accurate. I don’t rely on it, rather using my Peloton App for cycling program and Apple Watch to sync the heartbeat.
    Considering the price-to-performance ratio, I m delighted with this purchase,

  140. Erica Keown

    Not feeling comfortable going back to the gym yet, I bought this bike for home workouts. The assembly was easy with all the parts and tools necessary included. I was really able to assemble by just looking at the pictures. So far, I have used it every day, and it is whisper quiet. Very pleased so far.

  141. Francesco

    I arrived earlier than originally scheduled. Very simple and fast to assemble. I used it and then discovered a small issue with the pedal threading. I contacted the company and explained the problem. They responded immediately and resolved the issue very quickly. That’s why I gave them the 5 Stars. So far, all is working great.
    Working out on the bike has contributed to my weight loss and staying healthy during these tough times.
    Thank You.

  142. Mark Hammil

    Amazing bike. Great performance. Even greater price. Delivery was timely.

  143. Daniel Chih

    I love my new cycle bike! It’s well made and heavy-duty and will last for a very long time
    I love the high-tech style and color!
    Very easy to assemble and so smooth and quiet
    A heart rate sensor with a monitor, a water bottle holder, and a tension knob for a light or hard cardio workout. This cycle bike is way better than my gym equipment.

  144. Regina

    Easy to assemble and use. I got it for my daughter for her birthday, and she loves it.

  145. Noel Bunn

    Read the instructions!!! Very important. Not that hard to put together if you read the instructions. Very sturdy! I do find adjusting the tilt of the seat is a little of a pain. Not looking forward to adjusting the tilt of the seat between users. Other than that, handlebars, seats front to back, and height adjustment are easy to use. It seems to be very sturdy. I like that the pedals have a nut to secure the pedals in place. More to come after I use it for a month or two.

  146. Carli Hayes

    Love it! The bike is sturdy and easy to put together. I was intimidated until I took all the items out and realized it wasn’t that hard. The seat is a little hard, but it is solid. I got used to it, but I know you can actually use your own. The pedaling is smooth.

  147. Judy

    Great bike! Sturdy, smooth ride, super easy to assemble (actually, my 10-year-old son did it for me!). Super substitute for my spinning studio, which closed due to Covid. It arrived promptly; The delivery was handled impeccably.

  148. Alle Farben

    Very sturdy. No movement, no matter how fast. The chain is quiet, with very little noise. Stay at tightness settings while using. Unit at a little over 100 lbs., moves around easily. Wheels and quarts leave no marks on the floor. Very adjustable and fits tall heights. ??

  149. Mathew Schimmer

    I am not a biker or regular exerciser, for that matter. After my 5th knee surgery, I needed a low-impact exercise outlet. This bike was perfect for me! Fairly easy to set up, quiet, and simple. There are no displays or anything electronic, which is likely what makes this so affordable.

  150. Ryan Tedder

    Hi, I’ve been spinning for years in the gym, but since the lockdown hit, I needed an alternative. The X2 spin bike is not quite as good as the gym bikes, but it’s not far off, and it’s so much cheaper; all in all, it was a great purchase; I’m really getting the same results as I used to get in the gym, I couldn’t be any happier!

  151. Nicole Manning

    This sucker is not bad!! The assembly was a B, but once you get it together, figure out your height and chair level and tighten that chair just right for your fit. It’s a perfect spin bike. It’s quiet, and the resistance wheel is awesome!!

  152. Melissa B.

    I’ve had this spin bike for about a month, and I absolutely love it! I have researched other spin bikes and the prices and contemplated which one to buy. Love it! The bike is sturdy and easy to put together. I was intimidated until I took all the items out and realized it wasn’t that hard. The seat is a little hard, but it is solid. I got used to it, but I know you can actually use your own.

  153. Cory Williams

    I am not a cycling pro, but this is a well-made product! Relatively easy to assemble (took maybe 30 mins with two people). The package was super heavy, and I needed someone to help me take out all of the pieces and move the box around when it arrived. I am also a small woman, so perhaps that would not be an issue for everyone. Built solid but easy to move around.

  154. Joan walters

    I love the bike, it’s in my family room, and I’m no longer a couch potato as I binge-watch. You might notice I changed the pickax pedals for climbing Mount Everest for bike pedals, and I changed the seat for a wider bike seat. My husband assembled the bike in about a half-hour as I watched. He’s very handy. The intensity can be increased with the turn of a knob. Love ❤️.

  155. Mindy Ryan

    I chose this bike after reviewing several of the Sunny bikes and a few other brands in the marketplace, pleased with the purchase. The bike itself provides a stable ride provided you place it on a stable surface. The wheels are adequate to allow it to be occasionally hauled out to the family room for a change of scenery or to annoy the dogs who don’t appreciate the bike at all.

  156. Molly

    I bought this bike for my home gym, I was looking for something inexpensive, and it came with good reviews. The bike was easy to put together; it took me about 45 minutes by myself. It’s perfect for what I need.

  157. Therese Huggins

    This is an amazing bike. Very sturdy and very comfortable. I gifted this to my friend, and she loved it. It was in my budget too. They delivered the bike within 3 days.

  158. Benjamin Walters

    Very quiet, perfect for apartment dwelling. Assembly was straightforward, and the bike is handsome as well as compact for tight spaces! I’m pleased about this purchase, and I’ve used the product every day since purchase.

  159. Kristan

    I bought this bike at home because all of the spinning studios are closed due to pandemics. I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing this bike is for the price. It is a perfect bike! It was pretty easy to assemble, except for the pedals and seat, but I think that was more of me than the actual bike itself.

  160. Rebecca

    I LOVE this bike. It’s quiet and very sturdy. I have increased tension with no noise problems as some bikes do. I use this bike 3-4 times per week and have had no issues with the X4 cycling bike supporting me or the avid workout. Great bike, great work out and wonderful customer support…look here 1st if in the market for a spin bike!

  161. Manny

    This bike is extremely sturdy and well made. It feels like a commercial spin bike. It’s easy to adjust, and the pedals are very secure. The bike rides smoothly. The seat is comfortable and well-padded; you don’t need an extra seat cover. If you’re looking for the screws when putting it together, they are already in the bike components.

  162. Diana Mendez

    Brilliant service. The live chat guy helped me purchase some technicals issues, the bike arrived the next day, to my surprise, but the best part was the bile exceeded my expectations in every way couldn’t be happier with this x4.

  163. Jane Simmonds

    Excellent service and a great bike for the money – quality is excellent had to steel pedals

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