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Xstream Gym’s massage gun that helps increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue, and improve the body’s performance both pre- and post-workout. That’s not all! You don’t have to be a fitness addict to use this product, whether you’ve had a long day at the office or you just want to kick back relax and work out the knots in your tired muscles then this is the product for you!

It is quiet. Barely audible when compared to other massage guns available. Different intensity settings allowing you to focus-on deep tissue work, increased circulation, or mobility. Every muscle is different, different shape, size, function and our massage gun helps to work any and every muscle!

Our massager comes with 4 different massage heads that can be custom-fitted to work different muscle groups in a plethora of ways ensuring that recovery time is significantly reduced so that you can be ready for your next workout.

The replaceable massage head allows your body to enjoy multi-angle massage. You can freely adjust the angle by pressing the button. The massager help release tension and ease sore, tight muscles, relax all of your muscle groups, de-stress, and energize your whole body.

Product Features:

  • Low Operation Volume.
  • The massager operates under 30dB, so just relax and enjoy the quiet massage!
  • Compact and lightweight, the massager is designed to be flat, small, and easy to be carried arround.
  • The muscle massager uses pulsating vibrations to provide benefits for health.

What You Will Get:
1 X Massage Gun
1 X AC Charger
4 X Massage Heads
1 X Manual


  1. Robinson

    I love this product. My husband has a lot of back issues and it is hard to get to the muscles that hurt him. This device makes it easier to give a deep tissue massage.

  2. Stevens

    This product is amazing! For any type of sore muscles or tightness, use this and you’ll melt!

  3. Harris

    This is the most reasonably priced and extremely functional product ever. It is easy easy easy to use, works so well I want to use it all day, and it holds an amazing charge on it. I have used it for two weeks about 10 min at a time and still haven’t recharged yet. Travels well if you need it and the different heads on it are so cool.

  4. Marcelo P. Lima

    The packaging arrived with incorrect spelling fascial gun is what it said on the box. It was a birthday gift so I was really disappointed having to wrap an item with a weird spelling. There was no branding really. the packaging was secure and looked expensive but missing loads of information. Anyway we had a laugh about it but to be fair next few days we used it, it was actually amazing, its so addictive and to be fair the price far outweighed the packaging issue. Its such a wonderful invention and works really well

  5. KB

    Buy with confidence. Happy massage-gunning!

  6. C Witt

    Excellent Massage Gun

  7. Ernest

    The product works well ; all the different heads are good. Premium feel & good quality.

  8. Mr. T.

    Very happy with purchase has just the right amount of adjustment without being over cluttered
    Has just the right amount of power adjustment which I do believe is 5 and that’s more then enough
    6 heads and a nice case to put in after use believe me i think you will be happy without busting the bank

  9. Phoenix

    Best massager under £100

  10. Anthony Charles

    Love it!

  11. Shawn garner

    I love this massager. Finally something powerful enough.

  12. Design Dude

    Great product

  13. CAD

    Don’t hesitate to purchase this product, you will be happy about your purchase!

  14. JMOH

    Unbelievable product….where have you been Ll my life. I suffer from muscle spasms in my thighs, stiff shoulder due to an accident and really bad pain on my lower back. This thing is by far the best thing since sliced bread. I want one for my office, as I was a bit skeptical at first. But I can honestly say this is the real deal. Never used one before turned it on and the rest is history. My soreness is gone, loosened tightness in shoulder. If this company need a spokesman count me in. I actually want to be soar again just to use it. Thank you for a great price and excellent product!

  15. Jason zheng

    After a few days of using it, I decided to give a review on this product because it’s exceeded my expectations, this thing works so smooth and super quiet, in terms of the price comparison to the other similar product out there I think it’s totally worth it, Not to mention those $200+ or $300+ Ones But will do the same job anyway. I have a problem with my lower back and have to go to my physical therapy place every now and then, now with this I can do the message any time if its needed. Overall It’s a great product,highly recommended!

  16. Vanessa

    Love this device. I suffer from headaches and I have alot of tension on my shoulders and this is my magic gun. Lol

  17. Clarence Shen

    This is a great massage gun. It is sturdy and quiet. I’m happy with this massage gun. It’s a really great value.

  18. Natasha Clarke

    Love this device. I suffer from headaches and I have alot of tension on my shoulders and this is my magic gun

  19. Nicola Blaize

    Great value for the money, wasn’t ready to drop hundreds of dollars on a theragun, have used this product for a few weeks for a total of 10-15 times, have had no issues works as expected. Great product will update if anything changes

  20. William Morris

    —I look at a computer screen all day and have bad posture. I have begun to have facial pain, caused by posture/neck being out of wack. I see a chiropractor once a week, but sometimes need extra relief throughout the week. This really works well and looks similar to the one that the doctor uses. It has speed profiles and can be used without plugging it in.

  21. Wenbo Dong

    It works great! I have had it for over a week and it has made me feel a lot better. I have used it every night for about 15 minutes. Really happy with my purchase.

  22. Philthy9mm

    I bought it for myself, but this is an excellent mother/father’s day gift, if you don’t know what to get them! who doesn’t want a good massage? This massage gun is much more gentle suitable for senile. I gave it to my parents and they love it.

  23. Melanie Gowans

    I love this massage gun, its perfect for when you wake up with a sore neck or have other muscle knots. Within 3-5 mins of using it on your muscles, it will melt away all your pain. It comes with a bunch of different attachments for different muscles and its rechargeable

  24. Victoria Paul

    Quiet! I’ve used a massage gun in the past with my trainer and it was so loud, sounded like a jackhammer! That is the greatest perk of this one, it is so quiet. Love the digital display and variety of head shapes so you can really zero in on what you need. It worked right out of the box

  25. Tamara Fowler

    As a massage therapist, I use these for work. So many are bulky to hold and loud. This one is amazing!

  26. Michelle Hills

    This massage gun, unlike all others I have used, is small, quiet, but still powerful.

  27. Sheena Hannaway

    Very efficient and easy to use

  28. dian khesrawi

    I love this massage gun

  29. Rebecca Saunders

    I really wanted to love this product as it’s priced competitively and seems to have some great features.

  30. Alan Farroll

    Well worth the money! I have been so happy with this massage gun and for the price, you just can’t beat it!! Used and just hours later could tell a difference in my muscles! Worth every penny

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