Technogym’s innovative indoor cycle training product, MyCycling, features the all-new TNT™ (Technogym Neuromuscular Training™) system, which is specifically designed to improve performance factors related to road cycling. With sessions lasting between just 40 and 70 minutes, TNT continuously varies pedaling cadence and power, changing the way you train forever.

Completely re-engineered from the inside, MyCycling brings the indoor training experience further. Dancing on the edge of pure silence, its unmatched precision will transform every ride into an ascent towards higher achievements.


TNT is the result of studies conducted by the Technogym Scientific Department in collaboration with the best athletes, coaches, physiologists and trainers in the world. Based on your anaerobic threshold, its goal is to improve your metabolic and neuromuscular capabilities all year long, and ultimately max out your outdoor performance.


Everything is designed to offer you maximum stability while training, especially during the outdoor sprint simulation. The beating heart of the product is the electromechanical brake that controls every second that you are in the saddle with extreme precision, making it incredibly efficient.


MyCycling™ is equipped with a torque flange sensor that reads your power directly with a staggering ±1% precision. The optical readers analyze the pushing power constantly, visualizing the circularity of the pedal stroke and symmetry between the right and left leg.


Thanks to the innovative design of the flywheel and the Road Effect System, MyCycling™ makes pedaling feel natural, reproducing the perception of inertia that you get when you are on the road. A benchmark in terms of silent operation, MyCycling will let you hear only the sound of your own breathing and the chain turning as you pedal.

A Unique Training System, the Technogym MyCycling is Designed for your Performance

The Technogym MyCycling simulates the same natural feeling of cycling on the road, allowing you to prepare for your outdoor training, indoors. Training both slow and fast muscle fibers, the 18 weeks worth of personalized training sessions focuses on construction, development and refining. Overall allowing you to achieve the main goal of going faster.

Its design guarantees pedaling resistance, maximum quality and stability especially during sprints. Featuring a torque sensor, you can accurately monitor your power with ±1% precision. Furthermore, it is quick and easy to set up, with a quick lock system, easy handle and lightweight design.

Key Features

  • Technogym Neuromuscular Training: based on anaerobic threshold, TNT will improve metabolic and neuromuscular capabilities, therefore improving your outdoor performance.
  • Training Programs: available on-demand programs which are customizable to meet your exercise goals.
  • Coaching: speak directly with Technogym’s certified coaches for more insight on your training which includes online check-ins and monthly training plans.
  • Maximal Tests: understand your functional threshold to define workloads and monitor progress.
  • Pedal Printing: control and improve your pedal stroke by visualizing its circularity and symmetry.
  • Road Effect System: experience the same feeling as you would on the road.
  • Technogym MyCycling App: access your training from your smartphone.


  • Weight (kg | lbs.): 18 | 39.7
  • Dimension (closed): 570 x 280 mm
  • Dimensions (open): 570 x 830 mm
  • Material: Cast aluminum
  • Max. power (watt): 2100 watt
  • Measuring power: Direct
  • WATT reading accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Transmission: Poly-V belt


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