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Exercise on asphalt releases pressure and strain on knee hip and ankle joints. For a fulfilling workout, treadmills have proven to become the number one choice in Britain for home-gym equipment because you can run or jog or walk in the comfort of your own home, and thankfully with the Pulse XF ultra slimline design, you can fold the treadmill away after you use it and roll it out to a preferred storage area saving you much-needed space around the home.

The Pulse XF boasts a wide range of features, including:

  • 3-year motor guarantee
  • Running belt width: 35cm
  • 1.5hp continuous power motor
  • 12km/ph top speed
  • Pulse Reader
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Elastic cushioned deck
  • Safe and comfortable exercise experience
  • Boost your cardio stamina
  • Promote healthy weight loss
  • Strengthen and tone a wide variety of muscles including the calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, and core abdominals.
  • LCD console offers important feedback including Time, Speed, Distance
  • 12-preset programs and the 1-manual option will keep you motivated as you achieve your fitness goals
  • Quick start speed control
  • Emergency stop option.
  • Quick and easy folding function and wheels for hassle-free transportation

Item Specification

Brand: Xstream Gym
Box Dimensions: L 136cm x W 58cm x H22cm
Assembled Size: L 134cm x W 58cm x H 120cm
Running Belt Size: L110cm x 35cm
Box Gross 35kg / Item Net Weight: 31kg
Maximum User Weight: 120kg
Top Speed: 12km/ph
Motor: 2.0 horse power > 1.5hp continuous  power
Rated Voltage: AC220-240v/50hz
Max Speed: 12km / ph
Speed Levels: 12
Incline: 3 Level Manual Incline



  1. Jeffery F.

    It is good – I like it

  2. Bob K

    This is an incredibly solid treadmill that replaced my last treadmill of 15 years. I walk 4 days and run 3 days a week. Around 3 miles daily. This perfectly fits my needs. It has all the settings and accessories and the belt is large enough for me to run fast on. It’s very high quality for its price. My hubby says he can’t hear me running in the next room. It’s much quieter than my previous treadmill.

  3. winkler

    For a home treadmill, it is a good one.

  4. fianna wesley

    It was easy for two people to put together, took about 45 minutes total which included reading all the directions. I don’t think I would have been able to assemble by myself. Easy to fold up. The top part was kind of a pain to put on but we got there eventually. No issues with the wiring.

  5. Kate L

    Good value for the money

  6. JEM

    Quiet motor! You need this in your life.

  7. Rachel

    It feels like the gym moved into your house, and sound proofed the room it took.
    This is an amazing product.

  8. Davidson

    Smooth, and easy to use.

  9. adam

    The BEST machine I have ever assembled. like IT

  10. Juniorverse


  11. Jen

    This is a great treadmill for the price I paid.

  12. Joey M

    I bought the treadmill because I am out of shape and the Doctor said I need to make a change. When I looked for treadmills I saw that there were some that were very expensive I then came across this one and was surprised that it offered everything the other ones I looked at for almost half the price. So I bought this one, it arrived quicker then expected and was very easy to assemble ( took me about 20 min) and has the sturdiness and feature I wanted. I walk on the treadmill every day and I am very satisfied with the product in general and would recommend to anyone.

  13. Gabby C

    I like this treadmill when I have to run indoors. It is not too loud, Easy to run on and does what I expected. It gets the job done. I am happy with my purchase.

  14. Diane

    The treadmill is better then I expected, I was worried it wouldn’t fit in my bedroom. It is the perfect size. More compact. The quality is great and durable.

  15. Sophie Taylor

    Delivery quick product good everything I asked for. The best thing I’ve ever bought.

  16. Robin Pearce

    I’ve been using this for four months. I love the big screen and have had no problems with the treadmill. It was easy to put together. The deck is strong but flexible when running.

  17. Stacey Ricks

    This is an amazing treadmill first of all. The ability to add flex to the deck has enabled me to run far more often and for more distance than any other i have run on. This aspect has truly been life changing from a fitness perspective. This is a completely different treadmill experience. I have had an absolute blast and am in my 3rd month

  18. Vanessa

    When I began looking into purchasing a treadmill, I knew Ejogga was the way to go. However, I have been blown away by quality and functionality of the PULSE XF. On top of that, the easy storage mechanics beautiful touchscreen display. Overall, I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a treadmill that will change the way in which they value fitness

  19. Davidson Souza

    It is a fine machine. It is sturdy, stable, and (so far) very reliable. It is nice to be able to exercise at home rather than walk the streets without sidewalks or in bad weather. We have had no problems and certainly no regrets in making this purchase.

  20. Jazzilla

    I love it!

  21. Ann B.

    I’m starting as a 300 pounder, and the machine is holding up great no flexing or problems with the walking surface, very satisfied

  22. djginyc

    I bought it for my mother and she loves it.

  23. Adele Langford

    Easy setup. User friendly.

  24. Julie Hughes

    I began using the product immediately and have used it every day for a month. I absolutely love it. It is easy to use and highly motivating.

  25. Claire Veliu

    I’m not tech-savvy and I had a little trouble getting started. A quick call to customer service and I was good to go. It’s really easy to use

  26. Gelert Leadbetter

    Good treadmill

  27. Bethan Barrett

    I received my order of Treadmill yesterday. I am very happy with the product. This treadmill is a great machine for anyone looking for a low-cost machine for walking and jogging. This treadmill is great and it is fit well in most spaces and even folds up for easy storage.

  28. Glenn Webb

    I bought this treadmill for family use in our small apartment. recently I noticed that I am gaining weight so I decided to buy Treadmill for exercising at home. The running speed can be increased or decreased manually. One of the advantages of this treadmill is that it is easy to fold.

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