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PUMP’D P2 9ft Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

(66 customer reviews)


Whether using it on calm waters or rigid waves, this paddleboard by Ejogga is the perfect adventure companion for you. The board has a surf-inspired longboard shape to handle mid-size waves but with less curvature than a rocker, board to easily glide on flatter waters.

The inflatable SUP comes with all of the kits you need, therefore it is easy to carry it, inflate it, and hit the open water. This also includes a deluxe backpack, manual inflation pump, and adjustable extra long aluminum paddle.

In other words, this is a complete package, it’s perfect if you’re looking to purchase your first paddleboard with Durable Construction

For unparalleled strength and durability, the SUP has a high-density double-wall construction, therefore making the board stronger than some other models.

Premium marine grade material that can withstand extreme nautical conditions, including exposure to petroleum products and ultra-violet rays. The hard-wearing material is used on the surface of the SUP to protect it from wear and tear whilst you’re paddle boarding.

  • Brand: Xstreamgym
  • Model: PUMP’D P2
  • Paddle Board size: 285*71*12cm
  • box: 86*40*27cm
  • Mat: 1 X-Large Eva Pad in Pink
  • Black Plastic Fins
  • Polyester Back Pack
  • Plastic PSI Pump
  • Aluminum Paddle,
  • COLOUR: Pink, Yellow & Green
  • Max Load: 100kg

Included in the package:

  • Paddle Board Sup,
  •  Backpack
  • PSI Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Large fin
  • Ankle Leash
  • Alu Paddle
  • Packed in backpack
  • User Manual Included

66 reviews for PUMP’D P2 9ft Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

  1. Julie M.

    Fantastic … So Easy to get Started!!

  2. S Rock

    Purchased as gift for my girlfriend who loves it.

  3. Mel

    I liked this product so much, I ordered a second one to take friends with me down the river. I’ve used my board twice now, and planning a second trip this weekend.

  4. Eugene landsman

    Great product

  5. S Rock

    My GF and I are having a great time paddling on these boards at a local bay. We’re both tall so we were quite wobbly at first but eventually started to get the hang of balancing on these boards. It takes some effort to fully inflate them (consider it a warm-up!) but once done they’re quite solid and don’t seem to flex at all. Like it

  6. Brooke

    Love it!

  7. Morgan G

    Awesome inflatable board

  8. mc

    Great board. Great price.

  9. jerald wieters

    Just got the board and it is AMAZING!!!

  10. jerald wieters

    This product deserves every bit of the 5 star rating I gave it. I’ve only been able to use it a few times, but it has been so fun and convenient to use. I’m planning on bringing it with me on a beach vacation soon!

  11. Jonathan Little

    Love this paddle board more than traditional boards

  12. krishna chaithanya

    Being fairly new to paddle boarding I was dubious about which board to buy but after a lot of research I went for this model from PUMP’D P2 and I’m so glad I did! The board and all the accessories fit into the bag which makes it so easy to transport. I found the board to be easy to inflate and very rigid once inflated. The price is far lower than other models available but that doesn’t affect the quality! Quick delivery too!

  13. Steve

    I am very happy with this SUP. This is the first one I have purchased. I wanted it for riding the river, instead of a tube. It worked great! It even worked well for two of us sitting on it. We were with others that had another brand. They tried two people, but it wasn’t thick enough to keep them stable and above the water. I was happy that this was a little thicker for this reason. It was easy and quick to pump up. The river was very low, so we scraped rocks many times. The board took it very well. For the river, I chose not to install the main fin. It’s nice that this main fin is removable for this use. I highly recommend this board. It was very stable, even with two people sitting on it.

  14. Joshua K. Knoechel

    This board is great. I’ve used hard boards in the past and had a blast. This board feels almost identical and fits conveniently in the trunk of my Civic. It’s just as stable, almost as fast, and turns much easier since it sits higher in the water. I’ve since bought a different SUP so that I have one for friends to borrow but it was no where near the quality of this board.

  15. Richard Schultz

    This is a really nice board for the price. I am so impressed with this paddle board. the quality is fantastic. Within 5 minutes of opening the box I had it fully inflated and ready to paddle. The rubber is super thick and sturdy. Once inflated the board performed just like a solid paddle board. It is very rigid. I’m very impressed with the entire kit from the pump to paddle and especially the board. Great “grippy” rubber on top for your feet to hold on to. Highly recommend this product.

  16. Adrian

    I’ve been looking for a SUP for awhile. I liked the size & that the kit included everything I needed. I couldn’t get a solid board due to not having a space to store it. Everything fits within the backpack.

  17. Charlotte

    BEST buy of my summer! The pump is extremely easy and fast compared to most; the board is big which creates great stability but is still very light! The case makes it very easy to put on like a backpack and take anywhere. 10/10 would recommend!

  18. Andrea Rothwell

    This SUP was easy to put together, didn’t take long to inflate, and held its air for the week. Very happy with the board.

  19. Maryse B.

    Very satisfied. Beautiful, well built board.

  20. Craig Rogers

    A reliable product.

  21. Shirley Money

    I love this board!

  22. Sophie Doherty

    I was super excited to find a paddleboard that’s cheap!

  23. Malcolm Feenstra

    Wish I purchased one at the beginning of Summer. Pumping up the board is a workout in itself, but definitely worth the effort. The companies customer service is excellent too. Responded the same day when I told them the clip on the paddle was broken. Immediately sent me a new paddle. Super happy with my purchase and highly recommend you get one!

  24. Gwen Adams

    Super great price!

  25. Karen Norquoy

    Absolutely love this board.

  26. David Tench

    Best Purchase! Awesome SUP board!

  27. Jacki Lloyd

    I bought this for my wife and she loves it. She, my daughter, and our dog go paddling around every weekend. It seems very sturdy and well made. I recommend this to others.

  28. julie Nardone

    Really good product

  29. Lisa woodall

    I’ve only used it once so far, but it does the job. Ita sturdy, easy to control, and does well with waves.

  30. Christine Dakin

    Good enough for the price!

  31. Alan LEWIN

    Inflated pretty easily, It’s very stable even with 13-year-olds climbing on and jumping off with you sitting on it. The best thing about this thing though is that you can deflate and store it nicely and compactly. These are awesome of you like playing in/on the water you’ll definitely be happy with this one.

  32. reece Ward

    Worked perfectly.

  33. Corrie noel

    This paddle board is amazing, easy to inflate and I’m having so much with it…love the board

  34. Lynn Berculean


  35. Levi Kilpatrick

    The product is just what we expected.

  36. Ruben Sterling

    Awesome service

  37. Michael Silva

    I am extremely happy with the Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

  38. Suphansa Pietrusiak

    Highly recommend!

  39. Amanda McFadyen

    EXCEPTIONAL product and customer service!!!

  40. Adetoun Lewis

    This is a great value for the price.

  41. Charlene Oyemade

    What I love about this board: it is lightweight and easy to carry, it has a shoulder strap that really helps a lot.

  42. Keith Garth

    Overall, very satisfied with this board

  43. Sheila Williams

    Nice paddle board

  44. Lisa mursal

    Very sturdy, feels like a fiber board, easy to balance in. So happy with the quality especially because of the affordable price and all the accessories. Highly recommend

  45. sulekha Jean

    I don’t usually write reviews, but this product was something I was really excited about and it did not disappoint.

  46. Malcolm Smith

    Really like it so far

  47. Hannah Hannan

    Great communication with the seller. Overall, this is a great Inflatable Paddle Board SUP. It was very sturdy. I followed the instructions to inflate and keep it that way for 24 hrs to ensure no leaks. Very happy with it.

  48. Mr Richard

    Great purchase

  49. Graham Dunne

    I use this paddleboard for casual outings on the nearby lakes here in Seattle. For what you pay for, this package is a great deal. I weigh 190 at max and have used this on windy, choppy waters to smooth clear days. It holds up well.

  50. Katarzyna Lockett

    Excellent Board

  51. Siobhan Wisniewska

    Highly Recommend This Board

  52. Gary Sidney

    Was so excited to try this paddle board.

  53. Graham O’Brien

    This board is a great deal. Floats and glides well, great for beginners and kids.

  54. Kealson Shingler

    Good fun at a great price!

  55. Mokbul Khan

    The materials quality is good and very durable.

  56. Martin Mcdonald

    Just a note to say how helpful your website is when it comes to instruction … Your information on the Pink Paddleboards by far the best I have come across when seeking information

  57. Amanda Hill

    I’m very impressed with the board’s quality and the fast-shipping time.

  58. Richard Carty

    Good communication with the owner and he delivered what I wanted in a timely manner. The product was well packaged and looks to be of high quality at a fair price. Thanks!

  59. Pearl Conroy

    The paddle board is great. A must buy!

  60. Neil Young

    Fast delivery, great quality products and no issues with anything I bought, would buy again from this company.

  61. Ralph O’Connell

    Good Prices and great communication with lots of updates and quick responses. Top quality products too.

  62. Graham Neil

    Surfboard arrived very next day as promised. Very happy with purchase.

  63. Kevin Orchard

    Great customer service and the product that is exactly same as described on site.

  64. Robert

    I would recommend this company not just for their products and prices, but also their services.

  65. Alan Sewel

    Fast delivery and super happy with my board. Would 100% recommend and use again.

  66. Emillie Watson

    Ejogga is a great website to find good quality service and products. Really difficult to get customer service of this quality anywhere these days. Mak has been incredibly patient and helpful in helping me choose a new board for my daughter, and I have no idea how you get the products to people so quickly after ordering! And when we found the wrong board had been delivered by mistake, the whole thing was put right, with practically no imposition on us, within a day. That is real customer service. Would recommend to anyone.

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