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PUMP’D P2 9ft Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

(58 customer reviews)


Whether using it on calm waters or rigid waves, this paddleboard by Ejogga is the perfect adventure companion for you. The board has a surf-inspired longboard shape to handle mid-size waves but with less curvature than a rocker, board to easily glide on flatter waters.

The inflatable SUP comes with all of the kits you need, therefore it is easy to carry it, inflate it, and hit the open water. This also includes a deluxe backpack, manual inflation pump, and adjustable extra long aluminum paddle.

In other words, this is a complete package, it’s perfect if you’re looking to purchase your first paddleboard with Durable Construction

For unparalleled strength and durability, the SUP has a high-density double-wall construction, therefore making the board stronger than some other models.

Premium marine grade material that can withstand extreme nautical conditions, including exposure to petroleum products and ultra-violet rays. The hard-wearing material is used on the surface of the SUP to protect it from wear and tear whilst you’re paddleboarding.

  • Brand: Xstreamgym
  • Model: PUMP’D P2
  • Paddle Board size: 285*71*12cm
  • box: 86*40*27cm
  • Mat: 1 X-Large Eva Pad in Green
  • Black Plastic Fins
  • Polyester Back Pack
  • Plastic PSI Pump
  • Aluminum Paddle,
  • COLOUR: Green, Yellow & Pink
  • Max Load: 100kg

Included in the package:

  • Paddle Board Sup,
  • 1 Backpack
  • 1 PSI Pump
  • 1 Repair Kit
  • 1 Large fin
  • 1 Ankle Leash
  • 1 Alu Paddle
  • Packed in backpack
  • User Manual Included

58 reviews for PUMP’D P2 9ft Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

  1. Knoechel

    This board is great.

  2. Rob Bennett

    I fell in love with Ejogga paddleboards.

  3. Rob Bennett

    Impressive Performance. Incredible Value!

  4. Roger C.

    Seems like a great, sturdy product. We haven’t used the water given that we live in UK and the water is still too cold but we blew it up and it’s nice and solid.

  5. Lauram

    I’m quite satisfied with my choice.

  6. Maryse B.

    Very satisfied. Beautiful, well built board.

  7. Jonathan Little

    Loved this paddle board more than traditional boards

  8. Craig Rogers

    A reliable product.

  9. Brett Connolly

    inexpensive but of excellent quality

  10. Joshua K. Knoechel

    This board is great.

  11. Todd Jarnes

    Bought this for my girlfriend. She can inflate it herself with the included pump and transport it without issue to paddle with her friends. She likes how easy it is to set up and use . She has three teenage kids who jump and play on it and it stands up to all of their shenanigans! Great board, she says she likes using hers as well or better than my solid fiberglass SUP.

  12. Brian M

    LOVE! I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited about a purchase before. The board inflated in 14 minutes . I ran down to the water and took off on the board. It was just as stable as the solid board I learned on. It was nearly impossible to tell it was an inflatable. High quality materials. It held air for the 2 days I used it. Deflating was also easy. It took me 2 attempts at rolling in order to fit it all back in the bag – but I did it! My family all gave it a try and everyone was able to stand on this board – so this board is a great choice no matter your experience level.

  13. Brett Connolly

    The quality of the board and it’s material is high . I’ve bought a total of 3 inflatable boards of my own over the last 2 years. I’ve ridden countless other boards, both hard and inflatable and I can easily say this is probably the best board you can buy.

  14. Jokemon

    This SUP is so easy to pack up and bring along for a day of fun. It is sturdy, easy to handle and easy to transport.

  15. Joshua K. Knoechel

    This board is great. I’ve used hard boards in the past and had a blast. inexpensive but of excellent quality. love it

  16. Brett Connolly

    High-quality board at a really great value.

  17. Brett Connolly

    I’m 6’4 and 215 lbs and it works great for me. Bought it for my kids, but I use it more than they do.

  18. Valerie Boswell

    LOVE this paddle board. I researched the best paddle boards for the price and this was the clear winner. The long fun makes it very stable.

  19. Nikola Allan

    This was the best priced paddle board online. I picked two up for my family and we look forward to taking these to the lake!

  20. Sharon Janusz

    Awesome service and product

  21. Steven Johnson

    Super stable, really comfortable, really portable, super easy to maneuver with

  22. Michelle Tooke

    Exceptional customer service!

  23. Kevin Cunningham

    Well made board

  24. David Hughes

    I use this board with my dog. He is a medium Australian Shepherd.

    He jumps off and tries to scratch his way back on.

    I have no issues with air leaks at all.

  25. Kath Settouti

    I love my board. It’s easy to inflate-10 min hand pump to 12-13 psi. You can stop pumping and take a break if you get tired- without losing air! Lightweight to carry, sturdy on lake and ocean inlets up to 14 mph winds so far, beautiful color, and comes with everything you need.

  26. Mehrane McNabaes

    The board seems great. I’ve used it once and the size is awesome and the materials seem good. All in all I like it.

  27. Sarah Chiappa

    Good Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

  28. ben fry

    Super easy to carry down to the water.

  29. Linda Gleave

    it’s super cute. Buy it! You won’t regret it!

  30. Lesley Mclatchie

    I love this board! I use it all the time solo and often with my 85 lb dog. It’s really easy to inflate, maybe 5 min of pumping? Also deflates very quickly! Once inflated, it’s super lightweight so it makes getting to the water really easy.

  31. Ann-Pearce

    Excellent customer service as always – order was dispatched the same day I paid for it.
    Would definitely recommend.

  32. Mm Belinda

    My custom board arrived today and it looks amazing. Thanks to everyone at Ejogga for making this possible. I’m really, really happy with how the Inflatable Paddle Board SUP turned out and can’t wait to surf it. The service of Ejogga is top-notch and would definitely recommend ordering an Inflatable Paddle Board SUP at Ejogga.

  33. Andrew Toogood

    Inflatable Paddle Board SUP continues to impress me. Easily the best customer service I’ve ever encountered. Products are also fantastic.
    It’s more than a company, it feels like a community.

  34. Farid Khan

    I am in love with this board!

  35. melony lawson

    Love it

  36. Fiona Howe

    it is very easy and inflated quickly.

  37. Stuart Ella

    Very pleased with my purchase

  38. Leonard Hizzett

    Very stable. Great floatation. Easily paddles with myself and two small children. Would recommend for beginner or anyone looking for a stable inflatable sup.

  39. Helen Meddes

    It’s great: steady, durable, practical.

  40. Milly Jackson

    Can recommend Ejogga Inflatable Paddle Board for everyone that wants to buy a good Board?

  41. Frank Kuster

    Excellent service. Very friendly and knowledgeable


    Great service and super fast delivery!


    We love it! Very sturdy, even with kids.

  44. Martin Butcher

    The board is very, very sturdy. Also I don’t notice a significant slowdown, it feels fairly quick. Took it out for its first voyage, I noticed the one I got tacks slightly to the right. Not a deal-breaker and I think I can correct it by manipulating the fin. The pump is the most annoying part in that mine when pumping too quickly it makes this really loud squeek. The bag is okay it hold all, is a little weird looking but does the job and I like the mesh bottom for draining water. Would I order again? Yes, love the stability.

  45. Jennifer Archer

    All in all, it was a great purchase that I would recommend to anyone starting out and/or anyone with a small amount of storage space since this board folds up pretty compact.

  46. Josie Golden

    I purchased this paddle board when the pandemic first hit because beaches were closed and this gave me the opportunity to get back out on the water anyway. I’ve used it a number of times now and just love it!

  47. Laura Barry

    I Love Paddleboards. We had so much fun playing with this at the lake.

  48. Anabela Matos

    Great value, very sturdy, easy to blow up despite what other reviews noted. Lots of room on the board. Not tippy at all. Very light weight for carrying. Even our dog loved it. Easy for our lab to walk on and off of it. Well worth the money. Considering purchasing a second one.

  49. David Cottrell

    Excellent paddle board

  50. Ann Boyd

    Great value for the money.

  51. Rebecca Dr.

    Great product, great service. Happy surfer!

  52. Elena Dobrev

    Just bought a board from the Ejogga. The experience was Great.
    Thanks to the 48hours delivery service got to try it the very same weekend and the board was fantastic!
    The board was very well packed.

  53. Chloe Bennet

    I’ve purchased my new surfboard from here, along with other products. I had received a faulty resin repair kit but this was resolved immediately and a new replacement was sent out in a couple of days. Highly recommend.

  54. Justin Pugh

    Ejogga always provide a great selection of products for all abilities. I’ve recently bought all new P2 (surfboard). So obsessed with its colour.

  55. Sean Paula

    Excellent customer service, my surfboard arrived early and looks great. Very impressed

  56. Tyler

    Very swift reply to an email about board repair & suitability of products to fix it.

  57. Alexander Jr.

    Very pleased with my new board. Prompt delivery, definitely recommend.

  58. Naraine Ello

    I have recently bought two P2 surfboards from Ejogga.

    Excellent, honest and friendly service from inquiry to purchase.
    Great website, easy to navigate and browse.
    Flexible Delivery.
    The products came well packaged, we are both incredibly pleased with our new boards!

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