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  • The Quad Flex is a remarkable treadmill, rich with features and functions catering for your every running need. The Q3 running machine comes with a 3 level manual incline feature which enables you to adjust the steepness of each run. The handles are fitted with a pulse reader and each Q3 treadmill comes standard with an emergency brake chord .

The Q3 is an electric power motor treadmill with a horse power output of 2.0 with continuous power running at 1.5hp, what this means to the average layman is that the treadmill motor can run at a continuous maximum uninterrupted speed of 12km/ph.

The Quad Flex Q3 treadmill boasts a wide range of features, including:

95%  Pre-assembled
Incline: 3 manual settings
3-year motor guarantee
Elastic cushioned deck
Safe and comfortable exercise experience
Boost your cardio stamina
Promote healthy weight loss
Strengthen and tone a wide variety of muscles including the calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes and core abdominals.
LCD console offers important feedback including Time, Speed, Distance
12-preset programs and the 1-manual option will keep you motivated as you achieve your fitness goals
Quick start speed control
Emergency stop option.
Quick and easy folding function and wheels for hassle-free transportation

Item Specification

Brand: Xstream Gym
Colour Option: Black / White
Box Dimensions: L 138cm x W 70cm x H 26cm
Assembled Size: L 136cm x W 65cm H 115cm
Running Belt Size: L105cm x 38cm
Box Gross 42kg / Item Net Weight: 37kg
Maximum User Weight: 120kg
Top Speed: 12km/ph
Motor: 2.0 horse power > 1.5hp continuous  power
Rated Voltage: AC220-240v/50hz
Max Speed: 12km / ph
Speed Levels: 12
Incline: 3 manual settings
Tools provided (5% assembly required – arrives almost fully assembled)

*Please note images are 3d rendered*


  1. sufian.arshad

    Received my treadmill on time. Great range of quality products at low prices. Great quality.

  2. Burton

    Fast delivery of Treadmill. Easy to assemble, good instructions.

  3. sufian.arshad

    I really enjoy using my treadmill. It is easy to use, stores nicely and has several safety features. Best decision made to buy this treadmill

  4. sufian.arshad

    Great product for good price. The product arrived on time and was very easy to use. I really enjoyed having this product.

  5. Dennis Winter

    Good product, satisfied

  6. Georgyo07

    Just finished assembly. So far it is great. Assembly was simple, I had someone hold the supports and display while I connected the wiring and got the screws started. It is heavy so I removed the top of the box first and removed everything but the platform. I was then able to slide it in place while in the box then removed the box from underneath by turning it on one side, cutting the exposed box out, then turning it other side and removing the rest of box. Overall not a bad experience.

  7. Hamilton

    I’m a runner, regularly training for marathons and I feel content saying this treadmill is everything you could need unless you are a competitive sub-6 minute mile runner. I’ve been using this treadmill for about a month and a half, mostly so I could get runs in with a newborn at home and I haven’t been disappointed in any way. I’ve seen a lot of home treadmills that look very fragile but this one is solid; I’m 180 lbs and run hard and even at various inclines, this thing is a rock. I’m not scared that it’s going to break or fall apart. I haven’t really played with the various training programs built in since I’ve been following my own running plan but there are quite a few and they do the auto-adjust pace and incline which is nice. Overall I love it.

  8. »»Bob««

    For the Price, you can’t beat it.

  9. Matthew Creel

    This is the first treadmill I have ever owned (I actually bought it as a gift to my girlfriend) and it has been awesome! She loves it too, of course.

  10. JonQ York

    All in all I’m very happy with it. It’s not only every bit as good – but it’s even better – than the old machine that cost 3x more 25 years ago.


    Good Treadmill

  12. Bane Hubble

    Before I bought this machine. I read all reviews and I was scared of this investment. I’m a body builder and cardio is part of my life style. I wanted to make sure that this is the right one for me. I been using this treadmill for 2 days and so far it’s amazing.

  13. RunsInCircles

    I really love this treadmill.

  14. Daisy

    I received this item and have been using it about three times a week. I love it so much! I was waiting awhile to write an honest review about it and can truthfully say that it has held up well. this treadmill is great for walking/jogging. I highly recommend this.

  15. Marvallous Vernon

    After bypass surgery, my Dr. “suggested” a treadmill in home after my rehab sessions were over. After reviewing the reviews about this machine, I purchased one. It arrived 3 days ahead of schedule which is a big plus. It was very easy to finish the assembly. Took approx. 20 minutes to finish. This machine is very sturdy, and the readouts are easy to read and self explanatory. I would recommend this machine QUAD FLEX Q3 ELECTRIC FOLDING TREADMILL at the top of the list for home Treadmills.

  16. C.Lobo

    I love this treadmill. This treadmill is sturdy and fairly easy to assemble. It is good quality for the price. It runs smoothly. I am so grateful that I finally found a good quality treadmill at this price point. I highly recommend!

  17. Kayla H.

    A well built and sturdy piece of equipment. It was easy to assemble and the touch screen is easy to operate. The incline is great and the top speed of the treadmill is phenomenal!

  18. Brian

    The Quad Flex Q3 treadmill is meant to satisfy serious runners and it’s also a good option for households with several trainees

  19. Harrison

    I’ve used a lot of treadmills in my life and I’ve owned a few too! This is by far the best treadmill I’ve ever owned or used. I have used it for 3 days and do not regret my decision!

  20. Kelly Barret

    This is a very convenient, low weight, folding treadmill that can handle user’s weight up to 120kg’s, with electronic console programmed workouts. You can easily walk, jog, and run up to 12 kmph, where most bigger treadmills weigh much more. Can be easily folded and wheeled to any desired location

  21. Tina Morgan

    I love this treadmill. I purchased 2 previous ones at this price point that were terrible. One came broken/damaged from factory. This treadmill is sturdy and fairly easy to assemble. It is good quality for the price. It runs smoothly. I am so grateful that I finally found a good quality treadmill at this price point. I highly recommend! And the best part is that is sold by Ejogga!

  22. Matt Fry

    This treadmill is super quiet and very easy to put together. All told, I think it took me about 30 minutes to put everything together.
    I am using this while I work as well as watch TV so that I’m not sitting idle all day. I’ve taken phone calls on it with no issue on either end. I have no problems hearing my music or my TV while I’m using it

  23. Zoe Jones

    I bought it for walking, but my kids have tried it too, so I can say it’s definitely good at high-speed running! If you’re looking for something that is budget-friendly and helps get those steps in safely, I’d recommend this.

  24. Lynn Yasol

    We were looking for a compact foldable treadmill that was affordable and we found just that! This treadmill was easy to assemble less than 10 minutes to put together and it was perfect for my family to all use during this pandemic! Worth the buy so far so good!

  25. Emma Roberts

    It is simple to set up and use the treadmill.
    I’ve had the treadmill for 2 weeks now and use it most days. Its quality is extremely good and value for money. In my eyes, this is worth every single penny!

  26. SouthernBlues

    This is a great, simple, sturdy treadmill. I didn’t want something big and bulky, or too sleek that it’s flimsy, and this treadmill is perfect. Love it.

  27. Andrea Gray

    Really love this machine so far!

  28. Angelina Arther

    Absolutely love this treadmill not a bunch to assemble took my husband about 20 minutes to set up and we used it right away with no problems. The quality is exceptional. Happy customer.

  29. Brian R. Hoehn

    I am very happy with the Treadmill so far, I set it up and after a while I got it to work fine. Great Item.

  30. Christopher O.

    I received the treadmill today and my husband put it together. It is exactly what I was looking for and I’m sure I will be happy with it.

  31. Betti729

    I really like this treadmill. Ordered it for my mom who is 80yrs old. Due to Covid and really bad winter where we live
    she really has been restricted exercise-wise. She loves it, uses it every day and gets excited when she meets her goals. I swear she is in better shape than I am! I use it also and totally enjoy

  32. Susan Smith

    I received my order yesterday and I am fully satisfied.

  33. Adrienne M.

    This treadmill is easy to put together. It is easy to fold up and put away. It is easy to maintain. I currently use this treadmill for walking only. Love it.

  34. Deonda. M

    It works great and I’m able to run on this. It helps me to burn my calories every day.

  35. Robert Smith

    Love this little treadmill. It’s a great addition to the gym that I made for myself.

  36. Matilda Louis

    So far so good. It’s a great price too. After Covid 19 I can feel my muscles working again. I’m really, please.

  37. David Brown

    It’s merely ready to go just plug in socket. I like that it’s quiet and I can watch TV or talk on phone while walking. Love it.

  38. Jeff Reichert

    We stopped going to gym, thus my husband got this machine. It works very well.

  39. David Smith

    Got this 2 days ago. Works great and easy to set up.

  40. Mary Kelley

    I love that this fit easily in a closet, under the bed or next to a wall. Customer service has been amazing! They are very helpful if you ever have questions. I think I’ve made 5 of my friends buy this since my original purchase (including one for my husband) and everyone is very happy!

  41. Charlotte Mia

    Love this little treadmill.

  42. Megan G.

    We wanted something that could fit within our smaller house (in the basement), without taking away from the space we have. This is small and light enough that I can easily move it away from the wall to use, and then put back against the wall to store away. I was also nervous about the width of the treadmill, but the width has been no problem for me personally. Considering the price, and small use of space, it might be just what you need—it’s been perfect for us!

  43. Alfie Edward

    This treadmill was exactly what I needed.

  44. Liza Louis

    I’m happy with the machine so far and glad that I got it when I need it.

  45. Oliver Mike

    I was nervous about purchasing the machine but, I really wanted a machine that I could put out of the way. I got the item faster than I expected. I in boxed it and used it yesterday. It was easy to follow the directions.

  46. William Payne

    I’ve run and walk on it, and it is quite solid. I’m still amazed at how much this treadmill is worth.

  47. George Mark

    The treadmill arrived in less time than expected and was packed very well.


    It was pretty much set up, just had to tighten some things on the side and figure out the remote. All in all, glad I bought it and would recommend

  49. Noah

    Very happy with this treadmill!

  50. Thomas Charlie

    It’s easy to operate. Love it.

  51. Patti Bure

    I was looking for a compact, small and easy to put away treadmill and I found it from EJogga Website. Is lightweight and is not loud.

  52. Augustus Jr

    I’m 66 years old and this Q3 Treadmill is perfect for me. I love it!

  53. M.Marshall

    My Treadmill arrived in perfect condition and was easy to setup. Highly recommended!

  54. Darren Lewis

    Excellent Treadmill and wonderful customer service. Really delighted with everything.

  55. Debbie Ong

    Received the order today. Great quality and suited to our needs.

  56. Elaine Coles

    Treadmill and the service were perfect and excellent advice provided. I was given various options before I place an order. It completely fulfils my needs. Thanks

  57. Peter Allford

    Good quality product.

  58. Maneer Shah

    Placed the order and it arrived on time. I’ve been using the treadmill for a few days now and I’m very happy with it.

  59. Maria Thomson

    Great service. Information was clear. loving the treadmill.

  60. Tandy Jones

    Great selection of treadmills and good prices. Bought a Q4 treadmill. Superb Quality!!

  61. Mark Wright

    I was looking for a treadmill, which I found on this site with best price and great quality, Item arrived a bit late, but I’m happy with the product.

  62. Elena Bell

    Really pleased with my purchase of a treadmill.

  63. Nicola Eve 

    Really impressed with the quality of treadmill as I wasn’t hoping this in so low range, from time of order to actual delivery was really great.

  64. Amy Sidwell

    Clear communication with Jenna when treadmill would be arriving and how finance would be arranged.
    It arrived earlier than expected, was easy to assemble and running smoothly.

  65. Sean Brooke

    This site describes their products clearly, so we knew which treadmill was right for us, and ordered a Quad flex Q4 treadmill, good quality and great services.

  66. Davis John

    This is the second piece of gym equipment I’ve bought from them (Q4 Treadmill).
    Easy order process, super fast delivery with good communication and a great Treadmill. Will definitely use again.

  67. Luke Millar

    Really enjoying my Treadmill!! Thank you.

  68. Sharon Clarke

    Ordered this treadmill and received it in a week. Happy with quality.

  69. Laura Allen

    I was able to choose the right treadmill for me as there was plenty of information available on the website. Delivery was within a week and I was kept up to date with delivery information. And received my treadmill in same condition as described on site.

  70. Krsytal Ellie

    My Treadmill delivered on the day promised when I placed the order. Loving its quality.

  71. Mark Cooper

    Great product (treadmill) at a great price, delivered safe and well packed. Definitely worthy of a 5-star rating.

  72. Danizza Lamb

    Very straightforward purchase of a treadmill, fit to my needs.

  73. Tapas Hicks

    Great service, Love my new Treadmill.

  74. Hyram Green

    Great advice and so pleased with our treadmill

  75. Caroline Carr

    Very efficient. Order arrived on time. Pleased with treadmill.

  76. Dawn Harrower

    Very easy to deal with – no problems encountered throughout ordering and having out treadmill delivered

  77. Sunil Gravell

    Delivered when they said they would and the Treadmill is excellent. Really glad to shop here.

  78. Tim Belcher

    You can speak to these guys on the phone!! Ordered a treadmill and was given helpful information to select the right model. Delivered on time.

  79. Graham Martin

    Thanks, great treadmill.

  80. Keith Yates

    I ordered a Q4 treadmill and chosen specific date delivery. It was delivered on the day I requested and I received e-mail and text confirmation before the item was delivered. Overall, very happy with the product and company.

  81. Sandra Netherington

    I ordered my treadmill 20th of October, and it turned up at 7:45 am on the 23rd. Really good communication from the team all the way through.

  82. Diane Brown

    Very good customer service. Delivery as requested. I’ve only tried the treadmill for a week, but I’m very happy with it and it is of a very good quality.

  83. Phil Ellis

    The treadmill was definitely of great value and was everything I was looking for. Everything is great.

  84. Donna Mitchell

    Bought a treadmill, the price went down 2 weeks later, the head office refunded me the difference, and was pleasant, thank you.

  85. Lee Tachour

    Pleased with treadmill. It’s a quality piece of equipment at a very reasonable price. All in all, very happy.

  86. Aliso Hartgrove

    Great product, very easy to assemble, lost a few lbs already!

  87. Ishtiaq Khan

    Very friendly customer service, best price. Delivery slightly longer than hoped. Love our new treadmill used daily by our household.

  88. Doreen buzi

    Reached my requirements. Loving it!

  89. Mark Egerton

    Product as described and easy to put together, really satisfied with treadmill. Delivery people bit abrupt.

  90. Wayne Williams

    When I received my treadmill, I unwrapped it to find some damage caused by the carrier. Spoke to Kate and had it exchanged within 2 days. Many Thanks to her

  91. Jordan Pritchard

    Great service and purchased my new treadmill quickly and efficiently.

  92. Najma begum

    My Quad flex Q4 treadmill was delivered promptly, and it took me 1 hour to assemble it.

  93. Ann James

    Great service from Alex on call, who was very patient answering all my questions when deciding to place an order of treadmill. Very pleased with my Quad flex Q4 treadmill.

  94. Jonathan

    A fantastic Treadmill, great value and excellent delivery service, very fast and professional. Definitely recommend.

  95. Katie Luke

    Am very pleased with my treadmill which was excellent value and speedily delivered.
    I appreciated the phone call to assist us better.

  96. Andy Barker

    Ordered the treadmill in the evening, they contacted me the following morning to say that the treadmill I ordered was out of stock and offered me a higher spec model for the same price. The item was then delivered within a couple of days. Hassle free.

  97. Wes Brown

    Very happy we bought this. It has been so helpful. It was larger than expected, but it unfolds and folds very easily (although it is a little heavy). It makes some sound, but it’s manageable when walking. It’s louder when running. We love it and it has made everyone in the family more active. So worth it!

  98. Ron Johnson

    For the money, it’s great. Three months in and no trouble! We will buy it again!

  99. David Albright

    I love this treadmill! Easy to use and program!!!

  100. Nadia

    Thanks for carrying such an easy to assemble and use compact treadmill…..wonderful for our townhouse.

  101. Dean Jones

    Good stuff, treadmill. I never knew I needed this. It has changed my life. ?

  102. Raffaele Marino

    Good treadmill so far (after 1 month use).
    The treadmill was well protected in the shipping box. Easy to assemble, easy to fold, not the easiest to move around.

  103. Drew Mckenzie

    Easy fold, no wobble, very sturdy. A lower-cost treadmill at a good value!

  104. Amanda

    I just received it today—fast delivery. The box was beaten up when it arrived, but the actual treadmill was in perfect condition: quick and easy setup, just a few screws. My husband tried it out on max speed and incline, and it held up great. Pretty quiet.

  105. Joshua

    The setup is super duper easy. You pull it out of the box, pull up the arms, and plug it in. The machine does use km vs. mph. I tried it this morning, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I will come back and update this review in 30 days after I get some good use out of it.

  106. Nicole

    The treadmill works fine, but my reason to give them 3 stars is that they promised it would be delivered in 2 days, but I received it after 4 days. The delivery was late.

  107. Ariel Lamar

    Taking hours to screw in one screw; because the holes are NOT lined up properly. It makes it extremely frustrating to assemble. Finally assembled and tested – no error messages. I’ll re-review after a few months of use.

  108. Juliana

    It didn’t work to start with, and I had to call the people something wrong with the wiring, but after contacting customer service, they helped me fix it, and it works great now.

  109. Jemma Smith

    Good size, sturdy and smooth running. I like how it starts slow enough to get used to the speed even if I set it to go fast. I haven’t found any Con yet.

  110. George Russell

    Great little machine! I put it together by myself; easy instructions, but you need a little common sense. Very quiet and enough of an incline to keep it safe but still a workout.

  111. Krish Tailor

    Excellent treadmill. I couldn’t have asked for a better weight loss partner. To my surprise, it arrived early.

  112. Heather Barnes

    Effortless assembly. This is a quiet machine with accessible incline and speed buttons on the handles and the main screen. Very sturdy. Extremely happy with this purchase, especially for the price. What a steal of a deal!!!

  113. Wayne Parnell

    I hesitated to buy this out of fear that it would be a waste of money due to product quality. I actually ordered it, canceled the order, and reordered it with many doubts while waiting for it to arrive. I received it yesterday. The setup was easy, but my initial thoughts were that the treadmill was very narrow. After doing my first 40-minute walk/jog today, I’m pleased to say that it wasn’t an issue at all. Folding it up is so simple, and the manual incline settings are easy to do as well. I will update this review in the future for people who are looking for more than just the initial review.

  114. Cameron

    This works very well if you need to lose weight at home or maintain weight and health during a busy schedule; I run at 3.5-6 but can go faster and weigh almost nothing. Easy to move compared to full size. It has a narrow track, though, but I got used to it if you don’t mind a great purchase.

  115. John Jr.

    It works well for both of my grandparents. The longer handrails are essential for safety. We are very comfortable allowing them to use the treadmill on their own.

  116. Kevin Philips

    Great experience so far with this product! I’m over 320, and it is super sturdy and smooth. Shocks work great too! Very surprised by how easy it is to assemble. I’m looking forward to dropping the pounds with this great product (I only had it for a few days). I’ll update this review after a month or so of constant use, so stay tuned, but so far, great!

  117. Allen Rawk

    We were looking for a treadmill that was not too expensive and support persons almost 120kg. Delivered promptly. Set up was very clear, with instructions provided and no parts missing. Set up was less than an hour – unsure since most of my time was cleaning up. Able to turn on the treadmill and use it with ease. Definitely worth it as everyone in the household uses it daily.


    My question is for people (Denise or Scott) who bought this treadmill in Aug 2021 or in recent months. Can you please confirm if this treadmill is foldable or not? It says in the description, but the customer service saying it’s not foldable, someone responded to my question saying it’s foldable. So I need to be 100% before I can buy it. This company’s customer service isn’t great, no one picks up the phone they have provided or tries to answer the email in a professional manner, I have been trying for the past 2 weeks.

  119. Scott Mclean

    Great treadmill for household use. Perfect size that could be nicely fit in my corner of the dining room, where matches my desire when I searched online. Enough speed range to meet our different exercise needs. Easy to set up and assemble. Pretty decent treadmill for the price. Used for 2 weeks, seems no issue so far.

  120. Gary

    Looking to buy this, what is the height from the floor to the running platform?

  121. Denise

    I searched weeks for a good, budget-friendly treadmill suitable for my whole family to use. When I first came across this, it only had 1 review, but after reading all the features, this machine had, it seemed like the best bang for the buck! It was not easy to get the box in the garage by myself, but it went just fine once I had some help. Easy setup, great instructions, all the tools and screws we needed were there. SO HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE! The machine itself runs very quietly too. Everyone is enjoying using it in the home. Thanks for making out home gym even better!


    I am looking to buy this treadmill, Can someone confirm if it’s foldable or not.

    • omer.hamid

      Yes, the treadmill is foldable.

  123. Rina Tanashe

    I purchased this treadmill during the pandemic so my husband could get a little exercise without going to a gym. It’s lightweight and works great at lower speeds. I don’t think he has turned it up over 2mph. Effortless assembly. Much smaller treadmill, which works for us. For the price, it was a good purchase.

  124. Amber

    After spending almost every day of quarantine sitting at my computer, I’ve been having headaches and lower back pain, plus terrible brain fog. This treadmill has made it possible for me to stay in motion while working, which has relieved my discomfort and improved my concentration. The treadmill is small and compact enough to fit in my bedroom, and when it’s not in use, it can be folded and slid under the bed for storage. It could easily fit under a standing desk, though I find the display panel is large enough to just set my laptop on it. Definitely worth it!

  125. Jannett

    We received this treadmill about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been adding running and fast walking to my workout routine, using them 4 times a week. It’s been an important part of our family. I’m surprised with the quality of the treadmill within its cheap price point, great value overall.

    Super easy to install and set up, the machine itself is very smooth. I am likely to get some cardio in the morning, so the small noise of the treadmill was great so that I won’t wake up my family members. My favorite function would be the heart rate monitor. It’s an overall great purchase; everyone in my household is getting more active and healthier.

  126. Carli

    I am super happy with this purchase. I wanted to have a machine to exercise in the privacy of my own property without having to wear a mask. This machine is everything that it is advertised to be. I love how quiet it is, and it has all the features you would want.

  127. Steve Dawson

    This is a great home treadmill – the compact design saves a lot of space. It’s a sturdy build and has good features. High value for the price compared to more expensive models with the same features. We have it in the living room. It’s nice to be able to see it as a reminder. Now I have no excuse but to get fit!

  128. Ryan Hughes

    I definitely got the whole package with this purchase. The whole family loves it. If delivered, be ready for a huge box on a pallet. It took me about 4 hours to assemble by myself. Good package deal! My wife really enjoys this treadmill. It gets way more use than our old one.

  129. Eddy Howe

    I have had other treadmills. This one is a great value for the money. Like all of us, I sometimes struggle with my weight. From310pounds don’t work out regularly. I work out regularly for a couple of months been down to 270pounds. I am 62 years old and will fight old age every step of the way. Great machine for the money!

  130. Frankie

    At first glance, its high-end appearance caught my eye; I did a lot of research online and decided on this one due to the price and product description. I received the product with clean, professional, and strong packaging, which dispels my worries. Set-up took me about 15 minutes by myself, very easy to assemble. I have been using it for a few days now, and it works great; powerful motor with silent running and multifunctional programs are amazing.

  131. Monica

    My boyfriend is really conscious about his workout, but he can’t do anything and feels frustrated because of the lockdown. So I ordered this treadmill for him; he found it a very professional and powerful machine as he started his daily workout. It was a gift from me on his birthday.

  132. Hugh Laurie

    I ordered Sunday and arrived Tuesday morning.
    Easy to put together. Up and running within minutes.
    Very sturdy and easy to move around.

  133. Andrew

    I arrived sooner than expected & wife & I assembled it today… the hardest part was getting it out of the box as well packaged… it took us about 45 minutes to assemble. We used it for about 1 hour, and it worked just as promised. It seems to be well built, but I will wait to see how it holds up.

  134. Diana

    If you know you need to walk/jog but you are either scared of or grossed out by your local gym, stop wasting money on that membership and just get this. It will do the job. It’s easy to assemble and you can finally work out without worrying about germs or judgment. Just do it. Get one. You need it.

  135. James Terry

    This is a purchase I’ve been researching for about a year because my old treadmill was a loud and bulky hand-me-down that I’d had for about ten years. This new treadmill is exactly what I hoped it would be! So quiet and didn’t require an app or subscription to connect to. Just get on there and walk or run. I love that there are controls on the handles to quickly and easily change incline or speed.

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