With its wide walk-through and comfortable seat, Recline Forma is the perfect solution for active adults who suffer from back pain or limited mobility and are looking for a moderate form of cardio activity.

Recline Forma is Technogym’s innovative and functional recumbent bike. Recumbent bikes are useful to those who suffer from back pain. In fact, the main benefit of this type of home-gym equipment is in keeping the correct posture during exercise.

Recline Forma Design
The wide-walk through provided by Recline Forma facilitates an easy transition onto the bike, especially for those who have mobility restrictions and who still want to practice moderate cardiovascular activity.

Recline Forma allows a safe warm-up for a greater protection of the back and blood circulation. The abdominal muscles are stimulated in this position, assisted by the seat with ergonomic backrest. The backrest has a slope of 110°, allowing it to maintain correct posture without adjustment. The seat, on the other hand, is comfortable and adjustable depending on the length of your legs.

Recline Forma’s Features
Measuring L1600mmxW600mmxH1290mm, this exercise bike has a compact design that uses advanced technology to make it suitable for home and professional use. When used with the Bluetooth Forma Training Link and the Forma training app you can track and store all your workout data. You can also connect your iPad to the equipment to have access to all your favorite content to keep you motivated during exercise.

The bike has a dedicated support for fixing the iPad to the console, which helps to ensure the best view from all training positions. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can also scan the QR code from any piece of equipment from Forma Line to access the wide library of exercises so you can perform a new workout every day.

Design and Safety
Main benefits of the bike include: safety, easy maintenance and high quality. Designed with the same care and precision as professional equipment.

Health and Fitness Goals
Constant Pulse Rate technology will automatically change the speed and power depending on your target heart rate zone. This makes training safer and more effective when training for a specific fitness goal.


  • Simple and effective cardio workouts
    Forma Line offers new content, smart features and an enhanced design for both professional and home users.
  • New Intuitive Display
    The new matte display with QR code makes your experience simple and intuitive. Choose your workout and use the numerical keypad to set it up. The LED dial helps you check your performance progress during the workout.
  • Automatic Data Tracking
    Through the optional Bluetooth® Forma Training Link, you can connect your personal iPad to any piece of Forma equipment. By downloading the Forma Training App, you can track your training data and access your favorite content. The Forma Training Link is sold separately. iPad not included.
  • Easy Access
    Enter and exit with ease thanks to the low step-over height and wide walk-through between the seat and pedals.
  • Ergonomic backrest
    At an incline of 110 degrees, the ergonomic seat ensures you are correctly positioned on the equipment and do not need to make adjustments.
  • Ready for Apple Watch
    Track activities and stats on your Apple Watch by seamlessly pairing it with the UNITY console. You can also log in to the mywellness app and call up all your programs and settings at once.


  • Entertainment Support
    The Entertainment Support allows you to position and secure your iPad to the console, ensuring optimal view from all training positions.
  • CPR Training
    The Constant Pulse Rate system follows your heart rate, automatically adjusting the speed, incline and resistance of the equipment to constantly provide you with a safe and effective workout. The chest strap track your heart rate so you can safely train within your target zone.
  • Professional Biomechanics
    Every machine has been designed with the same characteristics as the cardio range developed for the gym, which is used by Olympic champions. This means better safety, less maintenance, and the guarantee of having chosen a high-quality product that will help you achieve your goals without putting your heart at risk.


  • Max. power consumption: (VA) 50
  • Resistance at 70 SPM (Watts): 30 – 350
  • mywellness® platform connectivity: YES through QR code
  • Power supply: 90 – 264
  • Max user weight: 160 kg / 352 lbs.
  • Difficulty levels: 1 – 12
  • Power requirement: 100 – 240V ± 10% 50/60Hz
  • Heart rate monitoring: Telemetry (Analog heart rate chest strap with 5kHz transmission. Band and transmitter not included.)


  • Length: 1600 mm / 63 in
  • Width: 600 mm / 24 in
  • Height: 1290 mm / 51 in
  • Equipment Weight: 178 lbs. / 81 kg


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