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Sanhema Road Racing Bike Carbon Steel 26″ Black

(12 customer reviews)


We are proud to present our latest bicycle release, 2021 was the launch date of our Sanhema Road Racing Bike.It’s a racing bike at its core but can be used for everyday use as well. The design and shape is ergonomically sound for racing, however the carbon steel 21 inch frame also makes this cycle suitable for general day-to-day use,

Shift through the 21 gears depending on the terrain or intensity of your ride, feel the breeze as you cut through the fine UK country air or as you race past the city buses on a cosy gel padded race seat suitable for champions. The Sanhema bike is built to a high standard, giving our customers the best experience with fantastic quality finishing and at a fraction of the price of an professional race bike.

Key Features:

  • White Colour Frame or Black Colour Frame (2 options)
  • 21 Gears
  • 18″ inch Carbon Steel Frame
  • Suitable Heights (Adult Frame): 5ft 2″ to 6ft 4″
  • 26inch Yongfs Race Tyres
  • Four nail stand horn handle
  • 10.5kg Weight
  • Hidden unlined bowl set tower mat brushed
  • TZ30 Shifter
  • Disk Brakes
  • UK Supplier and stocked in UK.
  • Seven Positioning Tower Wheels
  • 14g black Spoke
  • Aluminium alloy 60/40 knife rim


  • Material: Steel
  • Carton Dimension: 135cm x 19cm x 72 cm
  • Packaging: 85%SKD,1PC/CartonTN
  • Natural rubber 26/195 Tyre
  • baking finished painting,water sticker
  • Environmental protection
  • 3709 Engineering Saddle

12 reviews for Sanhema Road Racing Bike Carbon Steel 26″ Black

  1. Joshua

    The best bike! It’s perfect! Excellent price!

  2. Marie

    I really like this bike. It is just amazing… very lightweight, so it is easy to take it upstairs in the apartment where I live. It looks great, and it feels great while riding. I definitely recommend this bike. You won’t be disappointed. ?

  3. Okocha Gueye

    I got the bike to start cycling. It was easy to put together, and for starting, it’s not bad at all. It looks good, and it’s fun to ride. I use it for sport/exercise, but I can imagine it being perfect for commuting uses.

  4. Luke Whitehall

    The bike is Great. I am thrilled with my bike. Very light, smooth to ride
    The package came even before I expected. Easy to assemble.

  5. Gavin

    I freaking love this bike. She is light as a feather but strong as a bear. Money well spent.

  6. Chris West

    The bike came relatively fast and was decently easy to assemble. I really got lucky with this thing. It’s professionally built with all the trimmings of a high-quality road bike, just not the price. Great quality here. If you’re looking into getting a bike, this is the one.

  7. Ben James

    The bike is great. Very durable and heavy-duty parts which don’t wear down easily. amazing delivery service too.

  8. Owen

    I love the bike. The Best decision that I made during the lockdown. Money well spent.

  9. Nick Mason

    I was skeptical before buying this bike, but I was surprised by the quality of it. The bike is pretty good.

  10. Robin Schulz

    I never knew a bike could have so many gears. The bike is amazing. I ride it to my work, and everyone there loves it too. The price is the most surprising part; it is so low. I forgot to mention that the delivery was quick.

  11. Stuart Pearce

    This bike has everything you need for cycling, it includes gears and everything, and it costs so little. It was hard to believe that a bike like this would cost so little. I just love it. FYI the delivery was as quick as a flash.

  12. David Grant

    First of all, I am amazed at how quick the delivery was. I received the bike in 1 day. Secondly, the bike is amazing, I gifted it to my son, and he loves it. It’s as if it was meant for him.

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