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Sanhema Road Racing Bike 21 Gear Carbon Steel 26″ White

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We are proud to present our latest bicycle release, 2021 was the launch date of our Sanhema Road Racing Bike.It’s a racing bike at its core but can be used for everyday use as well. The design and shape is ergonomically sound for racing, however the carbon steel 21 inch frame also makes this cycle suitable for general day-to-day use,

Shift through the 21 gears depending on the terrain or intensity of your ride, feel the breeze as you cut through the fine UK country air or as you race past the city buses on a cosy gel padded race seat suitable for champions. The Sanhema bike is built to a high standard, giving our customers the best experience with fantastic quality finishing and at a fraction of the price of an professional race bike.

Key Features:

  • White Colour Frame or Black Colour Frame (2 options)
  • 21 Gears
  • 18″ inch Carbon Steel Frame
  • Suitable Heights (Adult Frame): 5ft 2″ to 6ft 4″
  • 26inch Yongfs Race Tyres
  • Four nail stand horn handle
  • 10.5kg Weight
  • Hidden unlined bowl set tower mat brushed
  • TZ30 Shifter
  • Disk Brakes
  • UK Supplier and stocked in UK.
  • Seven Positioning Tower Wheels
  • 14g black Spoke
  • Aluminium alloy 60/40 knife rim


  • Material: Steel
  • Carton Dimension: 135cm x 19cm x 72 cm
  • Packaging: 85%SKD,1PC/CartonTN
  • Natural rubber 26/195 Tyre
  • baking finished painting,water sticker
  • Environmental protection
  • 3709 Engineering Saddle

11 reviews for Sanhema Road Racing Bike 21 Gear Carbon Steel 26″ White

  1. Barry Allen

    I received the bike early. Wrapped and packaged very well. It took longer to unwrap than it did to assemble. Beautiful bike.

  2. Chris matthews

    Great bike for the price. Well packaged. No issues with broken or missing pieces. It is a little tough to put together for someone who isn’t “handy” but still managed to figure it out. People are surprised I bought this online for how nice the bike is.

  3. Gary Lineker

    Perfect bike. The handles are sturdy and descending… I am delighted with my purchase. This is a good buy!!

  4. Jack Malik

    This bike is simply one of the best you can find at this price point. It’s a stiff road bike, not for casual riders but very suitable for amateur or professional riders. Not only does it perform well, but it also looks incredible. I couldn’t be happier with the money I spent.

  5. Fiona

    I absolutely love my new bike. I took it to the local bike shop for professional assembly, and they were in shock that I purchased such a great bike like this on this site. Very easy to use, the fit is perfect, and I’ve been enjoying every moment.

  6. Randy Horton

    I’ve got over 150 miles on the bike. So far, it has been a good bike. It was easy to put together. And it rides nice and smooth. Very comfortable. It shifted well and didn’t really need any adjustments.
    The only complaint is I’m a heavy guy, about 250 lbs. And the brakes are very weak. They will slow you down but will not stop you quickly. Also, I had to try the tires after the 2nd ride, but it was easy to do.
    Overall I am happy with the bike. It’s comfortable, dependable, and rides well.

  7. Godfrey

    I have been using this bike for a while now, and it has been amazing. The bike is durable, and I have had no complaints. I would definitely recommend it to others.

  8. Hennesey

    Good bike for the money that is being mentioned. The delivery is fast.

  9. Aaron Chadwell

    I have been using this bike to the max during this lockdown. This bike was definitely meant for me. love it

  10. Mary Jospeh

    I bought this bike for my son as a birthday gift, and he loved it. The style is cool, and it is a sports bike, so my son loves it even more, and I didn’t have to spend a lot.

  11. Kent Williams

    Amazing bike. I needed the thing because I need to train for a triathlon next month, and this bike is great for that training.

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