Blaze X7 Spin Exercise Bike  With 18″ Android 1080p HD Screen & Live Spinning Classes – By Xstream Gym

Xstream Gym’s first ever live interactive online fitness instructor classes exercise bike. The beautifully crafted X7 spin bike is seamless in design, and cost effective in price. Home fitness in form of cycling is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. The Blaze X7 spinning cycle is a commercial graded product, this means its fit for purpose in a commercial gym setting and those who wish to use it for home use, can enjoy the real deal gym experience whilst in the comfort of their own house.

Fitness and exercise on exercise bikes at home has drastically increased the health of millions around the UK, USA and Europe and its now catching on around the rest of the globe. The Blaze X7 offers users a unique on-line classes experience, select from hundreds of live cycling classes, or instead if you wish to opt to cycle in a less stress environment, then select a pre-recorded video streaming bike session.

Our unique exercise bike app allows users form android phones or tablets and iOs apple users to sign up and start cycling. Our package is the cheapest online bike cycling package with live personal trainers and instructors in the UK market.

We also allow all users the opportunity to become personal trainers. Create your own group of disciples and invite others to join classes you create. This is what makes our spin bike app completely unique, and a true community app unlike other apps in the market, anyone and everyone is welcome to join for fitness classes or to instruct and teach to others their own style of exercise fitness.

Xstream Gym x7 Spin Bike Features

  • Tubular steel frame
  • Total weight 53kg
  • Flywheel 21kg
  • Commercial grade – Professional Gym quality
  • Adjustable seat (4 ways)
  • Tubular center gravity steel rod for extra stability
  • Keep track of time, distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate with the nifty LCD display monitor
  • Comfortable gel padded leather stitched seat featuring springs
  • Rubber handle bar grips allows sweaty palms to grip tight without slipping
  • 8 speed resistance knob

Xstream Gym x7 Spin Bike Online Class App Features

join online classes for spin biking competitively, or join an on-line class for exercise bike with friends in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Select preferred online personal trainer
  • Join online spin class sessions of your favourite trainer
  • Join pre recorded online sessions
  • Become a trainer yourself and run your own online bike classes
  • Monitor your work out session statistics
  • See your overall work out stats on your user dashboard
  • See other users data by clicking there profile pages
  • Follow users / unfollow users
  • Follow / unfollow personal trainers
  • Send private messages and connect to other users
  • Have live audio chat sessions in live classes or in game mode
  • Download all data from other devices into our APP
  • Centralise all wellbeing related data like sleep, diet, off line activity (steps counts) and on-line workout activity
  • Get overall health reports about your complete well being
  • Automated notifications from professionals that recommend diet plans, or supplements or work out methods to help boost your performance
  • HD video perfomance
  • Compatible with iPhone or Android devices including tablets

Xstream Gym x7 Spin Bike Online Game Features

  • Join thousands of live gamers all over the world
  • Join dozens of different game options and levels
  • Group game sessions
  • Head to head sessions
  • Invite friends
  • Create your own game
  • Online chat options whilst you game include instant messaging or alternative audio chat
  • High definition HD graphics
  • Compatible with iPhone or Android devices including tablets

Xstream Gym x7 Spin Bike Free Items (Worth £680) – Special Promotional Offer

  • Free video camera worth £399
  • Free video camera stand £70
  • Free head set (featuring mic) £49
  • Free health tracker watch compatible with our App £129
  • Free t-shirt – £30


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