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Refined and compact design, adaptive running surface, and tailored training sessions right from your tablet.

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Working out at home is the ideal solution to save time and train in comfort. Treadmills are a great way to keep fit and lean, burn calories, improve your mood and lose weight. But how do you choose the best treadmill? What are the right exercises to reach your goals, and how do you keep your motivation soaring? We designed Technogym MyRun, the intelligent home treadmill, to help improve your running experience and reach your objectives faster.


MyRun is a compact running machine, winner of several design awards for its stylish and minimal looks that perfectly suit any interiors. This professional-grade, gym-quality treadmill delivers an exceptional running experience despite its small size. The MyRun treadmill is also easy to set up and use. It’s designed to be assembled in just a matter of minutes, so you can easily swap rooms or transport it when you decide to move homes. The MyRun belt is extremely silent and runs quietly even at its maximum speed of 12.4 mph. It offers inclines of up to 12%, which means you can turn your walks into powerful cardio conditioning, increasing the intensity of your workouts while relieving the impacts of running. The MyRun home treadmill offers a realistic and safe running experience thanks to its adaptive running surface. This means the treadmill surface absorbs impact more effectively when walking (up to 30% more than other treadmills in the category) and gives you the elastic return you need when running at higher speeds (up to 20% higher elastic return), so you can maintain your momentum when sprinting.


Technogym MyRun was designed to be used with the Technogym Live App. The app offers workout sessions with a real trainer, boosting your motivation and pushing you toward whatever objective you aim at: improving your fitness condition, enhancing performance, losing weight and much more. You can also choose the high-performance Technogym Routines, a series of programs containing varied sequences of exercises with specific goals. Customize your training based on time, distance and calories. The treadmill syncs to your iPad or compatible tablet over Bluetooth, and we recommend downloading the Technogym Live app to make the most of your running experience. The live running feedback on the app displays cadence, step length and heart rate, which you can use to improve your running technique. Finding motivation to run on the treadmill is easier with Technogym Playlists, which are included in the app: just select the music genre you prefer and get going! You can use the tablet’s speakers or pair your Bluetooth earphones for a more immersive experience.


Make the most of your efforts by including weight training and functional exercises in your workouts. Kettlebells and Dumbbells are popular additions to running on the treadmill, and so are Elastic Bands. You can also opt for the complete kit included in the Technogym Bench, empowering you with hundreds of strength and functional exercises to complement your cardio on Technogym MyRun


An online trainer by your side

Choose your favorite workout and the trainer will guide you, boosting your motivation.


Choose your goal and follow along

Follow the video exercises while MyRun automatically adjusts speed and incline for a bespoke training session.


Train anywhere in the world

Let your mind and legs roam free in this collection of natural and urban landscapes from around the globe.


Improve your run

With real-time Biofeedback, you can compare your cadence and step length with reference values, improving your running style and efficiency.

Your heartbeat sets the intensity

While you train, the CPR system (Constant Pulse Rate) monitors your heart rate and automatically adjusts speed and incline for a safe and efficient workout.

Compact size, wide running surface

MyRun’s footprint suits any home environment. Its running surface gives you more room for your workouts.

High performance, low sounds

MyRun is quiet even at 20 km/h (12.4 mph) thanks to the innovative drive system and the belt’s fluidity.


The perfect mix of damping and rebound

The innovative running surface adapts to the way you run and absorbs impact efficiently, shielding your joints at lower speeds and offering more elastic response during sprints.


Low energy consumption

MyRun recognizes when you step onto the treadmill and switches on automatically. It is the only treadmill in its category with low environmental impact due to its extremely reduced power consumption in standby mode.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1760 x 785 x 1260 mm (69,3 x 30,9 x 49,6 in)
  • Equipment weight: 92 kg (202,8 lb.)
  • Running Surface (Length x Width): 1430 x 500 mm (56,3 x 19,7 in)
  • Running surface height above ground: 170 mm (6.7 in)

Electrical specifications

  • Motor power continuous duty: 220 V – 2.5 HP / 110 V – 3.0 HP
  • Energy Consumption in-standby: Less than 0.5 W
  • Power requirement: 230 Vac ±10% 50/60 Hz

User specifications

  • Max user weight: 140 kg (308.6 lbs)


  • Min Speed: 0.8 km/h (0.5 mph)
  • Max speed: 20 km/h (12.4 mph)
  • Incline (Min): 0%
  • Incline (Max): 12%


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