X Origins Spin Bike

The X Origins is a heavy duty super smooth and steady exercise bike. The fly wheel is 12kg in weight. The heavy flywheel gives you much better performance than a lighter wheel. It also intensifies your workout and helps provide more stability when cycling.

The sports pedals are comfortable and allow your feet to slot in with ease, the straps provided boost your control and balance when riding the bike.

The bike has forged spindles enabling you to sit or stand whilst in a cycling motion, the dual locking knob and the adjustable resistance are value-added features that help ease or intensify the difficulty of the tension levels of your work.

We pride ourselves in build quality and user experience, so we use the finest materials and use the best tooling equipment for production. For the X Origins comfort and performance were our main areas of focus. We used an ultra-comfortable thick gel padded adjustable leather seat, and rubber sweat drip friendly handles for great grip.

The overall feel and look of the Xstream Gym’s first ever spin bike is phenomenal, and we believe its a cut above all of the market rivals at this particular price point.

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