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Hurricane X2 Chunk Exercise Spin Bike

(162 customer reviews)


The Hurricane X2 is a beautifully crafted exercise spin bike. The 12kg flywheel gives the bike a heavy duty feel.  The X2 bike comes standard with an LCD display monitor allowing cyclists to monitor work out times, calories, speed, heart rate and distance travelled.

The gel padded seat is adjustable for heights of up to 6ft 2″ and the pedals have a foot holster for balance and extra comfort whilst spinning on the bike.

We pride ourselves in build quality. We use the finest materials and use the best tooling equipment for production. For the Hurricane X2 comfort and performance were our main areas of focus.

We used an ultra-comfortable thick gel padded adjustable leather seat, and rubber sweat drip friendly handles for great grip. For extra comfort, the seat is stuffed with extra springs. We’ve also added a bottle holder and a free steel bottle to go with it.

Hurricane X2 Chunk Features Include:

  • 7 function LCD Screen
  • Pulse /Heart Rate Monitor
  • Bottle holder
  • Free steel bottle
  • Calories burned
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Work out timer
  • 12kg Flywheel – Forward Motion
  • Hi-Torque Belt
  • Racing Style Pedals
  • Fully adjustable Saddle
  • Soft Touch Comfortable Leather Seat With Cushioned padding
  • Infinite adjustment resistance
  • Easy to move around the house and tucks away nicely
  • Maximum user weight recommendation: 150 kg
  • Maximum user height recommendation: 6ft 2″
  • 1 Year warranty (accidental damage NOT covered)


  • Material: Steel
  • Box Dimensions: (36 L x 17.5 cm W x 39 cm H)
  • Color: Black or White Option
  • Battery: 2x AA (not included)
  • Net Weight: (23 kg)
  • Flywheel Weight: (12 kg)
  • User Weight Limit: 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Saddle & Footing Information
  • Saddle adjustable height (29-33 in/74-84 cm).
  • Distance between saddle and the handlebars and handlebar height (35-39 in/90-100 cm).
  • Pedal toe clips with straps fit different shoe sizes; leveling feet for added balance and stability.
  • Note for super tall users: Adjust the saddle and handlebars to the highest position if you are over 1.8 m/5’10.7’’ tall.

Package Includes:

  • Xtream Gym Hurricane X2 Spinning Exercise Bike
  • Water Bottle
  •  Instructions
  • Item is 95% ready assembled (minimal assembly required)

162 reviews for Hurricane X2 Chunk Exercise Spin Bike

  1. sufian.arshad

    I received my spin bike in the time that was specified, the product is excellent, I am very happy with the service I received from Ejogga. Amazing service!

  2. sufian.arshad

    A great bike for the price. The reviews made it easy on which spin bike to buy.

  3. sufian.arshad

    It’s a really sturdy bike and I love the flywheel, feels really nice and natural when riding. Great Exercise bike!!

  4. Yifan Ma

    It is quite fun to ride, smooth and efficient, it moves out almost effortlessly. Great for me because I ride for fun and pleasure, not for fitness.

  5. David Thompson

    The bike is well built, very sturdy, everything functions quite smoothly. The bike is a bit heavier than I had anticipated. A very good-looking bike, sleek with a great color scheme. Love it

  6. Andrea E. Grenier

    My First Ever Exercise Bike At Age 67 and I LOVE IT!

  7. Bob Aletto

    Great Product & Greater Customer Service

  8. John S

    Sturdy, looks good and is comfortable. The available span of resistance levels are perfect for my wife’s workouts and mine. Will Recommend.

  9. K.R.M.

    Used the exercise bike for the past week. Very good product for the price.

  10. Judi

    Really good exercise bike

  11. Annette Jackson

    It’s great for the money. I use a much more expensive one at the gym three days a week for my severe arthritis and use this the other four days. This works just as well.

  12. Ryann

    So far so good.

  13. Charles Barrie

    The bike is everything I wanted and expected. I ordered the setup service with it, and that was fabulous, too. After I saw what it took to put it together, I was really glad I had an expert to do it. I have the bike set for the closest seat setting and that works great for me

  14. Chelle46

    For the price this is a worthwhile product. Quick to assemble. Little or no noise while using it.

  15. terralee

    Put it together by myself, it was easy to assemble and good instructions. Overall, It is a great product at a great price, easy to assemble, quiet, has good resistance range, comfortable placement of handles, and even the seat is comfortable. Pedals have adjustable straps to keep your feet from sliding out, and also has levelers on each corner.

  16. Geri

    Loving this bike since day one! This was a purchase that was very necessary due to my last bike completely failing on me. Last bike was a cheaper low end brand and I’m so happy that I chose this one. Very quiet, very smooth, and breaking mechanism works instantly as it should. The flywheel weight is perfect for anyone that’s working on their fitness and training. When I’m grounded after a few turns, these legs definitely feel that work. 🙂 . If you’re reading this and debating on which bike to get based on reliability, quality for price, affordability, then this is your bike. 😉

  17. Steve, Idaho

    I just finished my first ride on this bike and I love it.

    I’ve ridden bikes that cost $1500+ at my gym, and because of the12kg Flywheel this bike feels just the same when riding. The chain drive is not loud (I could barely hear it) and I didn’t have to adjust the volume on my TV at all while riding.
    10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a solid spin bike without overpriced/expensive bells and whistles.

  18. Michael

    This bike is rock solid. I recommended this bike to an associate who is opening a fitness facility. Low cost,Very easy assembly,
    Sturdy, solid construction,Very easy to move ,Shipping was quick.

  19. Andris Hart

    This bike is, thus far, worth every penny. I am not a spinning guru by any stretch but I do spin and cycle. This thing works just as good as any spin cycle I have ever been on in my life. I can’t attest to durability yet as I have only accomplished three rides since I owning it for about a week. It seems like it’ll last though. I was pleased to learn my clip in riding shoes worked with it. It’s quiet, it’s heavy, it’s stable. It’s not incredibly easy to move but it can be moved. The front wheels work sufficiently. The cup holder is fairly deep and it does hold a tablet quite well. The seat and bars adjust up and down, as well as forward and backward. I’m 6’2” and my wife is 5’5”. We both can find a setting that works for us. I’m 240lbs as well. So if you are a person of above average stature you should be ok with the bike. Hope this info helps someone

  20. Mike Taylor

    I’m a spin instructor and avid cyclist for 10 years. My wife and I were looking to add a spin bike to our home gym this winter. I have lots of experience on many different bikes and we knew for our purposes we didn’t need the best bike out there. For our needs this bike works great. It has a very large fly wheel and smooth belt operation. The frame is solid (I am 240 lbs) and it adjusts easily between my and my wife

  21. George Stanton

    Let me start with I was never super into spinning before the gyms all shut down, a couple a year for fundraisers etc… however once everything shut down and now you have to wear masks inside the gyms I needed something at home that would help me get a workout in! I searched for what felt like forever for the right bike. the bike is soooo quiet and easy to move if you need to. My husband and I easily moved it from the garage to the basement no problem! Again, not a profession spin person so I have no input on how accurate the output and calibration stuff like that

  22. Madcitygirl95

    I am a plus-size woman pushing 430 and I feel sturdy when I ride this. My only complaint is about the handlebars. I wish the handlebars went higher am tall! Instructions were fine to follow, I ordered a wider seat for more comfort but that is on my part. The original seat that comes with the bike is great.

  23. Randall Whaley

    works very well but had to change the seat and pedals to fit my body.

  24. Randall Whaley

    The bike is great.

  25. Pete Campbell

    Better than I expected

  26. Lauren Mitchell

    Excellent quality, reliable brand, super quiet and adjustable for both short and tall riders.

  27. Paulina Ben

    Significant resistance at minimal setting.

  28. Michael M.

    Great customer service by Ejogga customer support team. We had a pedal break, and they sent us a replacement immediately.

  29. Alexandra


  30. Aturk

    Very smooth and quiet ride.

  31. Margaret Jones

    I’m absolutely LOVING this bike.

  32. Nice Schwinn

    Really sturdy bike. I at least ride 5 mins a day if I have just busy day. But I do love riding this bike. It supports up to 330lbs and I can say I am close to 290 yet this bike doesn’t budge even when I stand. So I feel safe on this bike.

  33. Janet

    I’m happy with my purchase!

  34. Sarah Smith

    I wish I would have made this purchase years ago instead of wasting time stressing about finding the best deal. Having one of these at home is one of the best investments you can make.

  35. Elizabeth Smith

    It’s beautiful and sturdy! Everything is easy to adjust.

  36. Sarah Jones

    This bike is fairly easy to assemble. I love the black sleek look of it. The seat is wide and comfortable. It’s also super quiet when cycling, which is great.

  37. Kate Todd

    Well made, heavy material. Assembly is not too tough.

  38. Mimi Arnold

    Works great so far!

  39. Moni

    THis bike works really well for indoor exercises.

  40. Christine Smith

    Not too hard to assemble if you know what you’re doing; took my husband about an hour but he said the directions were good. I haven’t quite mastered the pulse recovery function. It kind of goes up and down during the recovery period but it’s not that important to me. The ride is smooth and quiet.

  41. Tina

    Overall a great sturdy indoor cycling bike

  42. Bill Mosca

    This is the first exercise bike I’ve ever tried so I have little to compare to others, but I’m very happy with it. As a beginner, I find it easy to adjust and ride.

  43. M. Peacock

    I am in my 60’s and have bad knees: didn’t want to risk walking on ice or snow in the winter, so this was the perfect solution. The box is quite heavy, so it was a bit of a struggle to get it up one step from my garage to the kitchen. But I was able to put it together myself after carefully reading the instructions. Working very fine. Great Purchase

  44. M. Fris

    I am very very happy with this bike.

  45. Orlando X.

    I am 40 years old and I have cycled before and this bike looks and feels amazing. Very solid. Compliments to the seller, it was delivered in two days. Love it

  46. Paulina Ben

    Best Product

  47. Meredith Justin

    It’s exactly what we were looking for. perfect.

  48. Dennis Trovato

    We LOVE LOVE this bike

  49. Simple Soul

    I’m absolutely LOVING this thing. I was super nervous about setting it up but it was REALLY easy. No extra tools are necessary – just follow the instructions. Took me and my boyfriend about 25 min to assemble the whole thing. It’s very sturdy!!

  50. kadavis09

    It was easy to put together, doesn’t take up much space at all, working fine. I m satisfied.

  51. Christa Jeff

    I’ve been using it for 7 days now, 5 rides. I LOVE IT!

  52. Anisa Greg

    We purchased this bike when our gym shut down so that we could get some great exercise. We currently use it My boyfriend and I both use this bike regularly and are relatively fit (usually exercising 4-6 days a week). Overall, this was a great investment for us.

  53. islandgirl

    The bike itself is great. Easy to get into the house and easy to assemble, sturdy, looks great and feels great to ride.

  54. Roodog73

    To all the people who gained weight during quarantine, I would just like to say that this exercise bike has been a life-changer. I gained *some weight during the last year and became a bit depressed and always tired. Now I just get up and force myself to cycle what I can handle in the morning. Some days a lot, some days not. But I feel better. The assembly was not hard but heck if you can get the packaged box into the house without assistance. So get help if you can or pay to have it delivered.

  55. Erica Phil

    I am so impressed with the quality build of this bike. These bikes are becoming harder to find and I feel lucky to found them on Ejogga. Note that both the seat and the handlebar are adjustable horizontally. Extremely happy!

  56. Karen S.

    Bike looks great and is fun to ride.

  57. Mary Smith

    Easy to assemble, and super quiet. Great

  58. Mike Huem

    Updated review after having a bike for 3 months. We love it. I ride the bike 2-5 times a week and have lost 13 lbs and my wife uses it about 3 times a week too. It’s great!

  59. Rob Andee

    This bike is great! well made, not that difficult to put together. Very happy about my purchase.

  60. Anna Flemon

    Bike seems very sturdy, even I have worked out on it and liked it.

  61. Sarah Eric

    I bought this bike for my wife. She works a lot and couldn’t make it to spin classes anymore, so I brought it home to her! She loves the bike very much.

  62. C. M. Torgeson

    Very high quality considering the price. Nearly silent operation. Sturdy. I really love it.

  63. Stephanie Zahn

    No issues after 4 months and regular use.

  64. Clifford Robert

    I am super impressed and super happy with my purchase. My 1st workout was amazing. This is a standard bike by any means. Definitely worth the purchase for anyone especially the serious spinning cyclist. I highly recommend this bike.

  65. KQ

    This bike is worth every penny that I paid for it. From top to bottom it is made extremely well. The seat is super comfortable and I have taken many spinning classes in my day. Really love it.

  66. M.H.

    The bike was very sturdy and smooth. The flywheel was silent which was great. I generally watched TV while riding and didn’t need headphones or high volume. The adjustment knob worked well enough. The one problem I did have was with the left pedal, but I’ll get into that later.

  67. Jason Cuthbert

    I love that this bike came with a decent seat. The belt drive is smooth and the flywheel spins nicely. The bike was extremely easy to put together and came with all required tools and good instructions.

  68. JerseyCow

    Excellent quality, reliable brand, super quiet and adjustable for both short and tall riders.

  69. Blossom Bob

    Love it love it love it.

  70. Rogers Mark

    Prompt delivery. Really good service. I love my new bike!

  71. Bolatch Janet

    I just bought second product (X2) and I’m very satisfied. Very good quality, price and delivery time was quick.

  72. Murray Susan

    Great bike, great service

  73. Marino Mileidys

    From order to delivery was very good & the product was excellent value for the price.

  74. Birch Adam

    Love my new bike. Was delivered quickly and easy to build. It’s heavy and perfect for me.

  75. nuttal lbrant

    I ordered a Spin bike for home use. It arrived quickly and I was delighted with the quality I got for the price I paid

  76. Rahman Mohammed

    Order placed for spin bike and it arrived very quickly!

  77. Redha Fahad

    Very pleased with Spin bike purchased. Straight forward ordering,
    Good communication from company. Fast delivery though was not in for first one easily rearranged another delivery.

  78. Turner Kevin

    Bought the Spin bike online and love it!! Easy to assemble and it came with tools too.

  79. Abberley Jake

    X2 is a great indoor bike, delivered as required and easy to set up. Thanks

  80. Minchella Christine

    Ordered a spin bike which arrived 4 days later
    Excellent service, Quality product.

  81. Shire Jama

    I never thought that I’ll have this kind of bike in such a low price,
    Very happy with quality.


    Looks great, just like the pictures on the site.

  83. Brown Christian

    A great bike for the money

  84. Harley David

    Great. I am very happy with this spin bike.

  85. Alvis Richard

    Great bike and great price! So glad to have it!

  86. Aldred Elizabeth

    The design for hurricane bike is very cool, and the bike is very durable. I have been using it for a while and never got a complaint. overall money well spent.


    X2 is a heavy-duty bike. Very durable and easy to assemble. It was ready to be used within minutes of assembly. And it looks great too.

  88. Harri sIeuan

    I love this bike; easy to assemble and a very quiet bike, the seat is a little uncomfortable for me but overall, this bike is great.

  89. Wright Lisa

    I love this bike! Great bike for all levels of indoor cycling. Delivery within 3 days.

  90. Gale SiÃn

    I bought X2 (Spinning bike) from Ejogga. I couldn’t be happier with this bike.

  91. Carlton Mel

    Item so well packed. Very happy with the quality of this bike.

  92. shahzad Aamir

    Brilliant service and the bike is amazing.

  93. Talbot Shaun

    Excellent service, it arrived very well packed and putting it together was no problem.

  94. Wildbore Angelique

    Exercise bike arrived on time, but its pedal was damaged. They sent me the required spare part, but it took a bit long. Wasn’t expecting that. Anyways bike itself is great and perfect for my purpose.

  95. Reed Robert

    I ordered a spin bike which is brilliant and fit to my purposes. Happy with my purchase.

  96. Story James

    urchased this spin bike from this company. Delivered very next day. Solid body.

  97. Khanam Sobia

    The bike was delivered very promptly and the transaction went through smoothly.

  98. Gray Dawn

    Fantastic service, I ordered the bike and it came within 3 days.

  99. RoVic (verified owner)

    This bike isn’t as big as it looks, I’m 5”10’ and the seat & Handel bars don’t come up high enough! I don’t feel comfortable on it! It has a fixed gear meaning there’s no backpedal. The wheel resistance adjuster is very flimsy! It’s a very, very quiet bike that makes no noise at all. It’s had many four-star reviews but I personally couldn’t give it that extra star. Is it worth the money … yes but only the sale price.

  100. Lawrence Mena

    Instructions with the bike were a bit disorganised but I put it together in less than 2 hours. The quality of this bike is excellent.

  101. Marlar Julia

    The bike is easy to use and was bit hard for me to assemble it, the only thing I found was the seat was hard it could do with being a gel seat to make it more comfortable otherwise it’s a great bike.

  102. Asan Baran

    This is my third bike I’ve had from Ejogga. The bike is easy to assemble I found it straight forward to build it takes about 1 hour assemble.


    Great bike. A little difficult to put together. Still happy with my purchase.

  104. Potter Carolyn

    The bike arrived on time and it all works perfectly.

  105. Fowler SimpsonBecky

    Fast delivery, Great quality. I love this bike!

  106. Wood Robert

    Ordered the spin bike. Delivered within 5 days. Easy to put together, all tools supplied with it but some spare parts were missing which were sent in a day. A quiet bike when cycling and well-built.

  107. Barry Dave

    Exercise bike arrived promptly. Easy to assemble and using it daily.


    Bought indoor bike and received well packaged. Can recommend and will use again.

  109. hakim Abdul

    I bought X2 spin bike for myself, it was delivered before my predicted time, well packaged, exactly what’s in the description. I am impressed.

  110. Dey Heather

    The Bike is amazing!!

  111. Allister Leighton

    I have not found any problems either in the putting together of the bike or the using of it. A good purchase.

  112. Fisher Leona

    The purchase and delivery was easy and the spinning bike is really good.

  113. Giblin Peter

    Bought indoor bike from EJOGGA and was delivered on time and well packaged. Can recommend and will use again.


    Amazing service. Really pleased with the advice before I purchased the bike. A great Spin Bike.


    It’s an excellent bike – easy to put up given clear instructions. Sturdy to use. No complaints at all!

  116. Budd Karen

    Simple to order. Arrived as scheduled. Quick resolution with missing part.

  117. Oxley Jemma

    Great bike which was easy to assemble and comfortable to use.

  118. John Creech

    Fantastic Bike and great service. We received our product within 2 days of ordering.

  119. Micah Richards

    Very sturdy. No movement no matter how fast. Chain is quiet, very little noise. Stay at tightness settings while using. Unit at a little over 100 lbs., moves around easily. Wheels and quarts leave no marks on floor. Very adjustable, fits tall heights.

  120. Eva Kranski

    I like the bike and use it with the peloton app. I just got it today, and every time I increase the resistance, I’m getting a loud grinding noise? Does anyone have this issue? Once the resistance goes down, it’s okay. Solid bike, but disappointed that I’m having this issue.

  121. Aurora

    And the customer service is fantastic! Did you see the price!! Suitable for people who may be TALL??

  122. Claire

    I had an issue with the bike I purchased, but the company and customer service were top-notch and immediately fixed the problem! It’s a bit big if you are 5’4” or shorter, but I make it work. Other than that, it’s a great exercise bike.

  123. Helen

    It seems good nice and sturdy. I had no problems with it.

  124. Lee Heaton

    It’s sturdy and great looking, it pretty easy to assemble except for the left pedal that I had problem with but I got it.

  125. Anderson Park

    This is an awesome bike. Super easy to assemble. Quiet. Has all the controls you could want for tracking progress. You can adjust it for any resistance you want. It’s very, very quiet. Easy to move around. I love it. The only issue is the seat is so uncomfortable. It will leave you in pain for days after riding. I’m going to order a gel cover to see if that helps. Otherwise, I can only ride it with a pillow positioned between myself and the seat.

  126. Zoey

    Super easy to set up! I bought this to use in combination with the Peloton app as a cheaper alternative, and it has been great. The seat did slip some, but I haven’t had any more problems once my husband tightened down for me. It’s a little squeaky, but I have my headphones in, so I don’t mind & imagine it could be easily fixed with wd-40. Very happy with this purchase; I highly recommend it!

  127. Julia

    If you have any issues, customer service is excellent! When I contacted them with my case, we found a solution together, and it was resolved!

  128. Jonathan

    One of the threaded holes was challenging to get the locking screw in, and the seat height didn’t go high enough for me. I’m 5’10”. The bike is very quiet, and the monitor works well.

  129. Edward Collins

    It is a good bike. It gets the work done! Solid build easy to install. Came with all you need to install! Also, no noise! My wife loves it. She is 5’1 could reach the pedals!

  130. Tracey Jones

    Good bike but not as great as I had hoped. It was making a few sounds, and we could NOT get the seat to tighten enough. It moves side to side—little annoyances but annoying nonetheless.

  131. Martha

    I’m a beginner, and I decided to buy this bike to start. I have no issues with it so far, but I will update my review later. I’ve only had this bike for ten days. It took about half an hour to build without help. I am 5’5” and about 190lb, and it rides well.

  132. Janet Mullings

    Super nice bike and really easy to assemble. Highly recommend.?

  133. Damari Grey

    I bought this bike for my wife. She works a lot and couldn’t make it to spin classes anymore, so I brought it home to her! She loves the bike. The bike seems very sturdy, even I have worked out on it and liked it. Easy on joints. I looked at the peloton bike and decided it was too expensive. This bike does the job very well but didn’t have a screen like a peloton. So, I purchased a 50-inch tv, another fire stick and downloaded the Peloton app….so for a lot less; I think she has a better setup.

  134. Nancy Pelosi

    Picked this bike up for a great price. It’s a nice piece for our home gym. It is a little squeaky, but we just threw some lubricant on it. Assembly was a breeze, and it’s pretty light.

  135. Lance Stevens

    I have been thinking about buying a stationary bike to keep in shape during the winter months. A friend suggested this model, after reading the reviews, I went for it. It is easy to assemble. I did watch a short video on youtube, but it only took about 20 minutes to assemble it fully. The bike is quiet and sturdy. I was concerned about the stability when peddling hard, but it turned out to be a nonissue as you can peddle hard both in and out of the saddle, and it is very stable.
    This is a great buy for the price.

  136. Eric Garcia

    I love this bike! Before purchasing, I did a fair amount of research and settled mainly on reviews, availability, and quick shipping. Less than 48 hours! In less than an hour, I put the bike together myself, a nice and sturdy bike to do all the beat cycling I want! I wish I made the purchase sooner!

  137. Fred Henshaw

    This bike is the best quarantine decision I’ve made.
    I’m delighted with my purchase. It’s super quiet like If you wanted to cycle in a room with a sleep child or person, you 100% could. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this bike. It’s the only thing keeping me from putting on the pounds since lockdown started.

  138. Andy Ferguson

    I’ve been attending spin classes for three years and had only used gym-quality bikes. Now that I need to be at home, I decided to purchase a bike but didn’t want to break the bank. This bike is perfect. It’s a great size for my limited space and so far has been super sturdy. The seat is terrific as well as the resistance wheel. Set up was simple, as I had my teenage son in charge.

  139. Shaun Irvine

    With the pandemic continuing to rage and winter looming, I decided to get this instead of risking my life by going to a gym. First, other bikes can’t beat the price—it’s a fraction of the cost of the “fancy” brand and does the same thing. As far as quality, it’s all-metal minus some of the fittings came packaged well and assembled easily in about 20 minutes. The wheel spins smoothly, and while the resistance is just friction on a felt (I think) pad and doesn’t really have markings, you can crank it up quite high and pretend you’re going up a mountain. Considering you can get this whole bike for the cost of some trainers, it’s a no-brainer. Overall highly recommended, and it seems like it’ll last a long time for us.

  140. Chris Woods

    This is a great choice for indoor exercise. Excellent quality but not very hard to install. Keep using it every day since I receive it. I absolutely love it.

  141. Toby Ramsay

    My wife and I both love this bike. It was swift and simple to assemble and feels like it is good quality and is sturdy. I love that it is light and portable, making it easy to put in front of the tv or computer when riding. It is also tranquil. It is so quiet that one of us can ride it even when the other is sleeping. It is sturdy on a hard floor and even sturdy on a thin carpet. The seat is not very comfortable, though, but I am sure we will be able to swap the seat out or get a gel pad to go over it. This does not have a ton of resistance, though, even at the highest level. It is plenty of resistance if you are getting into shape, but I doubt this will be enough resistance for you if you are already an avid cyclist. It’s a good bike, I recommend it!

  142. Andrew

    Awesome bike for the price! I didn’t expect the type of workout I got from it, but the burn of all the muscles means something good happens every time I’m on it.

  143. Graham Porter

    Ever since working from home and distance learning. My family and I’ve been slacking off with exercising and gained a few pounds. My kids have been just sitting in front of the computer all day and refuse to go outside. But they end up loving this indoor cycling bike. My daughter especially loves to watch her YouTube on her iPad while exercising. Even my mom and dad are using it while on their phone watching movies. The whole family loves this. The installation was easy, and it is very quiet. Highly recommended!

  144. Jesse

    Awesome bike for the price! I didn’t expect the type of workout I got from it, but the burn of all the muscles means something good happens every time I’m on it.

  145. Angela Scott

    This bike is very heavy. Its height can be adjusted according to your preference. There are two wheels below which you can move. You can also adjust the weight to fit your own weight. Then you can increase the weight appropriately. It is suitable for men and women.

  146. Maddison

    I couldn’t be more pleased with this bike. It is sturdy and solid. I love that it is magnetized, so it stops when you stop. Very easy to adjust seat and handlebar positions. This is built to last.

  147. Charlie Han

    Great bike! I have nothing to complain about it.
    Does the job very well.

  148. Lee Xin

    Just What I Was Looking For!
    The main stationary bike comes assembled. The remaining parts like the handlebars, pedals, seat, seat support, seat, and base support bars are easy to install. This is a “Great” stationary exercise bike. Very sturdy and well-made bike. Fully adjustable to about any size person. Assembly was a breeze. It is made of heavy-duty steel, so it is on the heavy side, so get help getting it out of the box. Just what I needed to add a low-impact cardio exercise program.

  149. Justin Evans

    I have really enjoyed using this bike almost every single day since I purchased it. Top bike, I can honestly say it’s the best investment I made since this coronavirus lockdown. Would recommend. Quick delivery too.

  150. Chloe

    This is a good solid bike. Well built. The bike is very smooth pedaling. It’s a great buy compared to others in this price range. I would definitely recommend this bike.

  151. Graeme Souness

    I just finished my first ride on this bike, and I love it. The frame is heavy and extremely solid, the setup was intuitive and easy to do (took 20 mins), and the item was received in perfect shape. I have no complaints other than wishing the emergency brake was a bit less pronounced.
    5/5 would recommend to anyone looking for a solid spin bike without overpriced/expensive bells and whistles.

  152. Wanda Hughes

    This bike was pretty easy to assemble. I looked at the directions once, and the rest was fairly self-explanatory. I live on the second floor of a house with downstairs neighbors. There is a little bit of noise and vibration on the floors that a yoga mat can absorb a little bit. Otherwise, I think this bike is quite a good one for the price.

  153. Nick Adam

    It was nice and way better than expected. Thick metal and just overall nice and can handle a large person, happy I got it. the delivery was pretty quick too

  154. Ludacris Adam

    This is such an amazing bike; it is very much helpful for my gym game. And also love its design and color. I do recommend to my friend & family to buy this bike and use it.

  155. Tiffany

    Received it as one birthday gift from my husband. This is one very high-quality spin bike you can ride in a gym. It took my husband about 30 mins to set it up. With tools and instructions include, I believe it is elementary for anyone to finish the assembly.

  156. Jessie

    This indoor cycling bike is a great Christmas gift for the whole family. I have to say it’s a well-manufactured product. It’s very easy to ensemble and took 30 minutes only. The instruction is clear. All tools needed are included. It’s solid, sturdy, and sleek looking. Firstly, there are some noises. After my husband adjusted the balance of the flywheel, it works smoothly and quietly. Everybody in my family loves it, including my 8-year-old boy. We all love cycling. From now on, we don’t have to worry about the weather. Indoor cycling is a great workout for all ages. I love it, a great buy.

  157. Colin Payne

    I love the bike. Very sturdy and durable. I love the design too. Delivery is quick.

  158. Calvin Stewart

    I received the bike in 2 days; it was a quick delivery. The bike was easy to assemble, and I didn’t have any problem with it. The design is great and comfortable to exercise.

  159. Rachael Summers

    The bike is durable and economical, just the thing I needed for my home use. They also delivered the bike remarkably quickly.

  160. Jordan Hayes

    this is a perfect spin bike for home use. I have been using it for a while, and it has been durable this whole time because I weigh a lot, and it hasn’t even made a noise. I have definitely saved a lot of money by buying this bike.

  161. Priti Patel

    this is a brilliant bike. I definitely lost some pounds from my body and not from my pocket. Money well spent.

  162. Betty Shaw

    I really love this spin bike. Great design and best quality. The delivery was quick too. I am delighted with this product.

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